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Feel free to leave us a message, we’d like to know how you became interested in Big Bang/Taeyang and how you discovered our blog, also let us know where your from!

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  1. Hi Tae Yang, I´m from Sweden and I just adore you. I love the way you sing and the way you laugh!
    I love asian people, the food, music everything!
    And I love you´re music!
    I became interested in Big Bang especially in Tae Yang when I started to search for some asian music on youtube and then i found Big Bang, I fell in love emediatly.
    But if I have to be honest i loved TOP from the start, but then i realized that Tae Yang was more beautifull and then i couldn´t sop litsen to Tae Yang´s music.

    So i hope you give me an answer so we can get o know eachother =)<3!
    Bye Bye // Diana

      1. Hi ,taeyang i love your music expacilly 1a.m.i wish i could meet you so bad by the way i live in milton,fl.

    1. haha we’re the same, i love TOP first.. haha

      but then i start dreaming about Taeyang, i dont know why.. then i started following his solo career the boom! I LOVE TAEYANG!

    2. Hi im a big big Filipino fan. Tae Yang please please please please pretty please come here. Bring Sandara with you! 🙂

  2. Hi there,
    I heard about BB but wasn’t even interested in their music or band memebrs. After listening to remix version of ‘Lies’ about a month or two ago, I got very impressed with GD’s rapping which was quite smooth and yet edgy. Somehow my affection/curiosity shifted from GD to YB, and I recently became a die-hard fan of YB. After watching his solo concert on-line, who can you not be a fan… Anyway, while browsing here and there, I came across your site from DCYB and YBEFFECT regarding YB’s May project, etc. I love browsing and reading comments/posting on your blog. Keep up the good work!!

  3. @Diana – Sweden is beautiful! I went there last summer =) nice to meet you!

    @ Rainy – thank you for the comments and its nice to meet you! I came to love YB similiarily (my love shifted from GD to YB too XD)

  4. Hey,

    I found Big Bang through lollipop. So what can I say? Taeyang was the first to catch my attention and he just awed me. Then I started searching and learning more about Big Bang. I listened to most of their songs now I believe. I really loved GD’s moves and rap in “This Love.” And he really came close to being my favorite, but I guess everyone has a soft spot for the “first one” if you will. And TY just happened to be the “first” one I’ve fallen for out of BB.

    Judging from some ppl’s response, it seems TY has come a long way and gained many fans. I mean, I’m not sure if i would’ve fallen for TY first before GD for instance, if I saw “This Love” before lollipop Looking at BB’s older mvs and such, Taeyang didn’t shine out as much as he does now, imo. He really is shining like the hot sun now. However, I’m getting lost in my own writing, I just did an all-niter and my brain is not properly functioning $%#$%^&$. AHHHH.

    Oh yes. I guess my point is that my love may have wavered a bit, but it never shifted. It was always Taeyang (I just realized AlwaysTaeyang lol). ..I guess it’s safe to say now, that Taeyang really is my favorite. (I know! I’m so slowwwww! aha /’tard)

    I would like to say I love all of BB members, but I guess it’s too naive to expect everyone to be fair and sometimes this forces you to pick your biases and stick with. Gawd, I’m really brain-tired.

    Overall, I was really impressed with Big Bang in general. And when I saw TY’s solo–it was like AMAGAD—HOT! HOT! HOT! This bois got so much talent and passion and the hawt bod is just a bonus, because his singing alone is captivating! So you know..regardless of when I learned about BB and when I saw ‘lollipop’ or ‘this love’ or any ‘lies’ or–O_O i can’t think of the title of the songO_O–I’d probably still have a soft spot for Taeyang.

    I’m not sure why I decided to leave a message when I’m sleepy, but meh. I’m quite weird. Nice to be here.

  5. Hello, Aims here lol! I’m from NYC…How I found ATY?
    I think it was through crunchy roll (don’t have an account anymore) and Kay had a link on her page. And I FINALLY saw it and I was like “hm, I wonder what that’s for?” and Boom!

    How I became a fan of YB?
    It just sort of happened… Well, I like watching different choreographers/dancers on You tube or where ever. And I stumble upon Shaun’s myspace page and saw Taeyang’s videos! I was curious and that’s when I started to listen to his album on You tube.
    At that time, I was just listening to his album and watching his performances, but I never thought to search for sites dedicated to him or anything…So, technically I was a fan, but not a hardcore fan yet (does that make sense?). It was actually while I was watching his solo concert around august (fan cam videos) and his performances with BB that I actually started to really fall for him (who wouldn’t? lol). Even after watching old/new BB videos I was still stuck on YB. Then, it became a mission I HAD to find sites in English lol dedicated to him just so I could praise, criticize and gush about him w/o sounding like a complete idiot :)..So, there you have it I became a fan of YB a little late but who cares, right? Now, I love watching him and this site (and others) caters to my needs.
    Suggestions? None that I can think of lol and you guys are doing such wonderful job anyway…

  6. ^ aha Aims! you found this site off my crunchy page!? LOL…and thanks for the compliments =)

  7. Dear,Tofu.
    nice to see you again. Long time no see.
    I’m so touched by your loverly posts.
    I’ve been prepared my personal exam, cuz I could’nt serf web and care my things for TY.
    Tofu , why don’t you come Korea (I’m in seoul)
    I really wanna meet you someday.

    Please leave messages for me

    take care~!

  8. @aims: wow. i always find it very interesting to learn how people became fans of yb and kpop in general. maybe we should collect all of these “how i became a fan” stories and send them to yb or something lol.

    hello from United States! i think that i became Tae Yang oppa's fan in the funniest and weirdest way..hahah i was ong winglin a fanfic site and reading a DBSK one and Tae Yang played a stalker! and was just in the whole story for about 1 chapter! HAHA! but i was like he sounds cool maybe i should look him up! SO I DID! and haha i fell inlove! and then i started searching on more info of Tae Yang and Big Bang! and found that they have real talent! and are great artist! who works very hard! I especially love Number 1, Lies, My Love and Prayer! and now My Heaven too!


    Please always work to your best and rest PLENTY of reset!

    many many love from Tae Yang and BIG BANG VIP from Minnesota United States


  10. love tae yang n thanx for putting up dis website love it!
    it.s kool 2 c how many people are fans of tae yang and big bang!

  11. @Kay c; thanks for the compliments and i agree, its very cool seeing how many Tae Yang/BB fans there are

    @AhBe: LOL thats a pretty funny way of finding out about Bae…through a fanfic. Either way, glad you found out about him and glad you decided to visit us!

  12. I have been delaying writing here for some time, due to exams/work and such, but now that it’s all over, i finally have the time to tell y’all how I became a yb fan.
    Well, to start off, Im from Toronto, and i think im one of the last people who you would think would start listening to kpop. however, my univ friends somehow forced me into listening to jpop (arashi and kat-tun), but i never really got into them. while i was watching videos on crunchyroll, about a year ago, i saw a video for a group called Big Bang, and the mv was called “A Fool’s Only Tears”. and i was immediately digging them. loll this may sound a little weird, but originally, i thought that yb was gd and vice versa. but the two ppl that caught my eye were gd and yb. honestly, i think i liked gd a little bit more in the beginning, just b/c he had 2 solo songs, and i saw more of him. but later on, i started noticing yb and his HOTTNESS lol. i think i really fell for his smooth voice and dance moves. then i was in a yb craze and i wanted to know if there were any fansites and somehow came upon this site. THE END (finally, i know)

    about improving the site….i dont really have anything negative to say about it. its simple, and easy to navigate through which i like 🙂

    thank you so much for creating this site for us yb lovers 🙂

  13. @dilani: Toronto! I’m from Toronto too! (how you holding up with the heat?)….thanks for posting, your story is so similar to mine lol…

  14. hi im neenah! im from the philippines and i am so thankful you made this blog. i love everything about taeyang and i always check your site! thank you so much. much love from the p.i.

    peace out.

  15. Hi,

    I’m from Miami, FL(USA). I was searching for a song and it had a similar title to “last farewell” and BB song came out. I was like hmmm… I like it this song. I searched for Big Bang last farewell and saw the MV. YB stood out the most to me and I found myself searching information about him and the group. I found this website by searching for “taeyang” and it was like the first website. I clicked on it and loved it because it always have new informations about YB every time I come back to it. About his music- I think he conveys his emotions through his songs very well and I find myself relating to the situations its about. I love his voice and the way he expresses himself as an artist. Good thing I have internet on my cell cause I’m always coming back checking for new posts. I agree with dilani the website is very easy to navigate and keep up the good work to the administrators. Looking forward to new posts about YB!!

  16. @neenah: welcome and thank you!

    @twinkle: thanks for posting! Both you and dilani pointed out a nice feature about our is very easy to navigate and post =)

  17. Tae Yang 😀
    iiLOveYOu Man too Bits 😉 I Really Want To Meet YOu Man ,, I Wiish I Coyld Man
    I LOVE YOu Man — Your Bare Sexccii Man


    Andd Im From East London Blud And i Love You Man
    Man I Love YOu 😀 xx

  18. By The Way Sorry Forgot To Tell YOu How I Discovered You Actually I Diidnt My Cousin Did She Loves You Guys too Man 😀 But I Love Tae Yang The Most,, I Find Him Bare Cute And Sweet Man 😉 😛 ,, I Know Its Stupid But I Love Cute, Sensitive People Man Like YOu Tae Yang. I Know YOur Scared Of Girls I Know Dont Worry:D But I Still Love YOu Man 😀 I Love YOu Guys :D;)

  19. My ex-best friend introduced me to Big Bang about a year ago. We were in the cafeteria of our University and she pulls out her I-pod and TRIED to show me a video of La La La La…however I quickly denied her and went about my business lol A couple of months later I actually listened to the song and enjoyed it and once I saw the video and saw the “fine boy with cornrows” I became a fan of TaeYang instantly and have been in love with him since! I would spend hours on end on the computer searching for any bit of information (in English because I know zero Korean) about him and Big Bang. I made a CD and played it for my mom and now she’s into the KPOP scene too lol. She even stole one of my BB CDs! He is so talented, hot, cute, sexy etc. His voice speaks to my soul and I think he is one of the best entertainers in the world!
    BTW I found this blog on twitter lol and I’m so glad I did! It’s very organized and has lots of yummy pictures of TaeYang lol I am very happy that I found it!!

  20. @Domonique – hey there, thanks for dropping us a message! Its nice to meet more international fans, keep on visiting!

  21. hahahaaa heeey ! im Laura
    and yes im asian khmer/thai/lao
    well right now im learning how to write&speak
    korean & japanese (:
    im from Cali, Long Beach XDD
    haha well my friend nancy she had one of bigbang songs and wen i was listening to it i was like this is good but i wasnt that addicted but ever since than ! i got so addicted everyday nuttin But BIGABANG !!!
    but like i listen to other songs reminds me of you guys
    [i overdid it so like yeah]
    haha well i dnt got much to say but like
    i love you musics and i hope to here more
    and see you =DD
    oh haha im ffrom USA for got to say that 🙂 well byebyee

  22. What’s up? Taeyang

    I hope this massage will be send to you.

    I’m your fanclub.

    I love u so much.

    I know you have few time to rest.

    Take care yourself.

    You’re the sunshine in my life…..

  23. Cindy, here. I guess its about time I’m introduce myself. Let’s see…I’m from Fort Worth, Texas, I’m 19 going on 20, and I’m Asian (Viet with one-fourth Chinese). I’m majoring in Communications at University of Texas at Arlington (I’m no good in math or science lol).When I’m not Facebooking or catching up on the latest new and gossip about Big Bang/Taeyang, I’m just doing typical 19 year old things minus the partying and stuff. I’m good little Asian girl. lol, Not really.
    One of my guys friends actually introduce me to Big Bang,around April of this year. Weird, I know. He was saying that Korean music was really good and tried to show me the “Haru Haru” MV. Except I was like whatever and didn’t pay much attention to it. Couple weeks later, I watched the MV and thus begin my addiction. LOL! I was immediately drawn to the “guy with the Mohawk” . So, I did a little research via Google and here I am today.
    There is no such thing as perfection but hell TaeYang sure comes close to it. Oh yeah, his abs are like the icing on the cake. He is one of those very guys. He has masculinity that makes any girl feel protected but he acts with chivalry, sweetness, and modesty. He is soft-spoken but the essence of his words are powerful. Rather than let screaming girls make him egoistical, he uses his fans as his motivation to better himself. Seriously, where can I meet a guy like that? Heck, what can I do to win his heart?
    Sorry, I’m going on and on. Thank You to the staff at Always TaeYang for giving my daily fix! 🙂

  24. @cindy
    “Rather than let screaming girls make him egoistical, he uses his fans as his motivation to better himself. “

    ^ very well said!!! Thanks for visiting and hanging out here!

  25. Hey my name is Kimmie and I’m from Clearwater, Fl(USA) I’m such a Big Bang fanatic and uhm well I actually discovered Big Bang from a video on youtube and i don’t what i searched but the We Belong Together video was how i figured out Big Bang to tell you the truth G-Dragon was the first one to draw my attention;) haha well like i didn’t really notice Tae Yang because the video was mostly G-Dragon and T.O.P. so like a week later i lost interest in them,…..:(
    Then I was hanging out with my friends and stuff and we were playing on the pianno and everything then one of my friends started playing Haru Haru at that time i didn’t really know them because We Belong Together came out 2007 and i was introduced to Big Bang in 2008 so I was like hmmmmmm i wonder who they are and so i searched up Big Bang – Haru Haru which was such an amazing song….then i was like oh i do know them but i just didn’t know who was who because everyone changed like so much.. and i was all like ok go on google image and search up Big Bang i was where is that guy that i liked and i saw this pic
    ….then Tae Yang totally popped up and i was like could that be him but no and then i saw G-Dragon and i was like he doesn’t seem that great anymore and Tae Yang was like oh my god i cant even explain haha. and then i found this Big Bang fansite
    it was like so cool and so i would check eberyday until now i still do and i was just searching some more Big Bang videos oone youtube and then the user Always TaeYang came up and i was like omg this person is so cool came on this site and i was just clicking on things like the gallery and I just loved it

    P.S. I’m the girl on youtube my username is KiMMiEsoCoOL
    and I found you on twtter also so you know much love for all the Tae Yang stuff haha

  26. @Kimmie – Thanks for dropping by and leaving a message!! ~ its nice to meet you, hope you enjoy hanging out here =)

  27. Hello! i from to Puerto Rico. you are very good and beautiful i love u so much and i hope to come quickly Puerto Rico i wish you success. Kiss and hug

  28. Wen Is Tae Yang Coming To America? Im From Utah/California Back n forth my family loves big bang but i n my 4 yr old son loves tae yang! we have a lil clip of him on youtube of my son trying to sing his song “look only at me” we listen to it 24/7 i actually made a tae yang shirt cuzz we love him so much. i love the fact my son wants to be like him.Hard working very well kept loving man. I also sing but im way to shy. keep up the good work

  29. @Jeannie Ann – thanks for leaving us a message!

    @Dee Sy – thanks for dropping by. I don’t know when Taeyang will be making a trip to America, but if he does we’ll be the first to blog it so keep checking us out for more updates. Thus far, he has no plans of going there….maybe sometime next year?

  30. ohh i get to leave an essay how FUN!!!

