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[Blast from the Past] Taeyang’s Goodbye Speech at the Sept 25, 2010 Solar Concert

On the 2nd Anniversary of the Solar Concert, I thought it would be interesting to look back at Taeyang’s emotional and memorable speech from the first concert day. (The original post was here.)

subbed video uploaded by ElectricLoveBB1


“Mm, it seems like today passed by somewhat hectically. I think I was really hectic today as I was preparing for this concert. Whenever I prepare a song or an album or a concert like this, I learn a lot. This album also taught me a lot. And getting ready for this concert and meeting all of my fans like this face to face, really taught me a lot.

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ATY’s 2011 Birthday Giveaway Update

For Taeyang’s 24th birthday we had announced a little giveaway project for the Solar Concert DVD (Korea version)and results are in!!!

We really want to thank everyone who participated and I enjoyed reading the quotes and watching all the videos on our boy (or should I be saying man now? lol). A few days ago we emailed the lucky winner and she’s responded and we’re in the process of mailing it to her.

AND THE WINNER IS (drum roll please)!!!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAEYANG! (And an ATY Giveaway event- updated)

Another year has gone by and our boy is now older, wiser and hotter than ever. After the last 12 months full of both professional and personal growth,  we’re looking forward to even bigger and better things in the coming years. Wishing you much success and happiness Taeyang– all the best on your 24th! We’re so proud of you!

And an ATY surprise below the cut  (with update)

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More SOLAR Performances…

Some lucky fans have gotten their hands on the SOLAR DVD and have uploaded a few performances on youtube. This is the one I’ve been waiting for!!!

And it’s as good as I had hoped it would be ~tears~ I love this song and this performance and he’s amazing, happy fangirl is very very happy. “baby you’re my superstar and I’m you’re biggest fan” truer words have never been sang.

More videos under the cut~

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Taeyang’s SOLAR DVD is finally out!

It’s been out a few days now but I’ve been hoping and praying that SUPERSTAR would be uploaded so that  I could use it as the featured song but no such luck, not even a clip of it. But this more than makes up for it, sort of. My DVD is coming soon so I’m super excited and these teaser clips are making me more so.

Source: MrMori90@YT

Check out under the cut for more performances and pictures 🙂 Remember to order your copy!!!

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The Korean version is coming out on Feb. 8th but the Japanese version is already out.  YB fans haven’t uploaded the concert videos as a show of respect but they have been nice enough to provide some teasers for the DVD and this is one of them.

Cr: MrMori90 at youtube
So, are you ready for SOLAR? Which performance are you most excited for? (personally, mine’s is Superstar and the LOAM encore).
You can find more information about it here or check below the cut for how to order!

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[Feature] SUPERMAN – Taeyang’s Solar Concert (Review)

In celebration (or is it anticipation?) of the release of the Solar Concert DVD, we are posting this excellent review of the Solar Concert that was published some months back.  Not being one of those lucky enough to watch it in the live, I can’t wait to see if the DVD bears out the reviewer’s take on the whole event. Enjoy!


By Kang Myoung-Seok
Pop Culture Writer and Critic. You might remember him from this 10Asia interview with Taeyang (here and here)

One of the interesting points during my recent interview with Taeyang was when he had said that he planned to fill his concert with the sound of a live band. Of course, the majority of singers use bands in their concerts. But Taeyang’s case is different. As confirmed in “Look Only At Me,” his songs feature layers and layers of sounds created by the producers. This makes them much harder to recreate accurately in live performances.

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