34 thoughts on “Individual/Solo”

  1. God……i wanna do him so bad…smooth & sexy as hell….luv him luv him luv him 4 life…..he’s perfect xxxxxx

  2. ……..he is so beautiful! i have him as wallpaper hahahaha 😀 i like his eyes:D

    can sing
    can dance
    can compose
    pretty good in acting
    good model

  3. can i use these pictures for a class assignement?
    Or is it copyrighted?
    Or am i free to use?
    Project due WED!

  4. Omo~ So damn hot hot hot!

    I have been searching for some good pics to make wallies for my iphone, and these are all so beautiful~

    He’s just too friggin awesome, ne? <33

    And you're awesome for uploading all of these. ^^

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