    Lets see, all started one sunny school day…
    one of my best friends who is Korean was like forcing me to listen to Korean music, but i was like GO AWAY NO!! so she stole my flash drive and downloaded a bunch of Korean music, i was bored and was like heck why NOT. The first folder said Big Bang, WTF what kind for retarded name is that i thought so i skipped them. Clicked on a random folder and tell me started playing, i was ADDICTED to that song, that was my class song man i forced everyone in my whole grade to learn it and they loved and kept singing tell me tell me ta tatata tell me in the hallways

    I looked up wondergirls on youtube and saw wonderbang
    doing lies and tell me together. At first i was attracted to T.O.P though i kept thinking that the guy with the cornrows is sexy as hell, three months later you ask me what about T.O.P i would be like WHO???

    it was all about the Tae Yang
    the little fan crush became an OBSESSION
    EVERYONE i knew, knew who he was, my parents, 2yrs bro, friends, youth pastor, PF leader, teachers, best friends parents…EVERYONE

    i came about this website on Georgie’s blog
    it’s a great website so organized, pretty, and informative.

  31. @menayaa –
    whoa! even your youth pastor!? LOL damn, and I thought I was obsessed ! ~lol…..
    thanks for droppin’ a message!

  32. Why the heck not?

    One day I was on myspace, I wasn’t really into K-pop, the only band I knew was DBSK/TVXQ. I was in love with Hero Jaejoong. Anyway, back to the story, I was on myspace and their was a quiz with the title, “Which K-Pop boy will marry you?”, so I took it for fun. I had seen the results ahead of time and I was expecting to get Hero. When I got the result all I saw was the name, “Tae Yang”; the picture hadn’t even loaded yet and I muttered to myself, “Who the hell is Tae Yang and WHY didn’t I get my baby Hero?”. When I scrolled up I saw him and instantly fell in love, call that shallow but I don’t know. I didn’t think he was a singer, I thought, “Hey maybe he’s a model” . So I looked him up and my heart melted once more when I found out he was a singer. I watched ‘Only Look at me’ and ‘Prayer’ and then I found out about Big Bang and I’ve been an instant fan ever since. It’s only been 3 months since that day, but I can honestly say I’m a hardcore fan and I’m doing all I can to catch up with the rest of you lol.

    P.S. Because of Big Bang, Im now fans of Wonder Girls, Super Junior, Jewelry and a lot of K-pop groups!

  33. ^ whoa! that’s weird and yet really cool how you found out about Taeyang !~lol thanks for dropping a message =)

  34. OMO
    thats so funny how both of us fell in love with tae yang because of DBSK and Hero! hahaha

    same here after falling inlove with BIG BANG i became more open with korean music

  35. hmmm.. I was working on one of my art piece and I was looking for new music ( inspiration ^O^)
    so, I turned on my computer and there it wasTaeyang with his song ( prayer)
    Im not korean or asian, Im latina, but I love japanese rock music as well as R&D korean music ( they kind of sound the same as african american’s music )
    IDK, I have a big admiration for YB ^^
    I think he’s unique, I dont know so much about him but I have to say it I love how he show his face to the world
    and go for wht he truly wants.

    ^^ I wish u the best of the best Sol I really do
    a lots of girls depend on ur smile to live, just keep it up!

    – the luna is falling-

  36. ^ alexa, thanks for dropping by and leaving us a message! glad to know he was a source of inspiration for your artwork!
    keep on visiting us =)

  37. i did know that there was a Kpop group called BIGBANG but never really cared.
    one day my sister told me to watch ” look at only me” mv.After watching it I was like ;WOW! who is this guy?? I didn’t even know that he was a BigBang member!….I then searched about him on the net, listened to his songs, watched his videos all the time!>> I liked him so much.I used to have and still have very funny dreams about him.I’d really gone crazy! sister wished she had never told me about him… =]
    That’s how i fell in love with him.I can’t say that i am his no1 fan because I know that there are even more die hearted fans of him like you guys, but I can say that , I love him very much. He is very hard working and I hope that he becomes the best !!


  38. Hi all!

    I just got interested into BB a few months (or is it weeks?) ago. The first song I listened to was haru haru, my roommate kept on playing it on her laptop and singing it…LOL

    So I got interested and watched their MVs. What got me interested into Tae yang was his MV Prayer. My roommate was showing me Seungri’s solo, Tae Yang’s Prayer and Look Only at Me. I liked Look Only at Me from the moment I heard it, the lyrics are a bit (how to put it), strange… But I liked the emotion and dance he put into the song. Prayer was…. total eye candy! *screams like a fangirl*

    I’m sorry for being impolite.. Forgot to introduce myself, my name’s Chanting (direct translation from my Chinese name.. though not that accurate, but it’s close.) I’m from Taiwan, but I am currently in Australia undergoing first year of uni. Big Bang and Tae Yang are my saviors when I’m drained from writing assignments and stress!

    Tae Yang shines on my gloomy days! You rock forever! XD

    (Gee I’m going everywhere in this post…So, back to the intro [yes I’m not done, I’m such a rambler, sorry.])

    Hope to know you all better! I’m glad I came along this website (on the Big Bang website voting…. I actually got into iBigBang first, but being the big Tae Yang fan I’ve become, I clicked on this website straight away and haven’t been anywhere else since! XD)

  39. i never knew about this haha
    my name is Ali
    im from the US
    Washington state wit it!!
    my friend introduced me to big bang and told me they were like a male version of the wondergirls
    i saw their Lies performance from May 08 and after that i was a fan
    and that haru haru video is the only song that can get me close to tears or in tears
    started listening to all their songs and at first i was a seungri fan cause he had a cool jacket from that performance
    this was exacttly a year ago
    me and my friends picked which member to be
    but as i learned about their personalities, Taeyang caught my attention
    people like Taeyang are rare and inspire me most
    so i begged to switch with my friend
    were such losers
    but since then ive been a Taeyang fan with big bang on the side haha
    naww ima fan of both
    but yea Dong Youngbae WIT IT!!
    oh and i was the firstt fan of the montth on this site haha

  40. @Diki – thanks for dropping us a message!!~

    @Chanting – glad you found us on toplist, ibigbang is a great website as well…lol and Big Bang/Taeyang are my saviors in university too!

    @Ali – Mr. First FOTM, thanks for posting here =) Lol i find it funny your friend said they were the male “wondergirls” ~haha anyway, thanks for posting in the guestbook! =)

  41. Hi! I’m Krista from the Philippines…

    Just dropping by to say super thank you for all the news on YB and pictures of him (hahaha)… Sorry it took me so long to give a shoutout since I’ve been visiting the blog ever since I’ve been a fan of Big Bang particularly YB last year.

    I really appreciate everything that the team has done for this blog on YB… It makes non-korean fans like me to feel closer to him and to his music.

    More power to everyone…

    Tae Yang Hwaiting!!!!

  42. Hi !
    i am a french fan of big bang and especially Tae Yang ❤
    the first time i saw him was on the Star Battle Dance show 2009 : He was amazing, talented and sexy !
    Who is this guy? Tae yang? Big bang?
    After fews research on internet, i discovered him : how can he be so HOT when he is performing and be so shy in real life…. why is he so young ( i am 28, i will never be able to call him oppa 😦 )
    his album is great! my favorite songs are "only look at me" and "make love"
    (whenever you want…)
    I can't wait his next album!!
    I ordered his album HOT from Korea as i didn't find any retailer in France, when i like someone i can't download because he really deserved "les fruits de son succès".
    I want to thank you to give me some news of him, pictures and videos.
    My girl hot concert video is on my i phone, i don't want to loan it because people will think i am a pervert, (they are not totally wrong !)

    Tae yang, wait for me, i am saving money to see you on stage in korea!!

  43. Heyyyyy ^_^
    I’m Dina and I’m from England but I would most definitely rather be in South Korea haha. Although truthfully to me South Koreans seem just a littttttttlllleeeee bit fake to me, with all there plastic surgery and men/boys looking like girls and just a litttttttttttttle bit harsh especially with all the 2pm Jay controversy (If you can’t criticize your own country whose else are you meant to criticize right – I’m a Nepalese and complain about it everyday haha) anyway back to Taeyang …

    My sisters used to watch Big Bang before but it wasn’t until Lollipop that I really got interested, Young Bae stood out straight away to me, not just his bright trousers and his oh so adorable yet somehow sexy face ( how does he do it ) but also his voice – there was just something about it that made me stay still for 3 minutes, almost hypnotized by his melody. Then from that day onward until now and for ever more, I became his – whether he wants it or not haha.
    I love how dedicated he is, he’s different from all other Korean acts, he is 100% focused and has no need to dress crazy, act crazy and controversial to get my attention at all – he himself is pure talent and my biggest dream would be to if not to meet him one day (just to say ‘yo!’ hehe), then atleast watch him do his ‘thang’ in one of his concert. It would make my day, no my whole life complete haha.

    Now maybe I’m writing too much so I’ll stop now. Thank you for this website, I try to view it every chance I get ^_^.

    Forever YoungBae ❤

    P.s I would love to just slide my fingers down his chin one day – it just looks so smooth and absolutely delicious haha ^__^

  44. @andrella – thank you for dropping us a message and you are very welcome for all the news =)

    @nadia – bonjour! je’mapelle Kay! (lol that’s all I remember from my French class!) but thanks for visiting us here!~~

    @DinDin – thanks for posting and I agree, seeing him in concert is also one of my dreams….

  45. I’m Jordan, or Nikko, from Las Vegas, Nevada 😀

    I found out about Big Bang through my dad, technically. He was in the army and was stationed in Seoul for a while, and he was always talking about Korea and how great of a city Seoul was. I decided to actually look up Korea one day, and I was reading, and I came across an article about popular Korean music. It was early 07 if I remember correctly. I found Big Bang somewhere in there, and they seemed to have the most “praise” if that’s the right word, and they seemed interesting, so I decided to look them up. The first song I heard was A Fool’s Only Tears. It was different from any music I had ever heard, really. My mom is a Caucasian lady that only listens to 80’s metal, and my dad was an African-American who only listened to hardcore rap and 80’s metal, so this was like a whole new world to me 😀 (life story, much?)

    Youngbae had always been my favorite member, and the only Asian boy I had ever thought was cute XD I honestly didn’t think any of them were good looking when I first saw them, so honestly speaking I can say that I love their music.

    I found the ATY blog by searching for Taeyang, because I had learned his stage name before his real name. And an article appeared in the search on you guys’ blog. And now, according to Firefox, ATY is my most visited webpage, YAY! 😀

    Sorry for blabbing so much,
    and thanks for all of the great news!

    I bet you anything that Youngbae has come to this site more than once, because he’s google.. able? Hehehe.


  46. hi my yuong bae i hope see my comment i do love u and my friends also, alway we gossip about u, u know u so cute ,i love love love u, u very cute where u take photo with ur dog “‘boss'” i from cambodia i hope i can c u soon u wont to hurg u wher u look like tired. love u my yuong bae

  47. Hey there, 😀

    Wah. I never knew there was a whole site dedicated to our special YoBo. ❤
    I discovered you guys through youtube and I finally came on this site. I never found the time but I'm glad I came.
    Er…so I've been a BIG BANG fan for almost three years now and I've loved every moment of it.
    I was mesmerized by their music and I loved how I could easily dance to their songs. I love to dance so it seemed like an awesome match. xD

    At first, I did like T.O.P. because of his unique eyes but then I noticed the shy, yet EXTREMELY HOT, Youngbae in the videos. I became more and more infatuated and soon, I was a die hard fan.
    It's now been a 3 yr fan-ism of YOUNGBAE<

  48. dang it for some reason my comment was cut off. ^
    but to summarize what i had written, i love big bang and taeyang.
    V.I.P. fo life. xD
    lols. thats so condensed from what was wriiten.
    o btw, I’m from NYC. woot wott!~
    and my name is ammy^^

    nice to meet ya’ll and i hope i get to know my fellow taeyang fans so we can spazz togther!!~~~

    pce out. ><

  49. omg ily DYB!prolly heard tht million times.hehe i first heard BB’s song”Haru Haru” and I was so addicted to their music.Then I heard Taeyang’s music like “Only Look at me ” or “Prayer” and you just blew me away!!!
    oh yeah.I’m from SF.dang so many sf’s in USA.I’m talkin the big SF in CA.<333333 GO CT! GO Big Bang! GO Taeyang! <3.Lia.

  50. Oh I’m loving the animation at the corner!!! Tae Yang was just too cute in that Intimate Note!! First the “RAWR!” then the goofy vampire! LOL

    TOO CUTE!!!!!!!

    haha, this is a spazz I think. ;P

    Happy Halloween ATY! (and for you all VIPs out there who’s heart belongs to Tae Yang, the one and only =D)


    i did mine now show off you BIG BANG LOVE

  52. hi there. i just have wanna ask how and where i could purchase big bang items especially with tae yang on it.

  53. according to your concert ‘HOT’ i was amazed by it. your vocals were really niice and how you twisted your OWN music up was great. it was well done i actually liked the ‘live’ one then the recorded one but anway i cant wait til ‘wedding dress’ comes out. im very excited for the abulm. hope you to the best. i support u[ like always ]and keep up the great work! >.<


  55. hi TaeYang!!!
    I think u are so talented and I love your wedding dress song.. I love the scene where u do your head swing at 2.20 of your clip.. hope to meet you one day!!!
    take care

  56. Since I posted a comment in one of the entries an hour or so ago, I decided to post here in the guestbook as well. 🙂 This comment will probably be long so I apologize in advance.

    I’m Adette from the Philippines, and I only got interested in Big Bang (and KPop in general) early this year although I’ve known them since last year. The first KPop album I ever purchased was Big Bang’s “Remember,” and I really fell in love with the songs in it. 😀

    Honestly, I first liked G-Dragon a lot (and I still do, in a sense), but I never failed to recognize YoungBae’s talent as a dancer and singer. Since I’m quite new to the KPop scene I only got to know YoungBae’s solo efforts recently when Where U At and Wedding Dress were released. I really fell in love with his voice and his dancing, and I like Wedding Dress so much that I even posted a review of it here. I then searched for his previous solo efforts and I was just completely blown away. He really serves as an inspiration to a lot of people. 🙂

    Because I wanted to know him more (don’t we all? XD) I decided to search on the internet and I stumbled upon this site! I really love how dedicated the ATY team is to bringing the YB goodness to us international fans. We can’t thank you enough, really. 🙂 If you need any help in proofreading articles (I’m somewhat of a grammar nazi so I love spotting errors :P) I’m available, since that’s probably the only thing I can contribute. Keep up the good work ATY!

  57. I can’t believe I’ve never signed the fanbook but anyway Wassup? My name is Tanisha and I from New York. It’s weird and funny how I came across Taeyang/Big Bang. When I was in Junior High I heard about H.O.T. and S.E.S. but never really had an interest in them, I just thought it was cool that koreans could rap and sang. What really got me into Big Bang was my friend who went to Korea. He told me how fascinating it was so I decided to look up old H.O.T. videos on youtube. Then I saw Big Bang video on the other video side bar….lol. I decided to click on it and I fell in love with that song. To me it was sooo different and soo cool that they could incorporate American hip-hop/r&b music to make their own and add a twist to it. I started to youtube all their videos and the guy with the cornrows [Taeyang] I paid attentioned to the most. His charisma was cocky but yet smooth. It was something about him and I can’t really explain it that made me focus on only him. I started to look up on him along and found out he had a solo. His vocals were amazing and I couldn’t believe my ears. All I kept saying to myself was “That’s the same person for the documentaries?!” Blew me away. I had a lot of catching up to do since I found out about them in May of 2009 [Lollipop era]. I saw the way he was dancing and I was like this guy is cool and he’s kind of cute. I found this site by googling his name….lol. I’m glad I did. ^_^. Thanx for making ATY for us international Taeyang fans!

