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  1. @k.l
    unfortunately Black Vocals membership are restricted to only Korean citizens. these photos were retrieved from another site. either DCYB or BBVIPZ.

  2. ^ Billy Goat – we’re currently making changes to the gallery…you’ll see a more updated gallery soon =)

  3. Yay~ Thank you. xD I got all the ones I wanted a while ago so it’s cool. Thanks for the pictures. d(^_^)b

  4. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but where’s the full pic of the one you used for the fan art image? It’s sooo cute ❀

  5. Wooooow. I just nothing to say in this web site. TAE YANG very cool wonderful hand-some. When i’m hear your voice im in HEAVEN . And TAE YANG i LOVE you so much. FITING. TAE YANG you NUMBER 1 SINGER and DANCER in this bigger WORLD. LOVE YA SO MUCH .^_^. .^_^.

  6. you look very cool

    that’s what made me admire you because you’re in every public appearance that you look very very very cool

    I LOVE YOU………………………

  7. excuse me T.Y I have a stpd QUESTION!!!!!!! TAE YANG can u give yours ID JUST ID??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? PLS PLS PLS

  8. OMG!*_______*sZ

    Taeyang is so cuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeee *-*
    &Hoooooooooooooooooooot (66′
    &Coooooooooooooooooooooool *—*

    He’s P.E.R.F.E.C.T *—–*


  9. Tae Yang is SSSEEEXXXYYYYY!!!!!!
    His songs are so awesome!! and his voice is HEAVENLY!!!!!
    AWw! I love him!! πŸ˜€

  10. 2! how r u?
    i just can say that i luv u so muck my young bae
    u r super cuteeeeeeeeeeeee
    hope u will come to vietnam my country soon
    u r super kuteeeeeeeeeeeeee again
    take care your self

  11. i would just like to know if anyone knows if taeyang is gay friendly? i know he is not gay obviously but is he ok with or against them? i love taeyang but it really hurts me to support someone who is against me.

  12. oppa you so so a mazing chomall saranghae oppa

    we love you in arab world .. Especially in Saudi Arabia ❀ fighting oppa

  13. hay lo amo con todo mi corazon el es perfecto su carita su cuerpito su voz su baile su SONRISA*w* todo de el me gusta te AMO TAEYANG

  14. I love Taeyang so much tht I turned into one of those fangirls I use to dispise! He his so hot cute and handsome and he’s different an over achiever a great dance n I fell in love with his voice in Love Song its perfect he is by far my favorite singer.

  15. hii, anybody, i’m fan of BIGBANG’TOP, do you know any website of TOP’ FANCLUB by english? please, talk to me!

  16. Real Name: Dong Young-bae / λ™μ˜λ°°
    Stage Name: Taeyang / νƒœμ–‘ & Sol
    Birthday: May.18.1988
    Blood Type: AB
    Hobbies: Basketball, listening to music, watching TV
    Specialist: Rap, Dancing, Beatbox,Song writing, Sing, English, Japanese
    Family: Parents, Brother (Hyuk Bae)
    Released album: Hot (2008)
    Digital singles: “Where U At” (2009)
    “Wedding Dress”
    I LoVe TaeYang …..

  17. I am from Turkey and my friend got to know thanks taeyang
    Taeyang turkey concert should
    I love you Taeyang concert should Hatay..
    당신을 μ‚¬λž‘

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