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  1. Hi, I’m from San Jose, California, USA. i don’t usually listen to your type of music, but luckly my friend, Amy forced me to listen to Big Bang, and now I’m obsessed w/ your music. Big Bang for life! <333 you are very very hot! 😀 hope you come to San Jose sometimes for a concert.

    much love,

  2. @ Kim Ly: hey! welcome to AT, nice to meet you and I’m glad your friend Amy forced you to listen to BB lol hope u enjoy checking out the site =)

    1. OMG I LOVE LOVE YOUUUUU<3 YOU ARE REALLY REALLY HOT and reallii cuteeee and you are like perfectt i dnt realli understand the language of the songs un less its englishh version lol but stilll i listen to all your songss i did't no niff abut Big BANG until my friend made me listen to it when i first heard baby i am so sorryy i was actallyy cryingg i reallii realiii loved it i was luking for that song and finally i found it love all your song especially WEDDING DRESS baby i am so sorry ….. love you alot more denxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Tae Yang>>> Keep going
    I love you so much
    I ‘d cheerful of you all the time
    when I listen to your song my heart ‘s colorful.

  4. hi ! , OMG i really like the way you perform ! . you’re full of passion with what you’re doing . or should i say your profession ! , oh i really love big bang . specially you ! , hope you can come here in the Philippines , here in manila . so I’d be able to see you ! . i hope it’s free ( even just for me ! ) haha . i was just joking , I’m not that selfish . anyway , more power to big bang and you ! . i love you all ! , . -AmL(AnicaMarthaLadiana)

  5. I belive in yourself,because you’re my sunshine.TAEYANG you’re number 1 in my heart.I’m follow up you forever.Oh….,I love you really!! .Take care your self. LOVE……………………………
    from V.I.P Thailand.

  6. = ) ; )
    im happy for u.im really really into u n always follow up.
    tq for make such a great entertainment n keep it up.
    i like your dance style.

    raen,kl, msia

  7. I introduce myself.My name is chaw su shein. I am your audience.I want to be your friend.I am 16 yrs old.Don’t ever give up! Try the best.Aza Aza fighting!

    see you opa taeyang!

  8. Dong Yong Bae,you don’t care reporter.I am having behind you! I write letters to you like that I am so happy.Sometimes,you have time please write a letter to me.I say one letter,one letter,please! phu ta ka mi ta!

  9. tae yang c mon oxygene abuser jai jamai aimer quelqu’un comme ca il est magnifique la dance laisse tomber c’est le best ; en chant rien n’a dire

  10. omg i love tae yang i found out about him watchin the formely known as kbs.i started watching sum show that was showing new videos an his where you at video came on sn i fell in love.i mean he looked so good an he can dance.omg an i got really mad cuz im american an i dnt know how to speak korean.so jeaslous of everyone who can understand him without subtitles. plz come to america an do a concert we love you too.

  11. TAEYANG…………………….

    what recipe you may have been as handsome as it is
    and you can captivate me

    I want to see you now

  12. i luv u, yong bae. why r u so handsome like this? i went crazy bcoz of u, u know? i luv your song, wedding dress and number 1 very much. Take care yourself.
    much love!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. TaeYang is perfect<3
    He is so talented and soo hott!

    I hope BigBang comes to Finland some day<3
    I'm hoping< 3

  14. wow.
    i didnt know that this site exsited and how many fans are abroad..
    i am korean girl and i am a big fan of Taeyang~~^^
    So glad to find this site..
    i am very proud of him 🙂
    i hope that more people in the world get to know him and like him.. haha

  15. omg!!!! i just discovered u from my friend and i must say u are a very talented person <3333
    im in LOVE with u and ur music
    and i must say DAMN boy u r HOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!
    keep up the good work and u r my role model and lover <333

  16. HI Tae Yang !… I absolutely LOVE your Music, especially Break It down, Take it Slow and Super Star. I began to listin to you last year and fell in love right away. I am always dancing to your music. I introduced you to my friend and now she is hooked on you too. I have to tell you.. YOU ARE SUPER CRAZY SEXY….. I have one of your photo’s as my wallpaper on my laptop…. love you Tae 😉

  17. I agree with all of you…. he is too hot, it should be illegal….. when i first saw him in his video without a shirt on i just about fainted…no need to turn the heat up…….

  18. OMGAWSHHHHHHH! i superr duper love you.Your birthday next week:D HAPPY ADVANCED BIRTHDAY BABY!:-* marry me xD i’ve watched all your videos and damnnnn..fall inlove first time i saw it:’)

  19. Hi,taeyang oppa….<.I was so pround when I've heard you're in Time magazine.congratulations!.
    I never gonna leave you this way but now I'm falling asleep T^T.anyway,I'm glad to know you're here ^ ^

    P.S. I live in thailand.you're always my love!

  20. There was this one video of Taeyang freaking out because he had to kiss a girl in a MV. Does anyone know what video that is?

      1. Is there a behind the scenes video of that? I don’t mean which video he kissed a girl in, I meant what video he freaked out in :3

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