  58. i found big bang through lollipop too! it was one of my favorites because G-Dragon was rocking pink overalls, T.o.p. had big sexy glasses, Taeyang had a Florida Gater outfit going, Sungri had a cape on his shirt, and Daesung, well… was daesung. lol. I loved them and as a former dancer i had to admire Taeyangs dancing skills. i just wish i could see more of them living here in America i only get the internet :(.

  59. Hello Taeyang! From London, I hope you can read all these english comments 😛 but please if you read this COME LONDON to perform at the O2 arena!
    I’ve liked Bigbang since the age of 11

    I would really want to meet you personally!
    Take care!

  60. Heyyo TaeYang xD
    foudn u and ur mates our thru my first encounter wif MuBank ^^ it was ur first stage on MB wif Only Look At Me.i was a e-pop addict at that time so i din think much of the song.but as it listened to kpop songs more and ur song even more,i got addicted 😀 then i found Big Bang and so on.n cuz i found u out first,Big Bang was my first love ❤ i fell ing love wif OLAM then the rest of ur album..then every single Big Bang song[by then i was a registered VIP XD] and finally,kpop ^-^
    nw im into G.O.D and BEAST but Boy,ur my first. anyway,hope u come over to Singapore cuz kpop's takin over (: and im not the only V.I.P here and u have to noe that.ur a world-class singer alr.Lovin ya my baby..LOL

    xoxo,Bangizm [and if ur thinkin where i got the name frm,i took Big BANG and rain's song rainISM so..yeahh ^^]

  61. OMg. Tae Yang I cannot believe you’re only 3 days older than me. As time passes, you grew more and more to become this white knight in every girl’s heart. Don’t lose your passion, be yourself always.

  62. Hello Tae Yang. Your latest “Wedding Dress” song and MV have started a crazy Korean wave here at University of Toronto.

    Our Dance Crews here are learning your dances and very emotionally motivated by your style of dancing. Many students here are talking about your songs and dances, all of them which are positive feedbacks! Including myself, which started supporting you ever since you started.

    We all love you and take pride in learning your dances. You are famous and will be even more popular in the near future. Take passion in your career and wish you all the best!

    You’re the best single Korean singer and dancer I’ve yet known until today. You’ve got amazing talent and the Michael Jackson taste in your dances.

    God bless you Tae Yang ^^ Go Young Bae!

  63. Greetings from Long Beach, California.. I’m pretty new to these kind of post. And I would like to share my recent discovering of Tae Yang!! I first heard about Tae Yang when I was watching some dancer name Lyle Beniga on Youtube..and I was like “whoa this guy can dance”. so I looked over to the side link and then there was a video that was posted up TAE YANG- WHERE YOU AT? something told me to click on it..(maybe it was the way he was dressed)? So I sat, here, in my chair, ready to write my essay..when he (Tae Yang) started singing and dancing..and that was like love at first sight!! haha!! I was like OMG! who is this hottie? So for the last 5 hours (instead of writing my essay) I was searching for this amazing man!! But every time I searched for him, there was this other group.. Big Bang..consist of 5 members.. very good looking and unique in their own way, but I couldn’t find Tae Yang, so I went back to watching Where You At? I notice that he wore a cap.. and with my good memory in take..I remembered there was a guy wearing a cap in Big Bang and came to find out it was Tae Yang.. And now I’m so stuck on these Korean pop star. Not just because they are hot looking..but the songs..OMG have such a strong meaning..although I have no clue what they’re saying (thank you to all who subbed their videos). Born and raised in Long Beach, I grew up listening to Snoop Dog, Warren G, Dr. Dre Eazy E, P. Diddy Run DMC, ect. ect. music now mainly talks about and b******.. Tae Yang music consist of Soul..powerful and meaningful at the same time. Yes, I will admit now that I am a Tae Yang fan..even though I’m much older than him.. I feel that his music can capture the heart of females my age. Tae Yang Fighting!!!!! (as for my essay.. I wrote on Korean Musicians..Tae Yang)

  64. Hi Tae yang! Greeting from Singapore. I really like your new song ” Wedding Dress”. I am a Big Bang fan. You gays are really really awesome.I hope I can see Big Bang concert in Singapore.This is my first time writing something in blot. I hope you can read my message.

    Tae Yang Fighting! Big Bang Fighting!!

  65. Hey Taeyang ❤
    You should come to dallas texas one day ! its always good to travel around the US. to learn new things and see new things .
    thanks for this wonderful website

  66. Tae Yang 🙂 You’re such a hottie! I’m from Wisconsin (USA) You should defintely come perform there! I would defintely come to your concert! I’m in love with your new song Wedding Dress ! You’re SO hotttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Tae yang ❤ I love Big Bang already (specially you XD), since you started singing solo I just love you even more.
    I'm from Australia, Victoria, Vietnamese though. You should make plans and performance in Australia <3, I love your music more than my own nash lol.
    Wedding dress was outstnding, the dance, music, your singing, the MV story ohh and the model, she was so pretty 😀

    Tae Yang fighting ;P

  68. Hi Tae Yang!!! This is Chanting (the same one from Australia) from Taiwan~~~

    Just to let you know, you were in the news for a few seconds here!!! It was a report about the largest increase of people taking the Korean language test for the past 10 years. After quotes from professionals and stuff, they showed some Korean drama, then your “Where U At” MV!!!!!! Keep fighting Tae Yang!!! You are being loved by all fans! w<)

  69. Hi everyone!

    I’m little_tiger @ mieza from Malaysia. I was introduced to Big Bang by my friend in 2007. Since then, i’ve been a fan of Big Bang till now. I’d listen to their song every single day! I love their voices, especially YB…haha! He got nice voice. I’ll listen to Only Look At Me every night before I go to sleep ( my fav lullaby..haha!)

    I just started visiting this site since yesterday coz I saw the address on YB Wedding Dress MV. It’s very exciting! i’m beginning to fell in love with this site.There’s so many info about YB in here…

    To all ATY admin and staff, thank you for creating a place for all international fan of YB to seek info and exchanging ideas.Keep up the good work!

    Lastly, to Tae Yang, work hard to achieve all your dreams. Take care. We love you and we’ll support you all the way through! Hwaiting!

  70. I’ve known about Big Bang for several years cause I have a younger cousin that loves the entire YG Family but since I didn’t listen to K-pop I never looked deeper into it. But just a short time ago (10 days ago to be exact) I gave in on seeing Wedding Dress MV posted in my friend’s blog even though I really been trying to stay away from K-pop (not beacuse I didn’t like it, just that I’m a kind of person that is really dedicated in getting involved with the things I like. So I just didn’t felt like I wanted to be a part of this crazy hype). Oh boy am I happy that I watched, cause I fell immediately! Since that day, I’ve been reading and watching interviews, performances, MVs and everything I can get my eyes on involving YB. Now slowly I’m learing more about the entire group and a little bit about 2NE1 as well. But my number 1 priority is still YB ❤

    Ps. Did you guys know that K-pop is really big amongst Asians in Sweden and at the moment there is a really big YB-hype amonst us Asian girls. Here in Sweden almost everyone has their own personal blog so you really see YB everywhere! =D

  71. Tea Yang! I LOVE your Music video “Where u at” so much! Love the dancing and singing! and I’m like the biggest fan of Big Bang since 2006 until now…. I’m trying to learn Korean so i could speak and understand in Korean! hope i get through the learning and be success! Love your New Music “Wedding Dress”. Keep up the good work cause we all LOVE you so much and we support you 100%……..Take Care…..

  72. OMG, I’m was never a FAN until now. I love TaeYang!!! He is pure gorgeous when he dance and sings. Plus I Love BIG BANG too!! the BEST and most Amazing Korean guys!!! I’m so IN LOVE!!! & I can’t helpit, ha!! just can’t get enough.

    I’m from USA, Fresno, Ca (:
    TaeYang you should come here one day!!

    I adore you, TaeYang (:

  73. hi taeyang nd bigbang!!
    im korean nd a bigggg faan of big bang especially yougbae. I love all their music. its the best, i listen to it 24/7. taeyang’s newest song, Wedding Dress is addicting!! I LOVE YOU TAEYANG ND BIG BANG!!

    taeyang u should come to USA, New Jersey someday!! everyone would be excited to meet you!

  74. OMG i ❤ you tae yang!especially ur smiLe and your eyes!
    hope that big bang will make a concert here in singapore!im dying to meeet you guys.!!!:D i love big bang!!

  75. love your site…in BB–i love taeyang the most =) nicce to see this site dedicated to this really cute and great performer.

  76. ho ho ho’s from somewhere in SE Europe, im sure nobody has heard of my country (its romania by the way lol), man…its the first time i try to compose something, but Tae Yang invaded my life in the couple of days, so hes worth my struggle here…i learned of big bang for a while now, i was watching “i am sam” and TOP caught my eye, but i hadnt listened to their songs then; i knew G-Dragon was the when i watched Gara Gara Go, and saw this guy with his awesome moves..& said to myself, damn this G-Dragon is hot…no wonder they chose him as the leader…:))))) then surprise.. it turned out that hot guy to be Tae yea…why didnt they choose him as the leader??? hes obviously the best within the group, and his solo songs are just marvellous :* so what its left for me is to wish him to keep up his good work and be as successful as he can be in his career, cheers!!!

  77. Hi, Taeyang… You’re really a good singer and dancer!
    Hope I can see you one day in Korea, Seoul! I love to visit there to see you… Oppa! Fighting.. xxxxx

  78. Taeyang… I really like to get one of you’re poster, but its all sold out, like the good ones and I can’t find anything fRom internet anymore..Do you know any good website to buy? I hope that I just live there in Seoul sO I can get all the things about u.. T_T

  79. Amazing sight! I love Tae Yang and Big Bang. I got must of my friends liking them. I first heard Tae Yang when I was watching a DBSK’s new video when I saw “Wedding Dress” on the side of SO I was like hum….and then BAM! Tae Yang was there and now I’m a big fan! Cant wait for them to come to America?

  80. 自从在去年的人气歌谣上看见弹钢琴的你,发型和耳钉给我的感觉就是有点坏坏的。当时你的声音让我完全陶醉了,我现在还记得你唱don’t wanna try 时候的神情,唱完了,你那深情的一笑,把我的心都给温暖了。这就叫一见钟情吧。从那以后,每天都不停的在网上寻找你的身影,直到现在,将来也是。你身上有种魔力,始终牵引着我,我想一辈子都不会变了, 我从来没有喜欢一个人喜欢到这种地步,呵呵。喜欢你直抵心灵的声音,喜欢你充满节制充满力量的舞步,喜欢你的温暖人心的笑容,喜欢你唱歌认真的表情,喜欢你对音乐的热诚,喜欢你火辣辣身材,喜欢你认真对待每个人每件事的态度,你的所有我都喜欢。我的永裴,加油,你是最棒的,我会爱你一辈子。

  81. hey i dont even know if you can read english because you lived in karea for so long and i dont know if you learned it while you was learning how to speak it but anyways here i go im trap here in the middle of nowhere not litterly but all isee is trees surounding me no houses near by no cars exept ours i take a walk in the middle of no where but all i think about is you and i dont know what i have to do to get to you but it is hard hope you can find me faster than i can to you i dont think i expect you to get that i need you i hate my parents my sister hits me i am stuck help me

  82. I think YB is different from rest of the member from big bang, I dont know about others, but to me, hes the one that always stay quiet, but somehow could be funny . Most important he is hardworking. To me, he is like a secret, you never know what he is thinking, but somehow he just pops up to you and smile, and make you all happy. (:

    Im from America, but born chinese. HUGE k-pop fan(:
    If i have a chance, i will go audition YG:D
    I love this website btw, I can get fully updated with what taeyang is up tooo. ❤

  83. Hello to all the staffs from ATY!
    I just want to say Thank You so much for putting so much of your time and energy into this site for all of us fans to follow up on Tae Yang himself.
    Its quite amazing what you guys did here and I admire you for that.
    I think ATY is solely the number 1 site I visit daily! lol
    yeah, forget facebook, forget myspace, its all about YoungBae :]
    Once again, thank you. And please, keep up all the great work.

    TaeYang is love <333

  84. Tae Yang! You’re the greatest!! keep up your fabulous work!! will be looking forward to your album!! kudos, xoxo, and love from minnesota, usa!

  85. your dance were very PERFECT love it so much.. for me TY is different from the other. His song are very nice. love it all :)) .. wohoaa

  86. Hi Taeyang’s Fanclub around the world!

    I’m the one of Taeyang big’s fan! ^_^, thank you very much “ALWAYSTAEYANG STAFF” that made the great Taeyang’s fan blog!

    I’ll follow your blog up continuous =^___^=

  87. young bae where are you i need you no one on earth is feeling my pain i not only think you are hot but i also need you to help me get way from my family and go to you where you live i just need you i am thimking about runnin away but nothing on me so i cant please lord taeyang and jesus help me

  88. @judy
    TY is not God…and this is a fansite not his own “official” website
    but i’m sorry about your problems, i’ll pray for you

  89. Hello,

    My name is Maria but some call me Papaya. I am a fan from NYC/NJ. OMG… just gotta say Taeyang keep doing what you are doing because all of us here, well around the world, will SUPPORT you 100%. And we LOVE LOVE you!!!! lol

    Well, how did I become a BIG fan of Big Bang and Taeyang??

    To make the story short, I had a crush one this one guy, which ended up to be just a little thing. Anyways, he was posting up Taeyang’s “Where U At” and “Wedding Dress” videos on his Facebook acount. And I fell in LOVE with Taeyang. To think of it… the guy I was crushing on, looks almost like Taeyang, same hair style and has an awsome body. Anyways, lol. So I did youtube and bing searches on Taeyang. And discovered Big Bang. Heard their songs over youtube and now my playlists on my ipod is mostly all of their songs, especially Taeyang.

    I’ve heard “Lollipop” when I was in vacation in the Philippines, but didn’t really knew it was Big Bang. But I liked 2ne1 before I even knew of Big Bang. Which is retarded in a way since Big Bang came out first.

    How did I find Always Taeyang?

    Well, I was looking up updates on Taeyang and Big Bang. I was on and I saw it on the corner on the page I was reading on GD going to jail thing. So i clicked it and here I am. I just wanna say thank you for making a website like this. LOVE IT!

    So that’s how I became a fan of Taeyang and Big Bang.

    If Taeyang or the rest of the Big Bang guys read this:
    I Just wanna say keep doing what you guys are doing! Love you and I am HOPING, really hard, that you guys do a US tour. And if you guys are planning a 2011 concert in Korea, I AM SOOOO THERE! I am planning on going to Korea and to Japan.

  90. hi there,
    This is kesang from Madison,WI .
    Teayang and all the big bang members, hope you guys are in good health. First time that i started listening and watching to your videos was– when i was browsing on utube and fell upon ” we belong together” MV. From then on, i m a huge fan of Big Bang. All i want to say, is keep working hard. Fighting!!!Love your voices, dancing style!!!
    Teayang, love your music video”wedding dress” and “where are u at”. It is an awesome video with lots of twist. It is indeed interesting. Please do consider to have one of your concerts in US, i will come to support your band all the way. Take care

  91. oppa!!!!
    em từ việt nam nè……hồi đó có lẽ em không được ấn tượng về Bb cho lắm …nhưng sau khi nghe bài lies, em như kai” kay đổ kai” rầm không chút chần chừ……..
    Và sau một hồi tìm kiếm hình ảnh thông tin và những mv của các oppa…em iu ngay khuôn mặt đầy vẻ ngây thơ lẫn già dặn của oppa rồi……
    bae oppa ak`!!! bài wedding dress của anh là số 1…hay lắm ak……em koi mỗi ngày mà không chán í….
    Cuối cùng em mún nói….
    OPPA!!!!! SARANG HAE YO!!!!!

