We have been asking, hoping and praying for a SOLAR concert DVD and until recently all we had was news of the Japanese version and nothing at all on a Korean version.

However, YG seems to have answered our prayers cause it’s here and it’s glorious. The Korean version with English subtitles. It contains 3  disks including a live album.

Pre-Order: 2011.01.07 – 2011.01.25
Where to buy: YGe-shop, online & offline stores
Release: 2011.01.26
Price: 33,000 won (approximately $30, but prices will vary depending on your seller)
Album Configuration:
– DVD 2 Discs (Concert & Making of), Live Concert CD, & 80-page photobook
– YG Family card
– poster

01. Opening
02. Prayer
03. I’ll Be There
04. Sinner
05. Just A Feeling
06. Move
07. My Girl
08. You’re My
09. I Need A Girl
10. After You Fall Asleep
11. Connection
12. Baby I’m Sorry
13. Wedding Dress
14. Superstar
15. Break Down
16. Look Only At Me
17. Where U At (Encore)
18. Take It Slow (Encore)

01. Making of concert
02. Look Only At Me (Double Encore)
03. Take It Slow (Double Encore)


– DISC 1, 2 RUNTIME :135 Min

Hello, this is Big Bang’s manager.

This is the notification of releasing 2010 TAEYANG CONCERT DVD [SOLAR] on Jan. 26th, 2011. Being much supported by the public and the critics, Taeyang is now one of the best male solo performers.

Taeyang’s solo concert, [SOLAR]
“2010 TAEYANG CONCERT DVD [SOLAR]” which has passionate, lively stages will be release on Jan 26th, 2011.

This album is fully contain of 2 DVDs and 1 Live CD.

There are many dynamic and splendid stages of the hit songs such as “Look Only At Me”, “Wedding Dress”, and “I Need A Girl” on DISC 1. Moreover over 90% of the stages went along with a live band, so it will be your chance to feel another charm of Taeyang’s difference from other CDs.

Also on DISC 2, there are the scenes of suspenseful rehearsal-waiting room and his interview video which has his own stories after the concert.

This album increased its posessing value by having a live CD which makes you feel the sensation of [SOLAR] once again and a photobook which has many aspects of the performance variously. It will make you feel the sensation of the day once again to those who came to the show! Also to those who didn’t come to the show, it will make you feel the vividness and the sensation of the concert hall. ^^

Translated by: HuisuYoon & mizz_julie @

To Order


++DVDHEAVEN w/ poster and w/o poster

++YESASIA w/poster in tube and w/ poster folded



cr: YGEshop

I’m so excited for this, can’t wait to get mine. Also, YG had released a steaming concert DVD teaser here. For those wondering, besides the lack of English subtitles for the Japanese version another major difference between the two is that the Japanese version comes bundled with the HOT CONCERT DVD while the Korean version comes with the live CD.

53 thoughts on “SOLAR CONCERT DVD (KOREAN) IS HERE!!!”

  1. Ahhhhhh finally!!! But do I get the Japanese version with the HOT concert or the Korean version with the live CD. Decisions decisions…..maybe both? Hahaha

  2. I just pre-ordered mine!! The only other performance I kind of wanted was his duet with IU, but oh well. The English subs and live CD definitely make it better.

  3. can’t wait to order, but I wonder if they’ll tell us if it’s the 19+ concert, or a combination of the two days?

  4. I think the photo book and live cd really won me over… I was really considered getting the jap version as it had both concerts 🙂 plus it was in region 2 (i Live in UK). But in the end i decided to getting, also the product quality of the korean versions are usually a lot better than japan.

    1. Same! I was considering getting the Jap one just cos it’s region 2 but when I asked my mum she said our DVD player us one of those that plays all region DVDs XD
      I love that it has a live cd and a photobook! Gutted I wont get the HOT concert though, but this is deffo the better deal, we get English subs XD I was also surprised at how cheap it is considering everything we get with it! Perfect for a poor student XD
      Haha, love YG and YB for this ^_^

  5. I am so getting this once it’s released in offline stores… Hopefully there will still be a poster of some sort. *fingers crossed*

    I’ve been aching for posters, BB or YB, but so far to no avail.

    Anyway, I would definitely prefer this one over the Jap. version… Although it was hard to choose since the Jap. version had the HOT concert I also would love to watch….

    Like some people said, region 3 (Taiwan fan! XD) and the ENGLISH SUBTITLES definitely makes it more worth it. Considering that it is also from Korea, quality is guaranteed… =)

      1. Yup! I’ll be buying from 95 Music Store! 😀

        That’s the part that worries me too, they didn’t mention of a Live CD but a poster…=\ I’ll make a call to check it out.

      2. Hey Amanda,

        I just got back from ordering the concert DVD (Yayayayaya!!! XD)

        The shop manager knows there’s two versions the Japanese and Korean one, and what they have got up on the website and preorders is the Korean version.

