11 thoughts on “Wedding Dress Gifs”

  1. There’s two of the close shot of the ring?

    The gifs are lovely!!! They’re all my fav! Thank you guys so much~~~ muah! *everyone looks at Chanting awkwardly*

  2. do you mind if i upload them to another website to share with others YB fans? i will give credits back to alwaystaeyang. thanks!

  3. lol! there’s one crucial gif that missin. and i tink all of us know which one is dat. LOL.

    But, thank you for the gifs. *deciding which one to save*

  4. hey peeps!!! first time posting here. i’ve been lurking for awhile and i really like what i see here. i love all the love that is being shown here to mYBaebae. um…i have a question. *hoping* will there be .gif files made from the YG edit vers. of WD, cuz there is a specific part that i want .gif’d (hopefully, that makes sense). it’s the part from 1:30-:35 when Bae’s doing the “shoulder bounce” and he like has this really really secshii look in his eyes like “yeah, i know you want me (you know i want you).” okay, fangirling aside…i really like what you guys are doing, keep it up. ATY fighting!!!

  5. i’m really inlove with his song WEDDING DRESS ..
    since i’ve heard it and its freakin awesome not to mention the dance moves there ..
    and the story it’s very romantic !
    it makes my heart melt every time i hear it !

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