  92. this is shanhell from the PHILIPPINES !!
    i just love you taeyang your sexy voice and your amazing dance moves ..
    and i really like all of your songs since your song sorry from

    your new song wedding dress which is my favorite ..
    i hope that big bang could come in our country ..
    as well as the other kpop singers ..

    i will keep on supporting and loving you !!

  93. Hey there, my name’s Lisawr.

    I loved bigbang after I started hearing Haru haru over and over xD. Wedding dress seemed a big hit in my mind, so thats when I decieded to love taeyang more, even though.

    I’m from the UK, was going to get the photobook and calander, but the YG website doesn’t ship to the UK as it isn’t in one of their 13 islands which are shipable :/, so I have to pay like twice as much and stuff, but I dont mind, cause it’s for Taeyang and bigbang xD.

    ~ To Taeyang, I’ll keep on loving you till the every end ❤ Good luck and keep up the good work (:

  94. taeyang is a hotttiieee 🙂
    hehe .. omg i never knew about the phyco fan D: its a bit creeeepy . . . .. butt yeaa i love this site it soooo full of ty’s hotness ;O haha …. im glad i found this site… (btw i found this through youtube yeayeaaa !)

  95. Hi,

    I’ve been a fan of park bom from the beginning and I first saw taeyang in lollipop but didn’t REALLY look at him since I was busy looking at park bom, hehe.. I didn’t find big bang that cute BEFORE but now I do, especially YoungBae oppa and T.O.P oppa.. I started liking taeyang when I saw the duet he and bom then I started loving him when I saw the wedding dress video. I said, “hey, this guy is really cute”. hehe.. AND then, I saw the HOT solo concert. THAT was really smokin’ hot specially when he did the floor grinding move, wooh! yum2x! hehe.. Anyway, I like your site. I’ll come back here everytime I open the computer but don’t anticipate any comments from me since I’m a bit shy and I have to clean-up my english, hehe.. That’s all for now.

    Love lots,
    Mia ^_^


  96. I remember being a fan of Lollipop first and i couldnt take my eyes of a certain guy grooving to the music with the orange cap. I thought that he looked cute and after that, i just let it go.

    And then one day my friend introduced me to a song called wedding dress. She told me that her boyfriend really liked that song so i decided to just have a listen. I fell in love immediately. Wondering who “taeyang” was, i googled him. And poof! He was a BigBang member! My love for taeyang possibly began there. I started listening to any BigBang/taeyang song i could find and i love every each of them. Haru haru, koe wo kikasete, howgee, lies, where you at, naman barabwa etc. They are an awesome group of singers.

    Taeyang-shi is talented, soft-spoken and those smiling eyes never fail to make me smile as well. He’s an awesome guy.

    Would be extremely euphoric to get to know a guy like him. Hahaha.


  97. some time ago, my friend showed me the commercial BigBang did for i station (the one with the school girl asking every BB member to do stuff like Seungri to dance, T.O.P. to beatbox & sexy eyes, etc). i of course laughed at the whole idea but eventually forgot about BigBang.

    it’s weird how years passed and this week (literally) i’m suddenly obsessed with Bigbang! their hardwork, especially YoungBae’s really touched my heart and i feel like an idiot for sitting here doing absolutely nothing at all for my life.

    YoungBae/TaeYang is now an inspiration to me. how he barely ever complains, how he never regretted, how much hard work he’s given for all this, inspires me completely. 😀

    So TaeYang, if you can read this, you’re AMAZING and i believe you can be a lot more in the future! BigBang FIGHTING! Taeyang/YoungBae FIGHTING!

  98. btw i’m from Malaysia. (: WORLD TOUR ANYONE?
    though i really hope that won’t wear them out. >_<


  99. je m’appelle saanda je sui de france a marseille jai decouvert les big bang grace a une chaine tele et jai tout de suite aimer la premiere chanson ke jai entendu etait haru haru
    ensuite jai tou de suite remarque tae yang sa voix sa maniere de dancer et sa bauter wow dpuis c’est devenu mon goupe preferer et tae yang mon oxygene ma raison de vivre xd

  100. hi taeyang………..
    your smile makes me cried…………….

    any plan to visit Indonesia????

  101. oppa taeyang!!!
    emlaf jin, một co gái đến từ vietnam ….không biết sẽ có được ai hiểu được những gì em nói….nhưng thể hiện tình yêu của mình với oppa thì chỉ có cách nói thế này……em muốn oppa thấy tại nới em ở ( vietnam ) vẫn có hàng ngàn, hàng vạn người đang mong ngóng các oppa đến đây……zo đó em mượn trang web này để có thể gởi lời của mình đến các oppa….
    Oppa ak`…….ngay cái nhìn đầu tiên, em đã bị một cái gì đó đã cuốn hút em từ oppa…..oppa phong cách lắm……nụ cười của oppa thì vô cùng tuyệt vời!!!
    không biết nói gì hơn
    OPPA ! SARANG HAE !!!!!

  102. hi .. i’m kriz from philippies .. to neenah .. my god ! thank god i found you . i thought i was the only one here in the philippines who’s addicted to taeyang ! ..
    actually . i really love R&B musics .. i have lots of R&B music addicts ! from 8o’s till know .. but the most who really attracts me now was TAEYANG ! co’z of him i was able to study japanese ( even though he’s korean) he still knows japanese right ? my sister lives there now . so i always took a tutorial to her .. i can do everything just to meet him.. actually he’s my INSPIRATION for being one of the topnochers on our class .. hehe .. really love him .. too addict ! question . how can i join this fan club ? pls ……… ????

  103. I remember accidently coming across the MV for “Sunset Glow” and I loved it ^^. I love all 5 Big Bang members equally, for their individual personalities.. just everything about them! But since this wordpress is for YB, I shall say that, I love YB for who he is as an artist, watching videos that show who he’s like as a person and really admiring him for never giving up, trying his best and just being all round fantastic 🙂 I love this wordpress, too! YB forever, baby! thankyou 🙂

  104. first off, i’d like to say that like you, i ❤ taeyang.

    i was browsing around on the ellen degeneres show site (hopefully you're familiar with her show?) and i stumbled on this:

    "Ellen is discovering some amazing international music. Now she's looking for more — and wants your help! If you know any great musicians from around the world, tell us why you think Ellen would love them".

    i would LOVE for the name taeyang to spread across the US even more than it already has. maybe he can come to the states and perform! ^_^

  105. btw, please email me! (if you have time, i know you’re busy) … and let me know if he’s performing in the states?? preferably houston tx?? ^_^

  106. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY .. taeyang … 😦 . so sad co’z you’re so busy in your concert ! well . that’s ok , i just wish you enjoy it ! go my young bae ! fighting ! ~.~

  107. 인도네시아 내가 rendyka 안녕하세요. 언제 인도네시아오고있습니다. 일단 시간이되면 인도네시아하는 것입니다. 나는 매우 아름다운 당신의 얼굴 모양을보고 싶어요. 난 내가 얼마나 행복 후에 바로 직접보고 이후에 상상도 못할 수있습니다.

    당신을 사랑합니다 : )

  108. I’m a British Pakistani Fangirl!

    I first got into K-pop etc about 3 years ago. My friend introduced me to DBSK && I was in love with Hero for a while, until I discovered Big Bang which was more RnB/HipHop and so more in line with what I was listening to at the time. But Taeyang stood out to me ^_^
    He’s just a generally beautiful person, not that anyone here thinks otherwise haha.
    I seriously want a TaeYang/Big Bang tour to hit the UK! I know plenty of fans (girls and boys alike) && we feel deprived =[
    Hook Us Up!

    Zahii [=

  109. is there anyone who is from korea or have been to korea.
    i’m doing an english paper about a controversy in korea.
    so if anyone have any suggestions, please help me out.
    btw, i love taeyang!

  110. Hi, i really love this blog you made for us YB fans all over the world, i admire all the effort you have given to this site in order to satisfy our crave. I really love K-Pop even though i am a Philippine citizen. I hope Big Bang goes here in the Philippines and i swear to God ill get VIP tickets just to have the chance to watch them!! I suggest that you upload some wallpapers and thats all. More power to the staff of this site and MORE FAME AND GLORY to BIGBANG especially YB!! : 3

  111. Hi, i really love this blog you made for us YB fans all over the world, i admire all the effort you have given to this site in order to satisfy our crave. I really love K-Pop even though i am a Philippine citizen. I hope Big Bang goes here in the Philippines and i swear to God ill get VIP tickets just to have the chance to watch them!! I suggest that you upload some wallpapers and thats all. More power to the staff of this site!! and MORE FAME AND GLORY to BIGBANG especially YB!! : 3

  112. I love your site…
    Thank you for posting all the recent and up coming stuff about Tae Yang! ❤
    I just hope Tae Yang would come and visit us in the US! 😀

    I love Tae Yang for his dedication in music and dance…i admire his hardwork and his love for what he does…he is a true artist! i love him….he gives me inspiration and strength …forever YB! LOVE him much! Keep it up YB! 😀

    btw…do you guys know how to write to him ? have you guys posted his Korea Address somewhere on this site?

    Thank You guys for all the effort! ❤ YB

  113. hi there, i’m rae from the philippines. half filipino, parts chinese and spanish. haha.. our country’s the melting pot of races, maybe that’s why.^^

    anyways, i always visit ATY because, of course, it’s dedicated to my dearest YB! haha, “my” ?? kidding. i also find this site so easy to access, i mean, like this site is “user-friendly” and whenever i check it out, most of the time, there’s always new info or news about TY. it makes me feel like i’m always updated. so thanks for ATY’s staff and admin!

    so, yeah, i’m a fan of BB, most specially of YB. XD
    i first noticed them when i browsed for a video of 2ne1 because i was curious about how Sandara Park is doin. then i saw the vid of lollipop. of course i noticed everyone of them is really talented, but there’s something in YB, –i can’t quite point out what that is– that makes him stand out. like you’ll just find yourself sayin, “who’s that??” and the next thing i knew is that i’m searching for the answer and everything else i could find connected to him! haha.

    i began searching and watching his and bigbang’s vids and found myself getting addicted! then i realized that i have heard about them long ago about 4 or 5 yrs ago ithink, but did not bother knowing them. it was my friend in High School that introduced them to me, sadly, i’m not into hiphop and kpop back then. i’m more on the rock and jpop side.

    so there it is, atleast i still knew them and became enlightened with there talent. i find YB really inspiring! Haha!

    to YB,
    i wish you Super many successful projects to come! to the rest of BB too!

    love, love and lots of love! ^^,


  115. Hi !
    I’m Korean.
    Although writing at ATY is frist, I have known this homepage 1 years ago.
    When I read comments about TaeYang, I feel so happy… ♡ So I decided to write to describe thanks.
    We speak another language each other but I feel members in ATY very friendly as we love TaeYang.
    I hope the ATY goes on well. Thank you !!!!

  116. hey everyone
    i’m rawan from middle east ( saudi arabia )
    and i’m a huge fan of youngbae oppa
    the first time i new taeyang it was like a yaer ago i heard ” prayer ” and from the first time i saw him i fall in love with him
    i really really hope that i can see him one day or at least send him a massage telling him that there are many taeyang fans in the middle east specialy in saudi girls i want him to know that i even exist
    oh god he’s killing me

  117. As Fergie says ‘I’m so 3008, You so 2000 and late’ I’m a late bloomer! I have only just discovered Taeyang. Being From Sydney Australia we don’t get much exposure to Asian Music. Which is a bummer. 😦 BUT I’m soo glad i found this website not being Korean myself I have no idea what he says most of the time but this website is very helpful on catching up with Taeyang’s Life. THANK YOU to the Staff for keep us updated!
    And to the man himself Keep Up the awesome work. Your music is TALENT and Genius! Hope to see u at a show in the near future whether it be in Korea or Sydney!!
    xoxo S

    1. @sammie hey ^^ i too discovered Taeyang around about the same time as you! although in different circumstances,like i knew he existed but didn’t bother looking into him LOL uh wat an idiot i was…long story…hehe

  118. big hugs to the creator and admin of this blogsite. which i call my other online Home… so glad to be here….
    yesterday im having some serious Taeyang virus and was googling about Taeyang for Medicine..lols and i found this BLOG….then i move in here quickly hehehehe…….by the way my real name is a filipina -27 yrs old young at heart im proud of…and i live in brisbane australia…….im hunger for taeyangs and bigbang updates since we dont get that much news and magazine with them on it here in brisbane.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS BLOGS…… and Yes hop to meet you all in facebook too…..Bigbangworld….hehe
    thanks again xoxoxoxoxox…more power ATY……

  119. hi taeyang,
    im sarah from oman its maybe strange country but im araibian i really love you and like ur songs and ur beautiful voice i like u soOoO much man i wish that i can meet please visit us in dubai>>
    love you

  120. hii there.. its a big bang [tae yang] fan from london called alisa or tangmo
    i love the way yu make a site for him so that his international fans can be updated with him
    but i have a confession to make
    and also a suggestion for wat yu can add.. (let us hear your voice)
    first off, i love tae yang and im so happy i can be updated with him everyday…
    but i also love GD… [my confession, im wrong to say this here but hear me out]
    because GD has been there for him for ages and years nealy his whole lifetime, they are like family or even lovers…
    so i love GDYB !!
    they are like the sun and the moon on stage yu know !!
    i can go on alll dayy but i dont fink ppl would want to listen
    and about my suggestions..
    i was finkin maybe yu can add a page or something for people to write stories and drabbles about tae yang and stuff
    and also a page about GDYB stuff
    sorry but i am in love with GDYB …
    thats my suggestions and i kno im being abit greedy im sorry but thats just somthing i would like to see here on the site…
    i didnt kno how to contact yu staff/members so i rote it here.. hopfully yu can write back and tell me what yu fink..
    one last fing..
    if yu kno any links that is about GDYB can yu tell/ send me the links please ..
    fank yu
    sorry if i make no sense.. my words never comes out riht wen talkin about big bang !! ❤

  121. Hey TaeYang!

    I’m from germany and lots of my freinds cant’t understand why i like u and big bang so much!!! they just call me crazy asian but it’s okey!!!
    I like your sons and the way how you dance and sing its just amazing!!!!
    this website is so cool!!!

    greetings, thao (angela)

  122. HI TAEYANG!

    omg i never knew this guestbook page existed. ive been stalking your ATY site since jan 2010 and counting! Anyway, I’m from Singapore.

    You’re the guy who made me fall in love with kpop because of wedding dress. I was thinking, shit, what the hell is wrong with everyone falling in love with kpop. I clicked on DBSK’s, Suju’s, SNSD’s Shineee’s, and i never got the hype. Even with Sorry,Sorry of Gee though i kind of like them now.

    But a random click of your wedding dress completely blew me away. With your piano skills, your acting, your dance, your singing and your song. Basically everything you did blew me away. And from then, I started finding out about you, and then Bigbang.

    Of course, I strayed away once in awhile. With Top’s smouldering good looks and GD’s charisma on-stage. But nevertheless, I always strayed back. I would be impressed with the rest, but never in love!

    Because of your wedding dress, I am now a hadcore korean fan. And I have started to accept other korean songs maybe cause I got used to korean language after hearing wedding dress umpteen times. There was a period I ONLY loved your songs + Bigbang’s. Well, ALL THE BEST TO YOU!!!

