What is Always Taeyang?

So in case you haven’t figured it out already, Always Taeyang is a blog! More specifically, Always Taeyang is a blog dedicated to Taeyang, also known as Dong Young Bae (see our Bio page for more information about him) from the South Korean band Big Bang (to find out more about Big Bang, click here.)

And no, Taeyang himself does not run this blog~!

Why make Always Taeyang?

Why not? ~lol…
This blog was designed to bring together all the fans who enjoy the style and passion with with Taeyang performs and put’s forth his music. It is a place where we allow open discussions, allow our members to give constructive criticism and respect people’s opinions – we welcome everyone, Big Bang/Taeyang fan or not to come and share their opinions and views on the kpop scene!

Who runs Always Taeyang?

A group of Taeyang fans who try and provide the lastest news on his solo and group activities. We attempt to keep the fangirling at a minimum, but then again, its Taeyang we’re talking about….lol, so forgive us for being “not-so-professional”. Be sure to visit our staff page!

Where is Always Taeyang?

Always Taeyang is located on the world wide web, on which you are surfing right now….

How did you come up with the name “Always Taeyang”?

The name “Always Taeyang” came to me after I had a dream. One night after watching the “Always” MV by Big Bang. I had a dream I was on a boat with all five members partying it up when I fell overboard *gasp*, right then Taeyang jumped in to save me and pulled me out and whispered into my ear “I’ll always be there for you….Always” and thats how the name “Always Taeyang” was born.

Haha ~Okay, no it didn’t happen that way, but it’s much better than the original way, so I’ll stick with that story =)

And there you have it..the Who-What-Why-Where & How of ATY!

60 thoughts on “About”

  1. LOL!
    LMAO at your “how I thought of the alwaystaeyang name”.
    for a second there, i thought you were saying the truth….kinda scared me a little, to be honest…
    but thanks so much for making this site. i cant wait for yb’s solo promotions to start. i know thats when things here will really start to get going πŸ™‚

  2. ROFL-ing like mad at your dream Kay!
    Gawd…despite all my love for Tae Yang..i don’t remember having a dream about him. pooo…not fair.

  3. first time to be here ^^,,
    Hi guys, I’m Vanie from Indonesia, I’m so glad to find this site, I love Taeyang, he is an awesome musician and a great person ^^
    I love his passion for music, the way he sing, dance, and performance. Whenever I see him perform on stage always makes me breathtaking, HOT Concert was amazing, one of the best concert I ever watched O.O
    All team really did awesome job with this site, thank you so much for sharing so much info about Taeyang, I really want to know more about him, I adimire him a lot ^^
    thank you so much Always Taeyang Team ^^

  4. The word ‘Always’ sounds sweet in front of Taeyang.
    Cannot wait for his second full-length album in September/October. You’ve heard of that right?

  5. Question: Why is there a smiley face in the gray background towards the top of the page on the right-hand side?

  6. First time here. Im from Hawaii. I enjoyed browsing through the site. Im totallly in love with taeyang @.@
    LOLs at your dream with big bang. I had a dream just recently that i met taeyang at some random place, but then he turned me down and i watched him walk away. T_T

  7. Hye… I’m new hear… And absolutely i’m the biggest fan of taeyang ang BIG BANG… They are the best and the only koren group that i love the most… Taeyang i love you!!!!!!!!

  8. hahha I just discovered this! lol from your youtube? idk. but hahah that version of your dream made me laugh hahha i was like NU UH! haha. anyways! I love tae yang! πŸ™‚
    I totally wish big bang would perform at like the staples center or something in cali 😦
    or be in thailand when im there haha.

  9. Please, .. To respond to my letter as soon as possible ….. Is it possible to speak with Taeyang Online .. I mean, is it possible to speak with him personally … Because I need to tell him something very important for him????

  10. i wish BiG BANG would perform here in Philippines.. πŸ™‚
    i really really β™₯ them..
    TaeYang is the BEST..!! β™₯
    he is so CUTE..!
    i β™₯ him..

  11. Did taeyang saw in his dream girl and this girl is his lover in the future … But taeyang do not know the name of this girl and where is this girl … And that he sang this song for this girl … Wen this girl does not know his name and that if she knew his name and pronounced his name will look for this girl, whatever the obstacle that will be impeded …. Because I dreamed this dream with him and I did not know who this guy when I opened the Internet by chance I saw this boy in a rich site you say the same thing he told me that if I learned his name and his name will be delivered looking me …. I ask you to answer my questions as soon as …. Because I need to speak with him personally …. I will be grateful to you … I would consider this religion to return it to you in time that you need me …

  12. i wish i had that dream i would just kiss him after he says, I’ll always be there for you” it would be a “dream” come true ❀

  13. What has Taeyang been up to nowadays? I’ve been trying to see what he’s been doing since the Wedding Dress album, working on any other albums? Or appearances? I freakin’ miss him!

  14. lol,,love ur dream.kekeke,,,,..i had dreamed also about taeyang,,after realizing it,,i was smiling all day long.. lol..i’ll just not tell it here because it’s sooo precious,(keeping it for myself)..lol….saranghe youngbae oppa:)

  15. I had a dream ’bout our bae too. it was a night after i heard wedding dress mv. i dreamed that i saw ty in a church. and he was marrying ^^. i’m so sad because i scare that he never sing again. i cried and tae yang whispered to me: Don’t cry, baby. i always in your heart. then i woke up, because my cell phone rang. hix.
    i love u DONG YOUNG BAE

  16. Hahahah,for a min,i believed your story πŸ˜› it made me LOL to read it didn’t happen like that,but it sure sounds better xD,now i know the origin of such catchy nameβ™₯

    thanks for all the hard work,as ALWAYS! (:

  17. i think your dream is cute…lol…

    tHanks for making this site…i’ll guess i’ll be checking this site for “always and eternity”…lol…

  18. LOL the “dream” was quite funny Kay XD, and since for some reason every time i write on the guestbook it doesn’t get posted (i have tried and failed for months,lol but i’ll keep trying) i’ll say it here: ATY is really awesome you guys are such dedicated YB fans and as a recent fan i’m really grateful because i can catch up to all that i have missed! ~lol

  19. OMG! I loved your dream of how you came up with Always Taeyang! So cute and adorable even if it was only a dream.

  20. If Big Bang fans are called VIPs, then what exactly are Taeyang fans called? (Like how 2PM fans are Hottests and Jay fans are called Jaywalkers.)

    1. Nope, we’ve never really had problems with people posting, as long as you are polite and respectful. that’s all we ask. We’re very open in our discussions, so if you’re here for the first time, you may find it intense but no worries; share, discussion, have fun =)

  21. i doubt it’s utterly IMPOSSIBLE to NOT go into fangirl mode in this site!
    *stepped on and flattened by the other stampeding fangirls*
    definitely number one on my very short ‘if i could marry a celebrity, i’d marry…'” list.

  22. hi im from america,califorina n i just heard you sing today bcuz of a friend n i really love your music and ur voice ur like the 1st Asain person i heard sing n man u can really sing I LOVE UR VOICE hope u come out with anthor album ill b waitin’

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  24. Hey! everyone my name is Nicole and im from the U.S and i love me some taeyang.This is my first time on this blog.One day i wish he could do a show in IL cause i really would love to see him perform. I love the way he dances,sings,i love his style the way he dresses its just everything about him i love !!!!! πŸ™‚

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