Official Solar Concert DVD Teaser

As if we really needed any more teasing…

No new information yet apart from what we mentioned here.  I certainly hope more information is coming soon and that they take all fan requests into consideration (adult concert version complete with encores, english subtitles, his Sept 25 speech as an extra etc.)  And where is the live concert CD? Grrrr.

On a more positive note, did anyone else notice that the film quality is excellent?

32 thoughts on “Official Solar Concert DVD Teaser”

  1. Omg! I can’t even explain how excited I was when I saw this!! 😀

    Please YG, English subs are needed, encore performances are needed, live concert CD is needed!

    If you buy the 18 ver online, will they ask for some form of ID? I’m only 17 yet o_O damn! Lol

      1. Lol yeah I hope so!

        I don’t want to ask my mum to buy it, she’ll have a fit! She likes to stick to the rules >_< so if I'm under 18, then no watching 18 films/shows 😦 so annoying!! Lol

  2. Anyway, omg I’m so excited for this. I’m still waiting to see what the Korean version will hold before I spend money but wow, this is a must have.

  3. got a question here.. when yg released the HOT concert dvd previously (with the global warming dvd), it had eng subs or not?

    need to know so that i can adjust my expectation for eng sub accordingly. hahaha.

  4. I swear, YG wants me to have a heart attack and die with this teaser!

    I’m taking this as a good sign about the concert DVD since I was also thinking that the teaser was done pretty nicely.

  5. ..O….M….G that concert is definitely a must own but dang it no sub what a fan girl suppose to do. Buy the Japan version but have no idea what he is saying or hold out hoping there will be dvd region free version with eng subs. :/ YG, eng subs please I don’t mind shelling out the cash

  6. yes!! i’m gonna give YG some temporary live for now. The part where YB was crying will be put inside! xDDDD i’m dying to see Sinner too!

  7. omg. I wonder if they’ll sell it on iTunes with subs? I would so get it so I can have it on the go for whenever I want to watch it.

  8. Ah! so excited, I’m getting this! maybe I should invite my friends over and everyone else who I’ve been bombarding Taeyang’s music with,to watch this in a large home cinema system…wait I dont have one LOL

  9. I wish there was some info for a Korean version. Dammit, I don’t know if I should buy this or wait.

    And gawdamn, it should be a crime to be that sexy.

    1. Aha! Unicorn sighting at the Fuji Amusement Park? LOL.

      Nice to know he’s sticking to his guns to live life more outside the studio. And realizing that all work and no play isn’t good for artists.

      He seems to like Japan a lot – he’s more relaxed and playful over there. And now he’s spending vacation time there too. Hmmm.

      1. Hmmm…can it all be what we’ve been hoping for? Maybe there was an unseen lady friend there as well 😀 haha.

        Great to see that his time before BB’s comeback is actually being used as a rest period. He’s worked hard this whole year so he most definitely deserves a break!

        1. hmmnn…that also got me thinking.

          i need this DVD in my life.
          YG better put all the good stuff like him crying(never finish watching fancam of that,yo.can’t handle sad or crying YB)plus the re-encore.

    2. thanks for sharing. so my suspicions in my head was kinda right. he wasn’t at the YG WITH volunteer work event cause he probably wasn’t in Seoul. and i was guessing too if he was on holiday somewhere, he’d be in Japan.

    3. Good to see he’s having his well deserved break! He can’t work like a machine 24/7….. Nobody can.

      But DAMN! He was in Japan???? I WAS IN JAPAN TILL DEC. 24! Had planned to go to Fuji Amusement Park as well, but then it was too far from where I was staying so…. *insert lots of swear words here*

      Oh well, once I find a job I’ll see him for myself. XD

    1. yeps yesasia releasing it too, now preorder is open. let’s go buy yes! we get our live cd and double encores (:

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