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*note – We have provided download links to songs only by Taeyang or those that feature Taeyang

Digital Release
Wedding Dress
:arrow:WATCH THE Music Video

IRIS (Korean Drama) OST
:arrow:WATCH THE Music Video

Digital Release
Where U At?
:arrow:WATCH THE Music Video



Big Bang “Vol.1 Since 2007” Album
My Girl ft. GD and TOP
:arrow:WATCH THE  Music Video

Big Bang “With U” Album
My Girl (Japanese Version) ft. GD and TOP




First Solo Album “Hot”
Intro – Hot

Pray ft. Teddy
:arrow:WATCH THE Music Video

Make Love ft. Kush

Baby I’m Sorry

Look Only at Me
:arrow:WATCH THE Music Video


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YGMA “Made in the R.O.K”
Real Talk ft. Tae Yang

Kim Johan “Soul Family with Kim Johan”

Friend (Korean Drama) OST

G-Dragon Solo Album “Heartbreaker”
Korean Dream ft. Taeyang


—— Piano Covers ——

My Girl


Baby I’m Sorry

*Please let us know if any of the links are not working by posting here

30 thoughts on “Music”

  1. I took the “Pray Ft. Teddy”, I’m assuming that’s under the piano covers. I’ve never heard Prayer in piano version ever.

  2. Hi, your site is awesome, I knew more about taeyang here, he is amazing, I really admire and respect his idealism of music ^^
    took his song with Kim Johan, thank you so much ^^
    you guys did awesome <333

  3. hey i was trying to download the HOT concert audio but i cant ….. am does it the remix of ALways thats what i want to download anywys but if anyone has that remix of always could i please get it….i will luv u 4ever not more then loving tae yang but yea

    Thank you much luv

  4. instead of providing download links to taeyang’s stuff, wouldn’t it make more sense to promote people to buy the albums/singles so that taeyang can benefit from it…? any real fan who supports him should at least do this much.

  5. can i buy here taeyang’s 2nd mini album i know it is already release this october . i have a plan to buy one but i cant hardly buy it here in the philippines and i hopev that the only way i could buy is through online album stores . please reply asap :))

  6. I could just memorize the sound and your songs also with a flash because I was a fan of your life

    taeyang oh I really really really idolize you and also very very very love you

    I LOVE YOU…………………..

  7. do u has taeyang namanbarabwa remix mp3??? the one that hes sing at solar concert?????please………thank u

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