Release of Solar Concert DVD postponed to Feb 8

YGE Shop has just posted an announcement to its site for the Solar Concert DVD saying that the release will be postponed to February 8 from its original date of January 26.

Updates in red after the cut.

Reason given is that the manufacturer is unable to meet its shipping deadline due to the upcoming Lunar New Year holidays.  This will likely affect both the Japan and Korea versions, but this is still subject to confirmation.   (As of the time of this posting, YesAsia and AmazonJP have not yet changed the release dates on their site. DVD Heaven has already updated the date on their site.)

Update 1: YesAsia has also changed the date on the release of the Korean version. The shipping date of the Japan version has not yet been changed on either YesAsia or AmazonJP.

Update 2 : Good news for those who ordered the Japan version. Looks like it will be shipped on time after all. Only the release date of the Korean version has been moved.

We will update this post once more information becomes available.

17 thoughts on “Release of Solar Concert DVD postponed to Feb 8”

  1. I’m so annoyed by the delay since it feels like I’ve been waiting for this DVD to drop forever. But I’ll hold out a little while longer because Solar Concert DVD is worth the wait!

  2. T.T Well, no matter what, I still think the dvd is worth the wait anyway. Plus, we’ve been waiting for months. What’s another couple of weeks?

  3. It would have been bearable if the delay was to make sure the DVD is top notch but NO its some stupid delivery thingy 😐 *sigh*

  4. I wanna order off the YGe shop, but my account hasnt been verified. Though it’s been WEEKS. Any kind soul wanna help me order? :/

    1. umm.. same as i! i dont think we can order from there! they’re being really selfish i guess… its been 4-5 months for me… i mean like how really long does it take to get it verified?! i think YGshop is stupid! do u really have to send/scan a photo ID (personel information but i took my chances not only ONCE but TWICE) so they can pick and choose who gets to order/purchase anything on the website? thats really LAME!! i guess ill take my business else where and that website can profit from it instead of supporting YG Family straight through their own website!! im sorry but it really pisses me off!!! dont get me wrong! i really love the YG Family alot thats why i wanna purshase off of their website so i’ll know it LEGIT! it makes me feel like im not GOOD enough to order items off of their website. i guess as an example… i heard that in S.Korean u have to send in a photo ID along with your resume if your applying for a job. what does your look have to do with anything, anyways? if you can do the job right and have experience.. shouldnt thats all that matters? tho.. im asian, i live in America, and in America we dont send in photo ID along with our resume… cuzz it shouldnt be judge by the way you look but your experience…and i guess same goes for the WEBSITE?? as a customer im doing my job by buying and shouldnt that be all that matters? but not by my looks! idk… maybe im misjudgeing the whole YGshop RULES or missing something but this is how im taking it… best of luck.. and if you or anyone who know something i dont know please feel free to explain it to me better… thanks!!! FIGHTING STILL LOVING BIG BANG! 🙂

      1. hi, i live in asia, i registered for yg eshop and did what they wanted me to do, send in a scanned id, waited for a few days, no response or email from them so i tried to log in anyway and i could log on. so i guess they don’t tell you if you have been verified? i hope it’s the same for you too.

        plus.. about sending photo with your resume when you apply for a job.. it’s like that in my country too for a lot of jobs. i didn’t know it’s not the norm outside asia.

  5. Noooooooooo~ but can’t do anything…lol. sigh.
    before this i asked my friend who’s in korea for holiday right now to get it for me but she’ll be coming back before feb 8. 😦

    guess i’ll just have to pay shipping fees.

    anyway, does anyone know how much usually is the shipping fees charged by yg to ship to southeast asia (for dvd via ems)?

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