  123. Hi Taeyang!

    I live in Texas, U.S and my parents are from South Korea!!! I’ve always enjoyed listening to KPop. I like DBSK, Suju, and Bigbang. I’ve always wanted to go to Korea and listen to ur music. But from youtube, (^^) I started looking up songs and i came across Wedding Dress, Only Look at Me, Where You At, and all the other songs by you and bigbang and all of them are GREAT! I’ve always admired you and the rest of the group. I WANT TO MOVE TO KOREA >.<!!!! I wish you can come to America soon with all the rest of BigBang!
    Until then….
    Keep it up!!

  124. Hey,

    I’m from South Carolina, United States.
    I just wanted to thank you for ATY for making this site; it’s nice to be able to know more about them even though I’m not Korean myself. I came across Big Bang because of a friend (the first song I actually came across was their Japanese “Let me hear your Voice” song). I really liked that song, but then I never looked further into Big Bang (I was so confused cause I thought they were Korean but they were singing Japanese.. haha).

    I can’t remember why or when, but randomly one day I decided to look more into their music and the actual members, and well.. and something about them and their music.. they’re now one of my favorite bands haha. They’re just so cute, in so many ways!

    Taeyang seems so sweet, so it’s of course hard to not have a celebrity crush on him. I hope to one day go to Korea just so I can know I been to country they’re from, haha. I know it’s a bit stupid of a dream, but well.. it’s important to always have dreams, no matter how little or silly, eh? Big bang’s music makes me happy.

    So thanks for everything.

  125. ELLO ATY :D:D ?!

    well im amy, 2O years old.. yeh and old granny LMAOO haha, but ive got an babyface and somehow i look like 16/17 .. SO yeh i live in germany *.~ and how i became interested in TY and general kpop? its gonna be a long entry..
    gooosh how many times do i get this quest. ” why are u at acy?” – [] is a german/azn community where you can chat,design and and and your profile and other yeh..well uhm i used to love azn stuff in every way; when i was 13 years old i used to watch detectiv conan; dragonballZGT; inuyasha; and all that stuff.. then i started to read mangas and so on it was my 1st love for real haha :D.. yeeh uhm at this time i still remember like it was yesterday.. i went to my mommy and said, ”mom? i want to have an asian bestfriend” xD ”and she laughed and said.. how can i get you one?”.. so many years passed by . XD – then i went to usa/atlanta last summer.. and my cousin whos really addicted to every azn thing.. showed me azn dramas woooow ”romantic princess” is raawr i SO love it *_______* <34343. – and azn musikk.. she showed me bigbang..and when i listened to ''GO garagara'' i was like daaamn thus boys are damn fyyyn..and then BOOOM, my eyes catched ''TAEYANG'' hes so hott and his voiice so unique that boy is irreplaceable he got it.. i fell in love for real 😀 – so i searched in the net for more vids. of them..and yeeh im obessed.. -. when i came back to germany i started to add aznppl in my svz friendslist..and a girl told me i shoulda sign up in here i am 😀 .. i just adore the AZN style, music, food, just everything about them.. i hope i can travel to japan or korea one time.. no i mean i hope i can travel to asia some day.. *______*

    thanks for reading..


  126. Hey ATY! 🙂
    I’m a college student from NORCAL and BB caught my eye about 2 years ago in 2008 during my high school days. I wasn’t into KPOP at the time and that they looked kind of stupid to be honest. But after rewatching their Haru Haru MV, they started to grow on me and then it’s all history from then on. I love BB; their style, their personalities, and TY is really an inspiring artist that I can’t help, but want to know if he’s succeeding because he’s a hard worker.
    I really love ATY and I really appreciate all the hard work you do for us TY fans 😀 so thank you (times) a billion 🙂

  127. Hi Taeyang,

    I just want to say my favorite part about living in korea for the past yr and 5 months was that i discover your music and i just want you to know that you are amazing and i fell in love with you and your music and i can’t wait to go back to korea hoping that i could see you perform live and even get a chance to meet you.

    Keep doing what your doing
    Love Always

  128. Anyong aseo,

    Je fais partie du lot des fan de TaeYang, je viens de Marseille au sud de la France et j’aimerais trop le voir un jour en France même si c’est paris. Si il pouvait faire son concert Hot, je serais la plus heureuse !!!!!
    Plus sérieusement, je trouve que c’est un artiste complet avec de multiple talents et je n’attend que de voir ces performances et de nouvelles choses ^^

  129. hi there!

    I’m a kpop fan since kdramas came to the Philippines years ago… songs are catchy and easy to remember.. I’m a Super Junior fan actually and wasn’t even aware of Big Bang’s existence.. i remember my cousin, who’s also a kpop fan, was watching their “Gara Gara Go” music video… i didn’t like them to be honest… but i was converted into a V.I.P. since the first time i watched Taeyang..

    While browsing for new korean songs in Youtube, — TAEYANG (Sol from BIG BANG) – WEDDING DRESS — appeared on my screen.. i watched it… and liked the song instantly but i was clueless who’s the guy singing.. I research about the name Taeyang in Google … and the rest was history…

    I became a V.I.P. convert because of him.. i fell in love with his voice and suave dance moves.. plus the mystery he is hiding behind his gentleness… i really think he is sexy and cute! especially when he smiles…

    i keep watching — Tae Yang (Big Bang) – Always Remix — on Youtube and giggles everytime… God! He’s really cute and sexy there…

    By browsing about him, i came across this fansite and found out i wasn’t alone… there’s a lot of Taeyang fans like me! though i’ve read rumors that he’s the least popular big bang member… for me,, he’s the best! i mean is there something he can’t do? he can dance, he definitely can sing, he can rap, beatbox, and his charisma and that X factor… he got it all! i hope he stays in the industry forever.. kpop is worthwhile because of him…

    what does Taeyang brings to me every single day??? a smile on my face whenever i hear his voice and his songs… He’s the reason why i’m trying to learn korean… i don’t want to make it hard for him when we meet… (as if it’s ever going to happen)… i’d like to speak with him in korean… in the language he can fully understand…

    i guess it ends here… i’m having a hard time putting in words what i feel about him.. i SUPER love the guy! everything about him!

    Good thing there’s ALWAYS TAEYANG… here,, i don’t feel like crazy alone… coz there’s a lot going gaga over Youngbae… And oh,, please stay forever… don’t close down! i won’t have someone to relate to if this fansite is gone!

    God Bless everyone and be healthy always admins!!!

    1. you sound like me spillin’ your love about Bebe ♥haha,there should be a spot on the site where we could leave our msn/email,and be able to add each other and talk and share our love about SOL,besides ATY of course!♥

  130. OMG! so I wasn’t really interested to this kind of music until my friend forced me to listen to Big Bang and Taeyang and now I’m obssessed! Taeyang is an amazing singer and dancer!

  131. Hi, fans! I’m another one from America. Hope to see him here some time soon? or….if I do come to korea, how do you get the connections to even see taeyang in a concert?

  132. hello, i live in australia but i was born in singapore (wooh) i found out about Taeyang because mychonny (youtube 🙂 had his hair cut like his (go faux-hawk!) so i searched him up and fell in love. which is ironic because i used to like Rain (Bi) before i stumbled across Taeyang. sun – rain 🙂

    if i had his email address i would spam him everyday. (how cool would Taeyang be as a pen pal!?)

    i wish he would come to australia!
    come to australia!


    Ellen Degeneres is looking for international artists to join her in her show! I believe that this is the PERFECT opportunity for Tae Yang to showcase his talent all over the world! Vote for him by searching “Ellen Degeneres international” on Google. Lets all make this happen! 😀

  134. Hi ATY! im from indonesia ~^^
    I really love ATY and appreciate all the hard work you do for Youngbae oppa fans ( me included! ) haha. . thankkk youuu a billion times!!!!! loves Taeyangg!

  135. helloo there.
    i first heard of big bang when they first came out.
    i thot they were okayy..
    have to admitt, i was in love with seungri’s cuteness..
    but when “prayer” came out and i started following taeyang.
    awhhh, he is sooo TALENTED and i have so many pix of him on my wall.
    i make all my arts dealing with him.
    i am a hugggeee fan and i regret not seeing
    them at korean festival when they first cam
    but im sure they”ll be backk and im very
    excitedddd to wait! i will see him in korea one dayy.
    and on stage singing a song with him.
    he is sooo amazinggg, unlike any artist i ever
    LOVED before..its true..its not love at first site but its
    definetly some love

  136. Today is the first day i saw Taeyang’s music video on youtube…
    and i am TOTALLY WON.

    he’s the perfect man.

    and he’s 21! ❤

    i hope he lives his life awesome always, never compromise and have his own standards.



  137. hieeeee, I completely adore tae yang and big bang, there just so edgy like there musci there style, there much better than any other artists on the kpop scen but they havent been around in a while? whats with that? 😦 it makes me saddd, im excited for taeyangs come back or whatever later on in 2010, im from Glasgow btw, its in scotland UK

    p.s taeyang is a complete baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabe

  138. Hi, Im from Malaysia. I heard about this guy taeyang but im clueless who he is not until one day one of my friends recommended his music saying “You gotto hear it to love it” and so I did. Im completely into his Musics and his style is second to non. Keep it up the good music and Choreography Yea !

    peace out yall. !

  139. Hello All!

    I’ve recently became his fan last month (like really). Umm how did i came to like him, well, my fiance and his friends were into “Wedding Dress”, and he kept on playing it when I’m around. Then, one day he show me the MV, and I was like isn’t he from Big Bang (I didn’t really know if he was from Big Bang or not, but I’ve heard about the group before), and he was like YAH. At first i was like, eh I’m over Korean entertaiment, since i loved Shinwha and DBSK so much. So I started to do some stalking on google and youtube, and oh boy, was I in “like” with him. I feel like, as a celebrity, he have the cutest personality ever. Can you find anyone like him that is out there, I think not. Well, all I have to say is that, my obsession have reach the peak, can’t get enough of his cuteness. Btw, I’m from Mass, US.

    And thank you ATY for making this site ^__^.

  140. taeyang-.-

    youngbae oppa..always here for you,ke-ke-ke..can i be a dog named boss…-.-,boss is such a lucky dog,,i wish i was just a dog and to be tend by…

  141. I’ve been posting on ATY for around 2 weeks and i haven’t introduced myself properly xD shame on me,well my name is Irma,im from Mexicali,Mexico and i just became interested in kpop and specially BIGBANG last summer..I used to be quite addicted to Audition (dance game) and there they play a lot of asian music,specially korean. I was introduced to BIGBANG whit Haru Haru,and it took me a while but it grew on me! i couldn’t get it out off my head! then it was Heaven,Sunset Glow,etc..after that my BFF who fell in love whit GD bc of it too xD,searched for their vids,i didn’t even know they were a band for real! so she showed me and when i saw Bebe,i swear i couldn’t take my eyes off of him!!!! i asked her immediately, “WHO IS THAT!?” and she said..”Oh that’s Taeyang,isn’t his smile gorgeous!” xD

    And i remember thinking not just his smile,lol!♥ so the rest is history,but i gotta admit,i used to like someone else before Bebe…and since i’ve never been into someone like him,who’s asian i mean, at first i wouldn’t talk about it whit anybody but my friend….it was stupid,but yes it took a while,now i know he’s such a special guy,and i feel so proud to be a fan of his,he’s the most talented,devoted,sweet,adorkable,funny,sexy guy i’ve known,and i doubt there’s anyone out there better than Young Bae oppa! I wanna thank Kay and all the staff at ATY for keeping us updated on everything Taeyang,and for always making us fans feel a part of everything,from the amazing projects to posting,translating and contributing in anyway! long live ATY! and thanks Bebe oppa for existing! saranghae yo!♥


  142. Happy Birthday TaeYang! From Canada!!

    I have a question. It says he is born in 1988, but everywhere I see it says he’s now 23. Shouldn’t he be 22?

  143. Omg!! I think that you are absolutely amazing Taeyang! I love your songs, they have so much emotion and power in them that I just can’t stop listening to them. You are one of the most amazing artist I’ve ever heard. It’s so rare to find an artist that puts everything into their music, and I truely believe that you are one of them; becasue even though I don’t speak korean, many of your songs I feel understand without having to speak the language. You are bringing back what has been lost in music since artists such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elvis, The Beatles, and so many from an era that is lost on today. But you are the ray of hope that is bringing back the passion in music that has seem to disapeer today. I hope that you have an amazing birthday and many more to come. Please, continue to remain an individual and do what you believe in; we, your fans, are behind you all the way and support you with all our hearts!

  144. Hi everyone on always tae yang
    i’m vietnamese. i love our tae yang very much.
    Long time ago, i don’t like korean music, although i’m an asian. i just feel like tae yang’s outlook the best in big bang. and when i heard Where u at in the bus, i like it. it was a good song. Then i watch its mv in the “music for me” or “m4me” channel on the cable. And i “fell in love” with Tae Yang after that. i found his songs before and i heard “wedding dress’ , “only look at me”, “prayer”,…. and they were very excellent. I love Tae Yang and then i love his band Big Bang.
    AK, every one, please hear “Tell me good bye” of BIg bang. it’s very good. And our Tae Yang is very cute and handsome.^3^
    P/S: i and many people in Vietnam wait for you and the rest of big bang come to our country in a liveshow. we always support u. YOU ARE THE BEST

  145. hey everyone I am crazy abt Young Bae, like all of you….hehe
    i was first introduced to taeyang when my cousin showed me the “wedding dress” MV , it was like a first side LOVE, after that i watched all his MV,(evertime i watched him i was like, he is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    than i watched the “Big Bang Documentary” i cried when YG criticize my babe taeyang………. 😦
    he looked so sad…….dont worry taeyang we are here for you…we love you…….
    i love big bangs new song “tell me goodbye” but i love taeyang’s part the most, he looks so sexy in the desert…hehehe<……
    cant wait for taeyang's new single………
    hehe………i am a official YBfan…..YeY!"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. hey i just wanted to say i named myself “good listener” becasue taeynag mentioned in one of his interview that he wants someone that is a good listener, so u knw……. 😛
    taeyang where you at ??? come to meee…………………………….

  147. Hey I’ve been following this blog since I came across it a couple of months ago, love it! You guys do such a good job!

    I’m a huge Taeyang fan from Australia. I’m Vietnamese but I’ve never been into Asian stuff. I’m not interested in any drama series (especially Korean) – so never really gave the music a chance either UNTIL I came across Taeyang a few years ago! Absolute LEGEND!!

    He has got to be my idol. Confident enough to say that he is my most favourite performer in the WORLD!! Big Bang is my favourite group tooo 😀

    Would be amazing if I actually could see them live one day, but for noww gonna keep following this site! Doing an amazing job guys, keep it up!!

    Vee xox

  148. I didn’t know there were many Indian’s looking out for TY and just reading through some of the recent posts I see an admin over here is Indian too, that’s awesome!
    Thanks for all the updates, I need his album soon! Can’t wait! 😀
    Keep up the site ya’ll! 🙂

    1. I actually own the site lol and yes, everyone thinks I am a Korean international fan, but actually, none of the admins on this site are Korean – all of us are truly international…..and greetings to a fellow Indian =)

  149. Hi,alwaystaeyang !!!
    haha that’s good international blog…i ever met @sweetsorrow on soompi …but so long time ….sorry for my losing n….hehe …..
    yes.I’m from Thailand ….i’m very prond that YBfans is around the WORLD !!!! ^____^ really love him…
    now i’m admin of [ Taeyang * flower ] on facebook
    who have fb account Let’s join ~

    haha …hope u can remember me !!!

