Taeyang responds to IU’s love confession!

IU, you make the Taeyang fangirls across the world so proud. Go get’em.

And for the record, Taeyang make us all so proud.  Did you see how he went for it too?  EPIC.

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TaeYang makes special appearance on ‘Hero Girls’, receiving IU’s surprise love confession

On the set of "Marshmallow" MV, circled in red, says "지은♡영배", Jieun (IU) hearts Youngbae. This girl does not hide it. (Source elavip @ weheartiu.com)

Big Bang TaeYang gets confessed to by IU and they performed his hit ‘I Need A Girl’ together.

This was during SBS Hero Girls aired on 25th July, where the national female rugby plays have made special appearances on the show.

And with the wish of the team leader, TaeYang was invited on the show. And Yoon InNa who is from the same company as Big Bang had called up TaeYang personally to get him to appear on the show, and she had said, “IU has been TaeYang’s long running fan.”

IU who was then put on the phone with TaeYang said, “Recently I have been watching your activities. I really want to see oppa,” making a shy confession.

And with IU’s request, TaeYang had made special appearance on the show. Upon meeting IU, TaeYang said, “You have grown prettier with time. And you sing well too.”

TaeYang also performed his song ‘I Need A Girl’ together on the show. And in the midst of the performance, IU had given TaeYang a peck on the cheek.

Source: Kbites & OSen

The phone call and “auditions.”

IU does not hide her fangirlism even with Taeyang right there.


120 thoughts on “Taeyang responds to IU’s love confession!”

  1. haha she’s sooooo cute!
    omg I give her major ratings; lil mama is brave. Her dreams came true all in that sec; confessing your love & then getting to kiss your crush on the cheek. haha I need her type of luck. Not hating; convinced now; major IU-Taeyang shipper now *hands down*

  2. anyone see IU drool/dribble/slag when yb answered the phone ? LOL !! so cute, she totally owes yoo in-na an arm for the opportunity, hohoho.

  3. Oh mi gosh i think i’m happier than she was at the moment!! I meant. I squealed every time she squealed!! and i could feel her nerves.. XDD it’s great to be at the same age. Muahahaha

      1. haha me too me too!
        but the second part when that dude kisses him omg i was gna faint. i thought it was gross but in a good way? hahaha idk

        1. cool! 😀

          and LOL that was the leader of the women’s rugby team which explains why she looks masculine,I too thought she was a boy at first when the pictures from the set were released!

  4. lol I sooo can’t wait for subs; but the video says it all. lol IU reaction is just epic; girl was spazzing left, right & centre. Ah Taeyang sounded so hot during the phonecall XD

      1. Yea, she looked like she was about to cry at some points~~

        I know I would have…..

        @.@ Now bring on Yuri, Yoo Bin, Soo Young etc….

        1. *_*
          hold up…..one girl at a time lol; I don’t now how i’ll be able to handle the rest lol. IU’s spazzing has already taken a lot out of me; let alone imagining what the others would be like hahaa!

        2. @KAy
          lol that gif. xD she’s adoorable!
          i would probably do the same if i ever get to see YB xP

        3. IU is truly a super crazy fangirl xD
          She was almost crying after the kiss scene =))
          I find her so cute and innocent 😀 I’ll be happy even if they went further :”>

  5. IU is a total fangirl! It’s times like these that we’re reminded that she’s just 17.. She’s so cute! I would be like that if I was her!

    I think it’s good for to live like a ‘normal girl,’ you know, gushing over a crush and fangirling. She debuted at such a young age and hasn’t experienced teen age life like most of us. I’m glad that she’s given this chance. 🙂

  6. So I really tried to contain myself with this post…but really I freaked out like I was IU myself. Hahah. So fucking epic. What makes it more epic is Taeyang came (in part) for IU hahaha. yoo In-na, thank you. PDs of this show…thank you.

    The thing that gets me the most is she soooo fangirly right infront of Youngbae. Hahaha I think IU just became immortal in the Taeyang fandom. All the fangirls need to look up to her. This is how you get to kiss Taeyang ladies…take a lesson.

