How to Watch Tae Yang’s Concert DVD.

Off of Bangs, an obvious gimmick to maintain fangirls, but Im loving it.
Off of "Bangs," an obvious gimmick to maintain fangirls, but I'm loving it. CREDIT: BBFansite

The title of this post is a little insulting, no?  But, I’m not assuming that you’re all knuckleheads.  This is a boring and dry post, but if you’re having trouble watching Tae Yang’s concert DVD or is concerned about it before buying, hopefully this might be worth your time.

This is just instructions on how to breech Tae Yang’s Concert DVD Region 3 restrictions.  The DVD probably won’t work unless you have a all-region DVD player.  I suggest watching the DVD via a desktop or laptop.  I’m a PC, so the instructions will work best for PCs, but probably will be the same for MACs, I’m not sure.

According to Wikipedia, DVD Regions are designed to control what movies or information get viewed, so if you’re in North America, your region is 1.  Since the DVD is Region 3, we have a problem.  However there are ways to overcome this:

1. Changing the region of your player. Windows Media Player will give you this option, however it only lets you change it a certain number of times.  (4 I believe)  If you chose to change the Region on your player, just pop the DVD into the computer and follow instructions provided by Windows Media Player.  However this isn’t your only option.

a. An alternate way of doing this: on Windows XP/Vista go to your Control Panel > System > Device Manager > Right Click on DVD/CD-Rom (or on Vista click the “+” sign) > Properties > DVD Region tab and change it to Korea.  You can still only change this up to 4 times and it’s permanent.  (Much thanks to theLOSER!)

2. Ripping or copying the DVD onto your hard drive. What this means is you’re gonna make a copy of the DVD and save it right on to your computer.  This is what I did, and it worked perfectly fine.  It allowed me to make cuts and edit the video clips as well.  However the downside is it takes up a lot of memory (5+ GB!).  If you have an external hard drive, this is probably a good choice.

a. There are a lot of software out there that lets you rip or copy DVDs right on to your computer.  I used Magic DVD Ripper.  It’s not free, but there are free trials that allows you up to 5 uses.  After you download (Ripper not Copier)  the program, follow the instructions given.

b. I suggest using the “Backup” option which copies the DVD in its entirety.  This takes up the most space,  but the quality is very great.  (DVD quality)  It gives you subtitles and interactive menus.  I highly suggest this if you have a lot of space to spare.  Or you could also burn the file as data.

c. Or you could use the “Convert” option which makes a copy of the DVD contents and converts it into another type of file. (AVI, MPEG, WMV, etc etc)  The file is smaller, but the quality is compromised.  The picture is compressed an a little pixelated.  You don’t really have any options afterward.  No interactive menus and you can’t change subtitles.  This is not recommended.

3. There is also region-free media players. These media players are usually free and allow you to watch all sorts of files and pass any type of restriction such as region coding.  It might be very beneficial to do this because then you can watch anything afterward.  Just keep in mind of the safety of the program, in terms of viruses, malware, all that good stuff.  I didn’t take this route because I wanted to be able to edit the contents.  I’m not sure how this works, but this one supposedly works: VLC. If you try this, let us know how it goes.

I hope this helps, and if you were afraid of buying the DVD region restrictions, I hope this encouraged to you get it anyways.  The concert is a must get! If you have any specific questions or better ideas, please leave a comment or contact me via iiilovethesun@soompi or  Thank you!

21 thoughts on “How to Watch Tae Yang’s Concert DVD.”

  1. Ahhh this woulda helped a long time ago lmao;
    but I figured it out by doing this using your computer
    and I dont really know how many times you can change
    it but I guess, just don’t change it a lot haha

    On Windows XP you go to Control Panel > System > Device Manager > right click on your DVD player > Properties, and you should see a tab for DVD region.

    Just change it to Korea, thats what I did and it worked 🙂

  2. lol all i did was put in my dvd in the computer and press play and it played XD

    dang the only thing is i can only play it on my computer. i really want to watch it on my tv <.<

  3. ^I feel ya girl! I wanna see them moves in HQ on the tv.
    >.< I’m STILL debating on if I wanna buy an all region dvd; even though we dont need it, we dont HAVE an all region dvd player -__________________-.

  4. ^I was thinking, if you have a laptop isn’t there a wire that comes with your TV so that you can attach it to your computer? Laptops are easier, but they work with desktops too. Like the VGA cord thing, It worked with my laptop so when I plugged it in to the TV and the screen outlet on my lappie, I could actually see the computer screen on the TV so then like, I can fool myself and think I’m actually watching something ON TV. xD

  5. theLOSER.
    thanks for your more comprehensive instructions. ^^
    sorry I was so late on this….EXAMS…lol.

    like Ethrapt said, there is a way to watch it on TV through your laptop if you have some sort of cord…lol i dunno exactly. imagine, “ma girl” on a big screen plasma TV . X_x.

    or one of those projectors……o_O

  6. Ethrapt – waaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I’m going to ask my sister ASAP about that cord!
    She has a laptop so Imma see if it works!
    I hope it does cause I even tried hacking my DVD player
    but it didnt work! Stupid SONY! HAHAHA

  7. ^I’m pretty sure you just GET the cord with newer TV’s. There’s like a plug thing somewhere on the TV and then just plug the other side into the external screen thing on your laptop, the VGA serial port or w/e it’s called. Then after you set your laptop up for an external screen (you’ll prolly get prompted), you’ll just see your laptop screen on TV. I dunno if you have to change the settings on the TV though, I didn’t have to on mine.

    My sound went thru to the TV too, BTW.

    Search up ‘Laptop to TV’ you can prolly get more info. =_=;

  8. …OK WHOA. I’m guessing NO ONE editing YB’s concert realized his fly was open. I just realized there’s a pic of YB with his fly undone in their photobook, too.

  9. yes I saw it. I was so sure I commented on it somewhere on the blog but I have a hard time keeping tracks of the posts :-/

    It was very open during the Prayer perfomance but somehowe during the My girl performance, it was closed ^^

    yeah, we were discussing this at the TY thread on soompi;
    I feel bad for the poor guy; hes probably checking his fly
    in every perf now ahahha <333

  11. ^Yeah but like, no one knew why the DVD editors didn’t keep out the fly-open Prayer perf parts. Now after seeing a picture even in their Photobook, I’m thinking they just didn’t realize it was open LOL.

  12. but if those are the same pants he had during the Akeys concert….I start wondering if this is not pure fanservice right there????

    *naughty grin* bad patra

    And the editors are not fangirls…XD They don’t pay attention to what WE pay attention. I’m pretty sure they chose those shots because it was a good angle for his face or his upper body…we went for the lower part…what a shame! xD xD

  13. ^LMAO! AHHAHAH OORRRR–they wanted to share
    the clips with us; HAHAH Either way, I don’t mind! XD;

    AHAHAH I’m pretty sure SOMEONE musta noticed but they just didnt say anything XD AHHAHAH I bet those girls front row LOVED that AHAHAH

  14. lmao ethrapt. u made them seem like a horrible thing for staring at his open fly XD then again WHY didnt anyone mention or scream that his fly was open? poor boy lmao

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