        I don’t think they know about the live CD in the package though… Hmm..=\ I’ve never been that interested in the live CDs, considering the DVDs are good enough… (eye and ear candy! XD)

        I’d expect a CD to be in there though, they are putting the Korean version up on pre-order….:P

        1. Great! 🙂 You’re back in Taiwan already permanently?
          I’m going to ask my mom to buy for me on 1/26 since she’ll be there then. Did you have to pay in full already when you pre-ordered? 😀

        2. Nah, like last year, I’m just back for vacation (3 months!).

          I wish I could’ve bought it with my own money.. but ran out of time to find a part-time job… =\

          Anyway, I didn’t pay in full. I paid only 500NT first, the rest will be paid when I get the DVD I suppose.

  6. Does anyone know if the DVD will have the performances for the adults only concert? It would probably be the all ages one, right?

  7. Oh. And why does the DVD heaven version say that Disc 1 only goes up to I need a girl? What about the other songs? Is it any diffrent than the other version? Sorry for all the questions D:

    1. i think the info on dvd heaven is incomplete.
      the running time is the same though, 138 mins in all.

      for me, there’s no doubt i’d be getting the korean version cause i already have HOT. even though the hot + solar version was tempting too but well gotta choose one. i’ve already paid for this so.. just waiting for it to be released and for me to collect once it arrives (:

    1. There are options for shipping the poster in a tube or as a folded poster. Unfortunately, the shipping in the poster tube is not available to overseas buyers. (If you want the poster in the tube, you can order it from DVD Heaven or YesAsia.)

  8. Well, I’m just hoping that when GTOP album arrives here in Malaysia, they’re going to promote Solar COn DVD as well (please please please YG!!!)

        1. my friend just asked me, “why don’t you just get from the stores?” actually, lol…why don’t we?

        2. the ones that will be sold on the stores… you know they’re not the original ones.. it’s more like a remake or something.. so no freebies.. (i’m talking about the ones in Speedy)

          However in KL, Victoria CD Centre does order CDs all the way from Korea, original. (i got my heartbreaker there) …. and also i believe a shop in Berjaya Times Square does the same thing. It’s gonna be real easy for u guys, since you live in the west. I’m from the east… so I don’t know how to get it… and my parents will never let me borrow their bank cards or whatever that is needed for me to purchase online things.

          ^babya,. if i were to buy, i’ll get from yesasia cuz it’s really convenient. YGE delivers here as well but no posters hahaha

        3. iIovemybae>>thanks for the info. now i’m torn between ordering and checking out Victoria. haha

          babyan>>am trying to see which place would be cheaper to get from. by any chance you’ve already done some calculation?

          sorry to sound like i just crawled out from under a rock, but if i want to purchase from the YGeshop, i have to become a member, and to become a member i need to send them a scanned image of my ID??

  9. That region 3 thingy is doing my head in cuz am in the uk and i doubt my dvd player can play it, was all set to preorder from yesasia when i discovered the dvd limitations… Eoteokhe??!!

    1. You are right I don’t think my dvd can play region 3 either. Another disappointment from Mr. YG. I guess if he doesn’t want my money than its cool! I have to be honest I’m beginning to get tire of this type of marketing. YB I love you but I can’t support you this time if your boss ain’t acknowleging the fact that the world is bigger than Asia. With that being said, I guess I can’t help anymore if you’re not meeting all of us half way.

    2. You might want to try the Japan version (which is Region 2, which I understand works for the UK as well. No English subs, but the track list should be the same and you’ll get the performances at least.)

      And its possible to play Region 3 on the PC/laptop by the way. There are various software available for it online- just google it.

    3. You can try to hack your dvd player and try to make the player region free. I did that on my player and it worked for me.

      Here’s a article on how to hack your dvd player with websites with hack codes/instructions:

      Just a warning, once you do hack the dvd player you can forfeit any kind of warranty/protection you have on the player. So “Doer Beware”. Try an older dvd player or maybe a personal player not a community player.

      Hope this help and Good Luck! 🙂

    4. I’m pretty sure it will work on your PC, cos i got my HOT concert DVD from malaysia and it was region 3, but it still works on my PC. And im from UK too

    5. you can change the region code on your computer. I think you’re allowed up to 3 times.. or it also depends on the manufacturer…

      other way is to just buy a region free dvd player. im from the US and i was able to buy a region free dvd player from a Japanese store here. it really is worth the investment. I bought mine for $140.

  10. hehe can someone tell me whether the price stated on dvdheaven includes shipping as well? or shipping is paid seperately from the price stated?

  11. woot!!i luv u frever papa yg and bae!!:))
    already pre-ordered mine-just gonna wait for it..soo exciteed^_^

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