  7. That was just too CUTE!!!! ^_^ She was just spazzing everywhere. I couldn’t stop smiling. IU, you go girl live out the dreams of all the fangirls all over the world. Did anyone else notice all the fanboys in the audience? lol

  8. so awesome in so many levels.
    OMG tofu, I was freaking out like I was IU as well!!! lmaooo
    was smiling at the computer like a fool throughout the whole episode. <33333

    1. Did you hear her laugh when Taeyang first responded to her on the phone. She was giggling like a fool.

      OMG. I’ve watched these clips like i dunno how many times now…ahhh so hilarious!

  9. Tofu is right, lol when you’re watching her, you can’t help feel like its you. As she was fangirling, so was I. Only difference is that she got to touch YB & all I could do was stare & giggle at my PC screen lolz.

    1. Ji-Bae?

      Ji Eun and Young bae? hahaha

      Yeah…they need an official shipping name…all the other couples have it.

  10. OMG I’ve been waiting for this episode for SOOOO long, just to see some IU & Taeyang action!
    I freakin’ LOVE IU.Gotta give props to her for being so brave, I would have been so nervous. And the way she spazzed out later was hilarious. I was screaming and spazzing out here myself.
    Taeyang, you see what you do to us fangirls?

  11. anyway… can anyone tell me who is seat beside short hair rugby player

    WOW she’s so beautiful… so elegant

    can anyone tell me who is she ? ^_^

  12. Epicness! When the other celebrity fangirls see this, YB’s going to get call after call asking him to “guest” on shows!

  13. LOL even before watching the videos my head was like spinning and I was grinning like a fool and I could feel my cheeks “burning”! haha

    IU you go girl! 😀

    undoubtedly the bravest and luckiest YB fangirl ever = THE ultimate YB fangirl

  14. when i read bout this article i’m kinda get angry but i try to control myself and cool down..LOL^^ huh..now i’m more calm, all i want to say that YB is such a sweetheart accept that request…but truthfully i dont like it when it involved IU…i wish YB oppa would said that to me instead…LOL sorry IU..gosh i’m being selfish am i…SORRY^^

  15. even though my heart broke a little, *tear* i was squealing the whole time & smilng haha . (: gooo IU! i probably woulda fainted haha , I-Yang Indeeeed . (:

  16. OMG!!!!!! IU!!!!! I love it!!! I love you girl! I was smiling the whole time while watching the vids! IU pretends to be so cool on stage and totally lost it when she’s not in view anymore!!!! Plus all the other girls fangirled with her!!! They all lost their celeb image there! hahahaha!

    I love it when other celebs totally fangirls over Bae. Coz that’s how I would react too. =)

    IU totally can represent every Bae’s fangirl in the world!

    Plus I can’t wait for the subs!

  17. I was looking for this vid for while now and just foubd out that the show only came out today hehehe. Anyways i totally agree with u guys with go getting bae. Hehehe so funny i think every fangirl should take the chance like iu if given the opportunity i am totally happy for her especially when taeyang looks extra good

  18. I love this couple. I love IU and of course Taeyang.I think its a perfect couple. she’s so cute and adorable

  19. Hahah! Can I love this girl any more? She’s awesome and I loved how confident and sexy Bae was about the whole thing

  20. Haha, I would be acting the same way as IU did. I mean, who wouldnt?! Its freaking TaeYang!! Hahaha Shes so lucky!

  21. OMG. IU’s so lucky.
    and they both are my fav singers.
    i didnt want anyone else to kiss Taeyang. but if that’s IU, i feel very very happy XD,
    IU & Taeyang would make the cutest couple.
    Go for it IU!!

    1. @Hikatea I agree w/you. I like seeing TY and IU together. They both are so young and would make a cute couple.

  22. <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333

    I have been waiting for this episode to air since I saw those pictures! 😀 No lie, I had each ends of my mouth to my ears 😀

  23. Part 1 of the episode has been subbed. The person is currently subbing the rest so keep an eye on their account

    1. We’re still working on it.
      As I said before, we’re subbing the whole series, some episodes will just be out faster than others.