  150. Hi TaeYang!

    I’m Natalia, I’m 21 and I come from Poland!
    Firstly I want to say that this website is amazing:) It’s good to know that TY and BIG BANG have a lot of international fans:) I listen to k-pop almost 1,5 years and this kind of music makes my life much better and colorful xD I listen a lot of k-pop bands, singers but BIG BANG is my fave!!!
    TaeYang is my fave! I love his voice…it makes my mind quiet and peacefull:) I love the way he dances, his cuteness and shyness…but also he is manly…
    I fall in BB’s music love when I heard a song Always and Together Forever^^
    I hope that k-pop will be much popular in Poland and in all Europe…and don’t know if they know that they have European fans…but I hope they know:)
    on and on…I hope to see BB in next year because I’m going to South Korea or Japan with my friends xD
    I hope to make my dream come true:) and say to BIG BANG how much I love their music and how great they are xD and of course get some autographs and photos:P but…we will see:P

  151. Hi Tae OMG loVe ur sonGS cOme to tHe AtL GA in ThE U.S. PlEase PleAse PLeAse e-mAil mE iF u HaVe timE and 2 mEet a nEw frIenD!!!!

    mUch lVe uR fRiend
    ShanTel BiG

  152. hi there…all the fans of Bebe…OMG!..i neVer knew aboUt this page…just found it…wee…hurray for that…

    well, i’m a Filipina…and a hardCore fan of BigBang…and Bebe of course…i was just surfig the net for the lyrics of his songs…and voila! i found your site! ….

    anD all i can say is “this is really cool!”…I’ve been following every bits of information about Bebe and i’m still craving for more…i hope you guys can kep me posted about all the latest things about him…

    all this thing started when we looked up for the videos for Lollipop ( w/ 2ne1)…we just want to see Sandara because she’s a hit here in the Philippines…and then we saw Bigbang in the video…and eventually we got hooked up…

    we search for their truckloads of songs and videos…and all my friends were really into the band…

    the funny thing is that we even “divided” the group members to ourselves…GD, V.I.D-lite, Tabi…and mine is Bebe…and i love them for that…lol

    wee~…hope to hear from other fans of Bebe…you can e-mail me if you want…and i’m willing to keep in touch with you guys and share info’s about our beloved Bebe…

    See yah!

  153. hi ATY 🙂
    i’m Jessa from Philippines. i’m so glad that i found this site. so cool cause i really like Tae Yang. he’s so adorable and fantastic inside and out. well, i hope he can read this one but i know that’s quite impossible. haha. he’s very popular here and also the whole BigBang group. we are all waiting for them to have a live concert in the Philippines . can’t wait. more blessings to oppa 🙂 saranghae!

  154. Hi Taeyang 🙂
    Well I really came to know about you and your music because I have a friend from Korea and I joined the Pacific Islander & Asian club at my school. I was charge of making a music playlist for our Culture week which featured Asia, and I cam upon “Wedding Dress” which was a big hit among m school b the way 🙂
    Anyways just wanted to let you know I really admire your talents of singing and Dancing :]

  155. Hello ATY and Taeyang,

    Im lived in the states (NC) for a couple of years bt now im back at my hometown, Mexico and i hope i can spread BB and TY love here…

    I came to knowing about asian music by my friend who began to show me songs on youtube of BIG BANG and at first at wasnt that interested, but i decided to actually listen to them and when i would read their lyrics translated I would get so hookd up in that one song and then the next and then the next.

    Later i started finding out more about them and saw that Taeyang had released his solo songs and hearing and seeing him aways from the group made me FALL IN LOVE with him 😀 he is just so perfect, he is so shy in interviews and his smile is to fall in love with. Also when i would see him in interviews on youtube you could see that he really thought about the questions and how to answer it with much honesty. I really like that he dances without the need of music because he already has that in him and his voice is just soo beautiful in watever language he speaks i melt just hearin him talk….


  156. I’m from Puerto Rico and wow I love how you dance and sing. the first time I saw a video of you left me speechless in fact that I fell in love haha haha … And now the only thing I do is listen to your music and watching your videos since I have up on my ipod … I hope you fulfill all your goals.

    Please contact me if I would love. I love Tae Yang! .. and also if someone can contact me and tell me about your tour .. would greatly appreciate it

  157. I remember talking to you on profilepic, im wondering if its the same person. you menioned you were like quarter jamaican or something?

  158. ayoooo! im a tae yang fan just like everyone else here! love love LOVE BIG BANG, they’re absolutely amazing! I truly started to develop my liking for tae yang when i was learning his choreography, it got me thinking and seeing that he is a stunner. he makes me drool!! anyone else agree??!! =D LOLS. amazing voice, amazing dance skills, amazing body, & part of an amazing band; could a girl ask for more? i DONT think so, 😉 LOLS. <3333

  159. oops! i almost forgot.. im a filippina but im living in Italy right now.. im still new to kpop world and so to BigBang world.. i discovered them thanks to dara park when i saw the LOLLIPOP MV last year.. i thought they were interesting, talented and different from the other boybands (they still are) i’ve known so far.. so i kind of surfed the net for them..
    then my BigBang saga started.. ^_^

    i must admit, the first time i saw that LOLLIPOP MV TAEYANG caught my attention.. He’s just so powerful and different from the others.. i mean, i don’t know.. it’s just that i felt like he had this ability to make you look only at him.. He has this soulful voice that melts me and makes me blush every time i hear him sing.. every single time!..

    i have all of BigBang songs on my ipod and they’re killing me.. my friends are teasing me cause im so in love with them.. (it’s not healthy, isn’t it?).. but who cares?? they’re BigBang! he’s Taeyang! right?? LOL..

    i found out about this site.. how? as i just said, i fell in love with this group (esp. with Taeyang) and i was eager to know where i could get infos of them, of him, so i made a research and then here i am.. i got completely lost, i can’t help myself but visiting this site every chance i got.. it’s scarying me.. kekeke..

    anyway, keep up the good work guys!! FIGHTING!!!

  160. Hi everyone, this is Sandy from US/HK. I am new to Big Bang recently until I watch a Taiwanese show (我愛黑澀棒棒堂, sorry I don’t know what’s the english for this…) where several of the teenagers were performing TaeYang’s songs (wedding dress, prayer, and Where U at).

    I have been addicted to youtube the past week and have been searching online for TaeYang’s update lately, I’m glad to find this site!!

    I really hope one day Big Bang or TaeYang will go to whichever location we are and we can meet him in real person!!

    Nice to meet you all!!

  161. Ugh! I’ve been so busy I’m behind with all the Taeyang related news :(. Can anyone please tell me what website I can buy his album when it comes out?!?!?! Any inormation well be veryy appreciated and loved lol

  162. hi its me again.. i just found this websiite

    i luve ur killer smile… ahhh!!

    hope leave me message..

    sen here from phils

  163. I have been following this blog for about 7 months. Im sorry i haven’t properly introduced my self until now TT.TT
    My name is Damaris. I’m was born in Guatemala,but now i live in Cleveland,Ohio.
    hmm How i got into Big Bang/YB …well it started with Kdramas! I was watching one on youtube and in the recommended videos i saw the MV for Lies and i click it out of curiosity. I liked the the song and i thought that they where cute. So…i research them like crazy got all the albums and started to memorize all the songs.
    Now my love for Taeyang didn’t start until i saw his “HOT” concert on youtube . I thought he was cute and was my 3rd favorite of big bang, but when i saw those videos i fell in love with him (lol actauly when i saw him perform my girl is when i fell for him)
    He is a great singer and very talented. I love that he takes time incorporating dance with his songs. I really like that he is sooo down to earth too. And his smile just kills me.

  164. Hi, I’m also a Taeyang fan and I find your site to be very helpful and fun to read. Specially now that we’re all spastically waiting for his album. I created a fan-page for this [Solar] album and would like to request to quote some of your Solar-related posts? would that be ok?

  165. heya just wanted to let you guys know that keep up the awesome work! i am a hardcore taeyang fan, and being halfway across the world doesn’t let me know much about him.. and then i found your website, and you guys just made my life complete!
    i check your website every single day, and can always count on you to be on the latest taeyang news, so THANK YOU! 😀

  166. Hey guys! I just wanted to say how AMAZING I think this website is. I’m so far away from where Taeyang is because I’m from New Zealand but ATY is the thing that updates me with the happs. and pretty much keeps me going haha. I check this site everyday because it’s obviously the best international fansite out 😉 I learned about Taeyang from his song Wedding Dress and I’ve loved him ever since! My friends are probably sick of me talking about how Taeyang is the best singer/dancer ever and how hot he is 😛 he’s such an easy guy to fall for with that cute smile of his! 🙂 anyway, I just wanted to say THANKS ATY!

  167. Hey ATY,

    I’ve been following you on twitter for a while and I love your work. One question cause I know you out of all the fans out there would probably know the best.

    Where can I get the TY shirt Sandara is wearing in the “I need a girl” MV. I ask cause I want to surprise my gf with one. All help is appreciated =) Thanks in advance.

  168. wassup peeps from ATY!! 🙂

    i’m miLa from Singapore; an ASIAN country.. how did i become too obsessed with YB (YoungBae)?? i SERIOUSLY don’t know.. wahaha..

    initially; i was into SuJu & i was reading comments from fans & found out that they compared SuJu with DBSK, Big Bang, etc.. so; i was curious about who in the world are DBSK or Big Bang.. so; i went online to search for them.. DBSK didn’t really stand out for me as i find them pretty similar to SuJu except for they’re 5-members grp as compared to SuJu who are 13-members grp.. but Big Bang; they sort of hit me with their talents & appearance-wise.. they ain’t similar to those poppish/bubble-gummy grps in K-Pop.. 🙂

    so; i tried finding more of their music & came across Lies’ & ‘Haru Haru’ & immediately; i fall for them REAL HARD!! 🙂

    but there’s an individual that really stood out from Big Bang & that’s YB!! his mohawk caught my attention (but not so much) as i recalled there’s no one on K-Pop with that kinda hairstyle except for him.. plus; his smiling eyes also made me attracted to him.. his smiling eyes are TO DIE for!! seriously!! i liked it when he smiled & all u can see is his slit eyes which looks like it’s smiling.. 😀

    initially; i wasn’t really that MAD abt him until i watched his HOT solo concert on YouTube.. his performance totally blew me away!! i can seriously say that he’s the only Korean artiste i know that pull off R’n’B genre without trying too hard..

    subsequently; his singles ‘Where U At’ & ‘Wedding Dress’ had made me fallen in love with him.. his dancing skills; his awesome voice, everything abt him!! aarrgghh!! there’s no one who’s perfect like him.. since then; i was logging into the NET almost everyday to read about his news, etc.. then i came across ATY link at one of the forums & i clicked onto it.. VIOLA!! it became my ‘MUST-GO’ webby for YB medicine everyday.. hahaha.. i must really thans those who made this webby for all of YB international fans.. 😀

    THANK U!!

  169. Hi my name is Kimberly and I leave in the USA. I have been a fan of Big Bang since 5 years ago or so. When I first heard them, they amazed me instantly. There dedication to music really expires me and without them I don’t think I would love kpop as much as I do now. My first favorite member would be TOP but it didnt last long because the more I learn the more I love each individual memeber. Daesung was my second; GD was my third; and Seungri was my fourth. Then came Taeyang a.k.a Dong Young Bae, my most favavorable memeber of all. I actually liked him at the beginnin. He’s was so different from the others or probably everything about him was just my ideal in a guy. Lol. It surprised me that he never had a girlfriend but it was quite understandable. He first had a phobia with the females and also he was shy. Now, he’s very openly. Any girl would be lucky to have him. Everytime I hear his name, he makes my face shine like the sun. His voice, his moves, and everything about him just really melts you away. My love for Taeyang will last forever. I will always support TY dedication to music because I know he put his heart and sweat to it.
    Since Im crazy about TY, I research him. Learn more as I go. Therefore, I found alwaystaeyang website. It’s the website that stores everything about TY. I mean EVERYTHIN. You guys update the latest info and I love that. I want to know who? what? when? where? how? You guys rock. I’ll be sure to let family and friends know about you guys. Anyways, this is how everything has started to Big Bang and to Taeyang and to this website. Support BB and TY all the way!!!!!

  170. hellow im shengatz from philippines…well ive 1st heard of bigbang through 2ne1 especially sandara park cause shes been famous when i got to know 2ne1,i got also to know bigbang and yg family..the first video i saw them is lollipop which is a addictive song and then lies and haru haru which is a great song and the mv is awesome..i love all of them.i fell in love with taeyang songs and performance.he is hot just likethe sun.and when i read some of his interviews i fell in love with him even more because he is so very genuine and humble…

    lovelots to all yb fans and bb too…
    we are one vip family…

  171. i always visit this site because i am a big YB fan =) love that gif YB cartoons showing on of the best steps in I Need a Girl by the way. I know this album will surely be no 1.

    Taeyang deserves all the love and admiration from fans because he always gives his best. I got into Big Bang after seeing YB in 2007 SBS YG Performance opening the family with Fool’s Only Tears. Since then I had special eye for YB in Big Bang. When he came out with that Hot Album I was just so happy he owned the chart and stage.

    This first full album will surely become a big hit.

    Taeyang performances over and above idols on his own league. Sweet Sexy voice + Great dancing + YB’s charisma = TRUE ARTIST.

  172. AHHHHHHHHH!!!! I love taeyang. I’ve been a fan of BIG BANG about 2 years ago when i first heard their song forever with you from a cousin. Although they debuted in 2006, I’m still a big fan and taeyang just kind of stood out for me. I was wondering where could i get big bang t-shirts or other stuff? I hope they will come to California.

    Please hit me up on their latest updates.

  173. tae yang u rockz man!! BIG BANG! try to climb up to the top of da world!!! ushh!! XD

    p.s: im from malaysia. =P

  174. Didn’t know big bang till I knew Tae Yang… Huge fan..Love him more and more as I get to know more about him. He is so adorable…you wanna just take advantage of him.. you know..nah.. maybe you don’t.. oh well…

  175. It’s funny how you used to be so shy around girls and now you want a girl 🙂 If I can re-call, back in 2007 a Japanese girl gave Ji Yong a present and you got a little jealous! You used to say girls are scary! Even though all fans wish to be that “girl” you’re looking for i hope you’ll find the right girl to make you feel happy and never sad because you deserve it! All my other friends daydream about you in class and i wonder how they ever do that. It’s so much work! One more thing about wanting a girlfriend, “Expect the Unexpected”. Just because you say you “need” a girlfriend doesn’t mean you’ll find the right one so be ready to be heartbroken 🙂 Hope you meet someone who will love you as much as you’ll love them not because you are famous but because you are you. But i have followed your work for a while now and i love this album “SOLAR” because you have a lot of touching songs. And what you want, you got. You did because it was with a lot of hard work over these past few years. You want “someone” or “everyone” to say you’re the best, and I’m proud to say you are to best Dong Young Bae. To be honest…to me you shine the most. Keep up the hard work so i can buy your music, maybe one day we’ll meet from afar.

  176. hey, if u ever read this reply back. =D your song are great i bought your ablum SOLAR on itunes it was amazing! too bad i am not korean or japenese so i can uderstand wut u are singin in your songs but thats ok cuz there are translator that can translate your song into english. but dont get me wrong it sounds great the language u sing it! one last think do u have a facebook that is real u? reply if u do!! n keep on showing that great smile of yours, also keep the music going it alsome

  177. Hi all BB/ Tae Yang FC,

    I’m Jasmine from Thailand.

