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36 thoughts on “Animations & Screencaps”

  1. how come ive never found this page til now!!!???
    couldnt stop smiling while i was looking through the gifs.
    hes just too darn cute!
    and i love the yb/daesung love

  2. I always, always love watching that short clip of TY’s Can I hug you? video on youtube. TY looked so good in that pink tee and I love how he went “Yap! Yap!” at the end. ^ ^ Thanks for making a gif out of it!

  3. Dying at these .gifs xD. It’s sorta weird how there’s so many Tae Yang fansites… but I haven’t seen a TOP one.

    I lovey Tae 😀

  4. Thanks so much for these gifs! I love them all!!! The “can I hug you” video on youtube is made into a gif as well~~ I love that clip, the girl’s so cute, and Tae Yang’s so cute with the pink shirt and smile~~~

    The cartoons are cute too, but I can’t imagine Tae Yang crying!!! Don’t cry~~~~ =(

  5. ahh… u know the gif that’s up right now of taeyang changing his hat in the car???
    what’s that from?

  6. I love the cartoon animation where he was doing his wave from Lollipop!! And the one where he gives his trademark look and suddenly his muscles started popping.

    Thanks! ❤

  7. Waa, I love all the other gifs!! OMJ, can I take the one where he has his hat on?? LOL, the gray one? With letters on it? it’s the one beside the gif doing heartbeat dancing? It’s sooo WOW, how do I give credits?? I want to use as an avatar but I can’t put signatures. 😦

  8. ^I meant, I can’t put signatures in the forum that I go to, and so it would be hard to give credits.. Would that be ok?
    I’ll tell people I got it from AlwaysTaeyang in case they ask! 😀

    I hope it’s alright!

  9. How can sombody be so Sexy and have such a cute and nice personality. I swear Ive only recently discovered Tae Yang and Im in love. I love his music and personality. and im not going to lie I love his body lol.
    ~Love Always Tae Yang

  10. do u know what radio show he was on when somebody took off his hat 7th one on the right please tell me!!!!

  11. thank you so much for the images in gif im so happy with this.
    always taeyang youre the best ..
    youngbae i loveu

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