    2. I’m working on it! Crazy weekend so far, so it’s taking a little longer than last time. But it’ll get done, no fear! ^^

  24. LMFAO I was laughing so hard hahahhaha I would of been giggling like
    crazy like IU too LMFAO!!!
    I can’t wait til the subs come out!

  25. she represented us fangirls!!

    i think i would have been trembling though.

    props for keeping your posture IU!!

    i so LOVE this more than taeyuri!!!

    JI-BAE for the win!! <3333

    but i wonder her age would be a problem hehe.

    TY IS such a FLIRT NOW!!! (=

  26. IU is soooo adorable. Her fangirling and her nervousness and spazzing is really genuine. True admiration! LOVE!

    I noticed too that YB was more nervous and giddy with IU than anyone else. IU and YB both took this nervous deep breath. Then YB was all “Yeaa!” and spinning around after IU’s turn. Look at around 6:08 onwards of the 1st vid.


    1. yeahhhhh. i never noticed how sexy he sounded on the phone.. especially when he was a little “lazy” responding to Yoo In-Na.

      imagining waking up to that voice. yum.

  27. ahhhhh! omgsh! ahahha that made me feel all giggly & ticklish hahaha I so wish i was those girls! that was cute! haha

  28. HAHAHAHAHA!! AIGOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg i would sooo act like her lmao,she was acting like a total fangirl,and Bebe went for it omfg!!!!!!! i love him beyond words can express! lol! imma go cry now and have a jealousy rant xDDD

  29. haha as soon as they mention his name when calling him on the phone she already started shaking. Mannn they should so get together.

    I think though the fact that Taeyang played the scene with almost every other girl and also the rugby player fan kinda killed the ‘special-ness’ of it.

  30. I wonder who Taeyangs ideal type is….=/
    He always says he wants to have a gf this year. IU is cute, pretty, great voice, she seems pretty nice too. What is he waiting for….

    1. RIGHT!? I would want him to be with her they make a adorable couple even in 6:10 in the first part he looked sorta nervous LOL

  31. ngawwww! IU is so cute! lols, i would have been like that too! lols, slightly jealous, but because she’s so amazing it goes by! LOLS,♡

  32. btw, guys i did a i need a girl dance cover! it’d be awesome if you guys could check it out!♡

    thanks guys!♡

  33. i… wouldn’t survive all my dreams coming true in a single moment x_x let’s make IU our leader, yeah. LOL

      1. I ordered my Deluxe album from DVD heaven, and its been 2 + weeks and it still hasn’t arrived. I emailed them but they didn’t respond. Not happy!

        1. I ordered SOLAR normal edition on July 8th (July 9th) and it arrived the following Tuesday. Did they send you an email saying your goods had been shipped? Wow, that’s strange, because I had no problems with DVDheaven.

  34. haha how cute is this? And sexy phone call =P but seems like a very normal reaction if you get to interact w bae like that. I really don’t understand the people who don’t act fangirly around him. Lol ppl who are able to act normal around bae is strange to me. Hah

  35. i was doing this all the time

    *flailing my arms and legs like crazy while shouting

    okay, now i’m okay. ^^

  36. I swear. This was the most cutest and loving video I have ever seen!! all I can say was “Aaawwww” She is a true fan. I loved her expression after she gave Taeyang a kiss on the cheek and when they showed her going back stage, she was hopping around like crazy! I tell you. She held her composure very well. If that was me, I don’t know how I would have been. You have all of these people watching you and you get to kiss Taeyang. This was the best! ATY, you guys are doing a great job of keeping us posted. I am going to make my cheezy fan video of that of her spazzing out as long as nobody at ATY is bothered by that. I just thought that moment was golden for IU and it was a thrill for us.

    1. That was the sweetest part. I don’t know how she was able to hold it together. IU is cool under pressure. She seemed so unfazed by YB during the dance….until the kiss and then her excitement took over. She’s so cute.

  37. someone on youtube subbed part of the episode of the show. This part is when IU was on the phone with him/ The person is subbing the whole show,but it will be taken down in about a week to avoid copyright issues

    It starts around :27

  38. YB…………your smile your eyes ,your performances and all……………………….all………………………all………………………….i love it.

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