    I have to say that first time that I heard Tae Yang Voice and dance on Wedding Dress, it make me fall in love with him right away. I like his smile very much. I like the way when he dancing, it looks so WOW. I don’t know how a boy that always looks so shy can do such a good singing & dancing like that. I do hope once in my life I will get a chance to meet him for real in one of his concern. bye and got to say that you are my sunshine. I Love you so much and will always be one of your FC

  178. Hey I’m Michelle from N. Ireland,

    I first encountered Big Band and Taeyang, last year when i started to listen to Kpop. Lollipop was the first song i heard of them. And i instantly fell in love with them! I absolutely loved Taeyang/Young Bae’s voice. And HAD to find out more about BB and Taeyang. And soo i did 😉

    At first though i liked GD a bit more than the others cus he was soo cute. But after to listen to BB’s albums over and over again haha. I started to like Taeyang more, especially seeing his solo’s ;D and his unique voice, and look and beautifulness haha. When i first seen Look at me i was like woahhhhhhhh ❤ then where u at and wedding dress came out and i was hooked!! haha

    I love love love him! Cant get enough of his music. Solar is amazing. He's sooooo cute but sexual at the same time ;D LOL.

    I'm such a wee fan girl now over Taeyang. ❤ ❤

    Taeyang Fighting!!!!! ❤

    p.s I looooove ATY 😀

  179. ok ok so i didnt want to post anything at first…but i will! 😀 umm umm … kpop hit my a storm O__O and honestly..i wasnt interested at all…i saw big bang’s haru haru MV and…well since i couldnt understand anything, i just forgot all about it. Then, 1 year later, i became interested in Japanese culture and stuffs 🙂 which somehow led me back to kpop…idk why but tae yang was the only member i liked (now i like them all…not equally tho, since TY is #1 ;D) and being the overly-fan-girlish- person i am, im learning korean and plan to move to korea once i graduate 🙂 HAHAHA…dont make fun of my strangeness, pls ;3

  180. HEYYA!
    I’m Hamsha From Malaysia.

    THIS WEBSITE ABOUT HIM IS JUST SOOO GOOOD!!! thx to the admins..! =) kip posting more stuffs about him!
    Likes =)

  181. Taeyang is amazing! I mean i don’t speak Korean nor understand but I guess that’s whats so amazing about music that you don’t have to understand the lyrics to enjoy it. Plus Taeyang’s music is so beautiful i don’t care that i don’t understand the Korean parts. Hopefully Taeyang can come over here to The US and have a tour. I’d love to go to one. Plus Taeyang is SO cute. My fav. song from him is Take it slow. Its AWESOME ❤

    To Some it all up:
    I Love Taeyang ❤

  182. Halloo from Belgium ..

    The first thing I would say is that your dance, voice, laugh and anything is just too crazy!

    I saw about two months ago, to be sure 17/07/210 , BIGBANG on a music progamme, with the song;
    tell me goodye , and fell for you! ♥♥

    I saw you three or four times in my dream, maybe you don’t believe me, but I’m not lying.;
    Certainly not you!

    In my dream you were in Paris for a party that i organized for a friend, I don’t live in paris but I was there :S … The other members (i would say that lso they are crazyyyyy!) were also there, and I even tolk with TOP and he had some pictures of him, when he was a little baby, he was so cute! 😀 you and me, we were talking and talking… it was amazing! ♥
    (you tolk to me! but just in my dream 😦 )

    And before I woke up, we (you and me) saw in my dream a newspaper article about that party and insisted on our photo with the headline:
    What are they? couple or not?
    I looked at you and asked what we are, and when you wanted to respond with a beautiful smile ♥, I woke up by my stupid sister! You had to see me, I began to scream and scream to her! XD

    half hours ago I designed a t-shirt for you .. : $ Its so beautifull,, and i’m sure that you also like it! 🙂
    and would like to send you, I have the address of BigBang and the yours, but I’m not sure that you’re going get it.. : (
    So if you read this, hopefully, would u like to say where I can send it?

    Ps. Stop coming in my dreams, then I get false hope: (
    Pss. “ You’re amazing! ♥

    Byee Byee …
    and im waiting 😀 ♥♥♥

    1. Ох, как приятно, видеть тут русскоговорящих ))) его наверняка любят по всей России)) потому что Тэя невозможно не любить!)))

  183. hellooo! i just came to tell Kay that I finally visited this wonderful blog! i just sent you an email saying i would come here 🙂 i read a few posts and got to know Tae Yang a little more. he is so cute! i hope you get to meet TY one day! hugs! ps – email me back soonnnn 😀


  184. Hello! If the international fans of BIGBANG are called iVIPs, what is the term for us international fans of Taeyang? I’ve been updated about YB through this site since I discovered him early this year, I think. I first saw Wedding Dress, then Where U At and Look at Only Me. I remembered I was kinda disarmed by how, er, hot he looked. Haha. It’s because of his hair and his physique. He looked so edgy! I was even kinda scandalized with his hotness. Haha. But of course, I really admire Taeyang not just because of his physical attributes but because of his amazing talent in singing and dancing, as well as his personality–he seems so driven, hardworking, nice/kind-hearted, humble, sensible…gaaah he drives me crazy! XD I want to give him more support. I’m planning to be more involved with the community and express my fangirl-ism more ^^ I want to thank all of those who contribute to this site for providing the fans with Taeyang goodness and for the support and promotion for our fave man! 🙂

  185. hey all. been checking this site for a while and been a fan of taeyang longer than that but im glad that i found ATY. being in america its hard to keep up all the news about my kpop artists (die hard asian pop fan \m/) but this site has really keep me up to date with taeyang’s activities. i can honestly say that i’ve been a taeyang fan since i found out about bigbang. i love and appreciate each member but i really became….how should i say this…intrigued by taeyang (it was the braids i know it was XD). bigbang is my number one group, taeyang is my number one artist. i will always be a VIP and a taeyang fan for life.

  186. hey taeyang, i just wana say that, i love your music, your style of dance, whatever you do. you are my idol. I’m from India, and i’m a Tibetan. I love your song wedding dress, so i just have one request….. plzzzzzzzzzzz upload your wedding dress english version lyric, i really need it. I hope you’ll do this much for me. I’m your biggest fan.

  187. my name is hillary nguyenn and i live in texass i found this website well when my friend told me about u i wasnt intrested but when i listened to ur sonngss i started to get more and more intrested soo then i searched u and then found this amazing website i go on this website 24/7 cuz thats how much i love u i really really love u taeyanng soo muchhh

  188. once again

    hey all ))
    I’m from Moscow, Russia. Actually i know about BB and Taeyang not so much and not so long.. for a couple days)…but im sure about one thing: i adore u, Taeyang )) The way u sing, the way u dance and the way u make me feel )) u got a wonderful voice.. we are so lucky people because we can listen to you ))) i wish i could make a duet with you … i wish i could..
    u r amazing)) so keep going ))) i will always be with you ))) i know that)) kiss))
    with all my love.
    K. P.S. thank u guys for this blog )) you help Taeyang’s fans to be a lil bit closer to him )) this is sooo nice ))hugs) bye)

  189. I wanted to start off by saying, I’ve learn to know who you( taeyang 😀 ) through listening to Big Bang! I love you all! My favorite songs are ” Lies ” & ” Koe Wo Kikasete ” then once you did your solo stuff, I’ve grown to adore. But please!! No more braids haha, I love your Mohawk more!! When will you ever come to America!!! I’m from Philadelphia, PA. There’s alotta Asians, so you should come. I have a few Korean friends also, & I’m Asian btw. Cambodian & Vietnamese. But yes, please take a trip down here, I’m wishing to fly to Korea one day & see you! But I’m too chickened to get on a plane haha. Wells I love you & your music. I see you as a human being not a piece of meat that all your fans attack you.

    xoxo jamiee.

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  191. Hey y’ll! I’m a huge (literally) fan of Taeyang. I mean his music and dance moves are soooooooooooooooo hot. I just can’t get enough of it! Oh and to the admin of this blog. Could you please post the korean lyrics for his songs? i’m desparatly need it for my ipod!

  192. hi I want to ask anyone who knnnnow that why i love Taeyang than my boyfriend?everyday if i can’t see my boyfriend a day there’s nothing happen but if i can’t listen Taeyang’s voice or or his mv i will go crazy!!! i really am!!! Taeyang i love you so much (oh sorry love my boyfriend also)

  193. Im a huge fan of his work. Unlike most girls drooling over his looks and his body (LOL) I admire him as an overall artist. His passion for what he does only inspires me even more to be more like him and have as much success as him in my own life. I dream of one day meeting him and performing with him!

    Heres my youtube account, Feel free to come check it out… My first video is Wedding Dress by Taeyang. SUBSCRIBE 😀

  194. Hello everyone,
    My name is KIM and I am from the Philippines.
    I just want to tell you guys that I am so happy to have found ATY!
    I always visit this site since I need my YB fix., 😛
    I love love love love love this site! can’t think of anything to say.,
    I always visit here to “make up for the lost times”
    I have to admit I am a new fan., just heard of BB last year thru my bff whom i haven’t seen for such a very long time! I WAS BUSY., 😛
    BB has reunited us and the first time I saw them, my full attention went to youngbae! and that’s awesome since she’s into G-Dragon (and TOP) hahaha., anyway just want to share that story coz I think it’s cool.,
    I am hoping to meet new friends on this site,. ❤

    Thanks in advance for the acceptance

    btw, do you guys study KOREAN? I mean i am trying to learn it on my own coz I really want to understand BB's and YB's songs.,
    That's it!
    Take care everyone.

  195. Hey,
    I live in germany,but not german ;).Since my friend has shown me “Wedding Dress”,I ‘ve been a fan of Taeyang. I liked Wedding dress so much,it was such a beautiful song with touching lyrics. I was so impressed by this,that I wanted to know more about Taeyang. So I started to read about him on the Internet and watched his other music videos,live performances and interviews. He has such a nice aura,when he talks in interviews. He isn’t stiff,but very natural. I like his dance very much, because his moves are loose,but still powerfull. I unfortunately haven’t seen him live,but I saw many videos of his concerts and I realized,that he can really entertain and that’s what is important for a singer,actor or whatever.He is able to catch people with his dance,his voice and his sympathy. I love you Taeyang,you are a great,talented singer and performer and I really think you will be very successfull in the future! 🙂 SOLAR is such a great album,you made a great work! Listening to your music always cheers me up and makes me dream and forget about sorrow and anger. I hope you come to germany one day! I would like to see you live sooo much 😀 Love you. (And also this site: its a wonderful site, thanks for everything! I visit this site whenever I’m on the Internet 🙂 )

  196. Heyy Big fan of Taeyang. I’ve been doing english covers of his songs. So far i’ve done ‘ Where u at’ & ‘Look only at me’ 🙂 Come check it out 🙂

    Look only at me – Taeyang (English cover – K.O)

    Where u at – Taeyang (English cover – K.O)

  197. hello there ATY. 🙂

    i’m Lhei from the Philippines. 🙂
    actually i’m still a baby V.I.P.
    i just found out all about Big Bang couple of months ago so i’m kinda new to this stuffs although i kept hearing this boy group over and over again before. Actually, what made me like this group is the presence of our dearest Young Bae/Taeyang. 🙂
    i first watched his video in an SBS Variety Show called Strong Heart, i was amazed by the way he danced so i searched things about him and found myself being his fan.
    I really love his voice and his dance moves.
    I also like the way he smiles.
    lol. or i think i like everything about him and after that i also got hooked to Big Bang and liking them as a group too because of their talents. I’m really amazed by these boys because of their brotherhood and their sense of humor. They make my day complete. 🙂

    hmm. i found ATY because of its youtube account alwaystaeyang, i’m fond of those videos there and very thankful that they have english subtitles because it’s hard for us, non korean fans, to understand what our dear Young Bae is expressing.

    anyhow, i really thank ATY for giving us updates all the time. 🙂 thumbs up for your hard work! 🙂

    Young Bae-oppa, fighting! Keep up the good work.
    Saranghamnida. ^^


  198. Hey Taeyang!
    I just wanna say you’re an amazing and an incredibly talented singer and dancer! i am inspired by you! keep on going the good work! sing from your heart forever and always.. i will be your fan forever!! 🙂

  199. hi we are fans form saudi arabia we love big bang and taeyang soooo much i wish our MSN to get reach to him and he know that he is an international and we will always support him and big bang with all love

  200. i’d always wanted to see you taeyang 😉

    and your dance steps? it makes me wanna say.. aaaaaaaaaaiiiih-yooooooooh! 🙂 its so cool 🙂

    God Bless 😉

  201. Hey BIGBANG,

    I love you guys, everytime you guys perform on stage it is always an amazing performance. You guys are a very hardworking korean idol. BIG BANG i’m waiting for your comeback. Keep on smiling and be healthy. FIGHTING!

  202. Hi TaeYang =)
    At first I found out you at some piano site (I can’t remember where) and I started to listen your music and then I found out that you are member of BigBang and I fell in love at yours and BigBangs music ❤
    At first I was like "WoW that guy is awesome" and I couldn't stop listening your music.
    And now I don't even want to stop ^^

    Creatings from Finland ❤

  203. i heard about big bang through my best friend she actually moved away to south korea and i always liked wheesung and bi rain and se7en and shinee 2 and about 2 years ago she actually called me when she moved and she told me about a group that was better than shinee i didnt believe her till i heard one of there songs and that summer she sent a ticket for me to go to korea and we saw a concert together and ifell in love with taeyang lol so now when i graduate from high school im moving there with her and her mom

  204. I ought to say it is my very first time browsing your site. Now this is the kinda of stuff i like to read about. Excellent website. I just finished mine and i was looking for some ideas and you gave me a few. Great read!

  205. hey everyone i am an international fan from USA!!! im so happy i found out about big bang and tae yang from youtube!!! every snice i saw the video for “ill be there” i have been so addicited to kpop and especially taeyang!!!! i also requested taeyang’s wedding dress english version here at my local radio station and they ve been playing it a few times! also support his fans on you tube who cobered his music fo auditions! here’s one i like and you guys should check it out!!

  206. FINALLY !
    You got so many comments !
    I hope you can read this one ..

    Since i watched ‘ Real sound ‘ – Taeyang.
    I watched the part where you wanted a sweet Girl !
    🙂 I think Park Bom Eonni Would be a good match !
    So it would be ‘ BOMBAE ‘ But im just suggesting Bom !
    I dont know how shes like.
    Fans are also recommended !
    ( Not me. )
    But pick the right Fan 🙂
    Although .. it would be really …. annoying.
    I hope you get your sweet love soon Bae !

  207. Hey ATY bloggers! I’m Leda from Chicago and I discovered Tae Yang around the time Wedding Dress was released. I saw his videos, heard his music, but without this blog I don’t think I’d ever have known the extent of his talent and dedication. I am not of Asian heritage and Tae Yang is the first Korean artist I ever heard. I am a firm believer of music transcending boundries… Taeyangs music can be enjoyed by anyone with an ear for quality music. Everyday I check my wordpress crossing my fingers that there’s a new ATY post. I am writing to you on the day I received my Solar International Edition. This is the most I’ve paid for a cd in my life and the first one I’ve bought in years. WORTH EVERY PENNY!! Thank you so much for your dedication and amazing, insightful posts. Dong YoungBae is a lucky man to have fans like you to spread the word about his talents. I would have never paid for this had I not read about all the blood, sweat and tears he put into the album. It is thanks to you ATY!

    Con mucho amor,


  208. Hi there ^~^
    I’m from california, I saw a pic of you eating In n out and started to laugh because I eat more than you and I’m like half your size hahaha it’s not an offense though :}.
    Your very talented in singing in english. I hope you have a concert in L.A soon.

    Much love,
    Jessica ^~^

  209. Hey
    Amazing Taeyang page. Love it.

    I was wondering if you could help me to find a video that used to be on youtube,
    Taeyang was at a winter/christmas show on tv and he just went like : Wahhh (stood up really cute and stuff).
    I think it was titled the Wah video. So adoreable.
    Anyone know what i am talking about. Is it still there or does anyone have this video and can send it to me?

  210. I love this website! Thank you so much for updates for Taeyang and Big Bang. Do you know the address of where to send them fan lettters? I’d love to send them one. Thanks! (:

  211. hai…
    I’ve been lurking in this site for a while and never notice that it has guest book,

    I’ve been a Taeyang’s fan since mid 2010, I was browsing in youtube and I find Take it Slow video with english lyrics in it.
    I give it a try and listen to it, and I was hook to Taeyang instantly.
    It was mentioned in the video that he compose and wrote the lyrics himself, and I was like, whoaa this guy can make such a beautiful music and passionate lyrics to come with it.
    I realize that he was in a group and I start to follow his music and Big Bang and I find this site.
    This site makes me loves him more,
    Dong Young Bae is not just a guy who sing shirtless with abs
    he is much more than that, he is a passionate, perfectionist, and full of dedication musician, that you can feel at every performance of his.

    thank you to admin for keeping this site alive 🙂
    I really appreciate your hard work
    such a wonderful site that dedicated to one and only Dong Young Bae
    I love reading the post as much as the comments here they are always deep and insightful.

  212. Tae yang is really good at dancing, specifically hiphop dance…
    I really loved and appreciated the moves and feelings constructed to his every video especially the wedding dress and where u at music video…
    …. Taeyang for sure will last in Music Industry…
    How i wish more good luck! …. and Movie???
    hehehe …. Who knows!?!

    i’m from Iloilo,Philippines

  213. HI TAEYANG oppa .. I wanna tell you I love you so much .. & I can’t breath if I can’t see you baby .. oppa I love you more more .. & ma name is RANA
    i’m from SAUDI ARABIA (KSA) & I’m beautiful girl
    & I wanna you with me all ma life :$ yubo chomall saranghae oppa .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ❤ ❤ ❤

    I can't say anything .. just I need you baby & I love you .. & I can't live in this life of non you .. I love your smiley eyes .. & your lips .. & I wanna be ma name

    DONG RANA .. you knoe what I mean ..

    chomall chomall saranghae oppa

  214. I was watching NigaHiga and he had Jay Park on there and i found out he was park of 2pm and started finding songs in korean and liking them. While looking for 2pm song on YouTube i saw TaeYang’sYoung Bae’s Where u at video and kinda fell for him!!!! I saw first of all he was cute but that he was a great singer. To me he is better than usher justin bieber and Timberlake.

  215. heeey ! I am like a huge fan of Taeyang/BB ❤ not only because of their looks ; ) but just because their music is just so exciting and fresh ! My Viet friend introduced me to BB and when i first saw Haru Haru i completely fell in love. What stood out to me was their dancing,music, and just their different personalities. I live in Vancouver BC and I try my best to look for BB/Taeyang merchandise and i found posters,stickers, what i'm trying to look for is a T-shirt or a bag ! I am chinese and i've learned a bit of korean ;D My wish is to actually meet Taeyang in person ! I'd do anything to grant that wish, but not everybody gets what they want ): When i watch 'Tonight'' and the ending when you blow a tiny kiss My heart melts causing me to faint 🙂 ALL I WANNA SAY IS SARANGHAE TAEYANG <3<3<3 I wish you the best of your days ❤

  216. Hey TaeYang!
    I’m Natalia, I’m 22 and I come from Poland! I love your music, your style and the way you dance. You are so talented and I wish to see you someday in Poland because here in my country you also have fans:) You are my number 1! you and Big Bang!

      1. Yeah I voted to Big Bang on facebook wher they should give a concert in Europe and my country Poland is 5 or 6:-( even if BB will not come to Poland I hope that we give them the sign that they have fans here too. LOVE TAEYANG AND BIG BANG:-)!!!!!

  217. Wassup ATY Staff members !! TaeYang has inspired me so much, coming along with other inspirational artists, but TY being one of the main ones. Getting really into his music in 2009, i was pretty late. Since then I have been having an urge to audition for YG. I was wondering if I could maybe get the address of the YG Building >...<

  218. Taeyang is so talented! His dancing and singing is the best I’ve ever seen!!! Im just representing his fans from NEW ZEALAND! Show us some love down here Young Bae coz we love you!! Taeyang fighting!! xo p.s teach me how to dance like you!

  219. hey Taeyang,
    my friend showed me your songs and your videos (my favourite “Wedding dress” and “I need a girl”). Since I saw you the first time i thought “Omg he is so cute and his voice is so wonderful” Please come to munich we would love to see you performin live!!
    Greetings from Munich ❤

  220. what’s up Tae yang.
    i’m adi from indonesian,and start to know Bigbang when i watch the bigbang’s video on youtube and from my friend.I do love your music,your style and your voice in every song on your album and every performance on your tour. we hope Bigbang will come to indonesia,cause do you know that u have a million fans who love and wait you in here ^ ^.
    so,don’t make us Sad cause always wait you in Indonesian bro

  221. 언제까지, 난 항상 인도네시아에서 기다리고 있습니다. 난 항상 울고기도하고 올 바랬는데. 난 당신을 영원히 사랑 해요. 당신이 사랑으로 날 죽이지 말아요. 인도네시아에 왔어요. 난 사랑을 기다리고있어

  222. Are you guys ever going to have your concert here in New Orleans, Louisiana? I think you would have the best experience ever here. Oh and the food is the best here too 🙂

  223. I actually discovered you from my brother 😛 But I am really happy he told me about you. Whenever I listen to your music I can not think about anything but you. You are amazing I hope you are making more and more songs for all of your fans to hear, we are supporting you Taeyang !!

  224. I really like BigBang.. Actually i like them since 2009,but I become ral fans since this..
    Especially Tae yang, I love him so much.. ><

  225. Hi guys!!..Im a filipino I actually known bigbang through 2ne1 because of the lollipop music video. but i actually liked daesung before and I only noticed and liked taeyang during his Solar album promo because of my 2 year old cousin..He really like taeyang so much..

  226. Teayang, i love listening to ure songs and english songs and they are very good lyrics and it means alot to me and they are my handphone ringtones so Sing until the end of Time.

  227. Hello, i’m from Michigan, usa. i was watching a movie called i’m a cyborg but that’s ok, i found out 1 of the actors Bi rain was a singer looked up his music and through that i found wedding dress by taeyang. that song changed my view on music. BIGBANG and taeyang are why i want to be a musician. i see them as inspiration for my music. i found the site because in my town nobody i know listens to taeyang, and i wanted to talk to people that like the same music as me. i could make friends here^^

  228. PHONE TXT ON WEB IS SLOW. I’M FRUSTRAITED WITH LOOSING CONTACT WITH FRIENDS. ID RATHER HAVE THEM TXT MY PHONE IF THEY REALLY CARE. IF ANY BIGBANG MEMBERS DO. ITS (417)612-4036… I am begining to not like web anymore. Too upsetting tryn to use my accounts. Slow n crap. Well if you. Want. That’s the txt # bye. Linn gurtner

  229. Hello!

    First of all, I became a fan of TY in 2010 and find this site randomly on Google year after, but (haha) never visited AlwaysTaeyang Guestbook page 😀 So this is why I write here now… And yeah, my name is Sini, I’m 18 (in December 19) and I’m from Finland.

    One day I wanted to find new artists/bands to listen to so I started randomly clicking mvs on Youtube. Because I haven’t ever cared of which ethnic background some musician have, I was really receptive to any kind of music. First I found one song from Se7en (ft. Lil Kim) and I though it was pretty good. But never became a real fan of Se7en. Then I noticed this Youtube suggest for a mv “I’ll Be There” and what made me listen to that was coz I wanted to know who had that sexy back appearing in the mv link picture (you know what I mean??) ❤ :DD Silly me… I watched the mv and though the song was promising but not this mind-blowing type (Sorry!). (And that the Asian man was the most handsome guy I've ever seen!!) I wanted to give this guy, "Taeyang", another chance and watched "Where U At". The song was AWESOME!! And then I found more and more his songs… and got hooked. I started to search information of him, got to know Kpop and then Bigbang. First I didn't like Bigbang but slowly started to like it too, especially after "Tonight" was released 🙂 But Taeyang is and has always been my number 1 😉 Actually I'm not really into Kpop, but BB/TY are exceptions (plus Illionare Record's artists Beenzino, the Quiett and Dok2 and few mainstream Kpop songs). They are different and unique.

    TY has this beautiful multi-tone voice which gives me goosebumps and the emotion he puts in his performances… *Sigh* Gotta love it. I also love his dance moves and style. SWAG! He has also given us a nice image of himself, this thoughtful, humble, funny and caring etc. type. He has attitude, charisma and sweet smile. And at the same time he is somehow a bit mysterious. "The artist behind the sunglasses". I appreciate his life values too. I wanna thank him for his great music and I'm looking forward to hear new music from him. I haven't got any friends that know/like TY/BB so basically I have to fangirl alone (and my age was…?!) 🙂 Ok, my two little brothers and little sister like BB too (boys: 4 and 10, girl: 7) but not that much compared to me. My 4-year-old brother also likes Boss-dog and plays him and watch videos and pictures of him. I gave my brother new nickname: Boss – lol! 🙂 🙂

    I wish Taeyang all the best! It gives me great happiness to listen to his songs and my dream is to see him or whole Bigbang live. Fighting!

    1. Thanks for sharing this lovely comment! Hope to hear more from you in the future especially when Taeyang has new solo material out. We love hearing from new fans! And wishing you the very best in seeing him live one day too 😉

  230. I guess I should leave a message here. Hello! happy to find this cool website dedicated to YB. What can I say? just luv the guy, his voice, his moves, his personality…so yeah i’m a huge fan!. Been one since 2011. Like many here found wedding dress (actually a friend sent me the link to check it out), and I’ve been hooked since. Discovered bigbang as a result, now a VIP, but YB bias lol. Thanks for keeping such a great website up and running. Looking forward to future posts 🙂

  231. hello! im so thankful that I was able to see this fansite for Taeyang. I am really impressed since this is always updated. I just love Taeyang! everything about him is beautiful. I love those little chinky eyes everytime he smiles.. the sexy body and very lovely voice almost everything about him is to die for. His future girlfriend will be so lucky to find a guy like Taeyang. I started to like him way back 2010 because of his Wedding Dress song. He reminds me of Ne-Yo in the way he moves. I fell inlove with his voice.. after that I discovered that he is a part of BigBang and I started listening to their songs as well. I created my own BigBang and Taeyang discography on my iPad and I downloaded all of their music videos 🙂 fan girl mode activated!! I just love them but Taeyang will still be my bias.. hehehe 🙂 due to my obsession with them I enrolled myself in a Korean class so I can better understand and sing their songs.Hopefully by I can travel to S. Korea before the year ends..

    by the way im from Manila, Philippines and I am currently here in London.. Thanks for keeping this website alive and I am looking forward for more posts, pics and other things about Taeyang. VIP forever!! BigBang and Taeyang FTW!! Fighting!! Aja!!

  232. I love Taeyang’s voice. And his dance moves!! I’m from the United States–sooo wish he would come here on a solo tour. Taeyang will be my bias forever!

  233. Hello,
    I actually found this site earlier this year, but this is my first time commenting/ posting anything. Um, I started listening to Kpop by accident. Surfing Youtube watching other performers and saw a pic of Taeyang. Thought, “Oh he’s cute, lets see if he can sing.” Clicked on “Where you at?” and was in love from there. That was, oh gosh a few years ago. I didn’t know about BB until I started looking for more on TY. Fell in ‘love’ with the whole group, but as a bias I have to say I was torn between Top and TY for a while. And while I think Top is sexy as all get out, its been TY that’s held that place for me. I think its the way he seems to put a part of himself into everything he does. It doesn’t matter if there’s only one person to watch and cheer him on, he gives it his all. His fan service is awesome and he’s so handsome of course (can’t forget that).
    But anyways, I can gush all day about him. I want to say I like your site, and enjoy visiting. Great job with your updates, as those of us need those little bits of TY info to smile about most days. Looking forward to more visits here.
    And if TY ever visits and read these comments, Please try to tour Oklahoma. We love you here too.

  234. Hi! I am so happy I found some info’s DCYB here! Always Taeyang has been one of my fave YB fansite! More Power!! Kepp up the goodwork solmates:D

  235. Hello! I remember I used to come to this site on a daily basis a couple years ago when I first fell in love with Youngbae. I never stopped stanning for him but it just hasn’t been as strong for a few years, but now that his comeback is finally here I’ll definitely be visiting this site more often! I love Taeyang and all his adoring fans ❤

    P.S. I made my first kpop reaction video to Ringa Linga so if you see mine say hi! Lol

  236. Hello Ladies! I might be the one of the oldest (Emo/Noona/Ajuma) fan of YB. I have known for Bigbang for years but It never really clicked with me until i saw YB’s solo performance clip on youtube last year. Ever since that day i found him, i have been listening his music religiously.
    I live in Mountain View, Bay Area. I speak better Korean than English, so if you guys ever need Korean translation, let me know.
    @Bluemaid, Just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your post. Such a talented writer! ❤

  237. Hi, all VIP all around the world!!
    how do i know BB??
    it was during my pre-uni day(now i’m in university),some of my friends are BB of them are TOP fan.she’ll will screamed TOP name from the day until night.singing ‘monster’ in the bathroom. write TOP’s name on the notice board. i ‘m just wondering who is this guy that make my friend going crazy??then,my friend show BB performance (monster/fantastic baby), i was like..”wow,they are unique!not flower boy type.” (well,u know their clothes are one of a kind,i don’t like flower boy)
    after i graduated from my pre-uni,i start do research about BB. the first member that make i fall into BB was TAEYANG. i like his mohawk style, eye-smile,and his voice of course. day by day, i learn more about TAEYANG and BB. i listen to their previous concerts,performances,albums,solo albums,japanese version album,variety show,musical(even i never l,drama,film, and everything that related to them.. their music really admirable…

  238. Hi, I’m Mastewal From Ethiopia
    I’m fan of Taeyang, I live you song I need a girl and Eye, Nois, Lipes they are my feviort
    Keep up you food work and be healthy

  239. Hi, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your website in Opera, it looks fine but
    when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.
    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, very good blog!

  240. Hey tae yang I just want to say I love and I wish you the best. I’m a girl i”m African American and I live in the U.S.A and I wish to see you in person sometime please come to North Carolina and preform please.
    XD(happy face)

  241. My name is Momo from USA. I call you Tae Tae and all my friends now call you that as well. You make me laugh so much with some of the things you do and say…I like your stage presence, I like your talents and you just seem like a hardworking genuine person. I wish I could see more of you in the US. I did fly to Vegas and you guys amazed me. My friends and I had so much fun! Thank you

  242. my name is Aung Myo Min from Myanmar. This Sunday 02.Oct.2016, i have to go BigBang Made Tour Singapore. Now I feel very happy for that event and to meet Taeyang(Dong Young-Bae). 😀 ❤

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