Where in the World is Taeyang?

Taeyang departed Incheon for Los Angeles on January 8. He is going to be in the US for about 2 weeks.

According to the official YG press release, he is not there for personal reasons, but rather to get dance lessons. He is going to meet with famous choreographers, to “upgrade his performances.”

In preparation for BigBang’s album, the company is giving the members free time, but in Taeyang’s case he wanted to receive dance lessons. According to YGE “His zeal is amazing.”

Both Aimee and Jeka have already tweeted that they’ve met up. (LOL at Jeka – “Dzaddy in the house”) Hope he gets in some me-time aside from studio time.

And to the fans in Cali… represent us well ok? (In other words, make him welcome but don’t creep him out if you see him!)

On the way out from Incheon….

Sources: OSEN/Naver and Twitter (kikoro86 and jennsylee)

76 thoughts on “Where in the World is Taeyang?”

  1. lol, yes. If only I was in LA. But that’s across the country for me. But yeah and Aimee has been tweeting about him. They may also hit up Jay Chou’s concert tomorrow.

    1. The Jay Chou concert was…tonight. They probably be heading out to some club around this time. Eh…clubbing is so tiresome. (So said the prematurely geriatric Taeyang fan.)

      1. she deleted them sadly, which probably means we should leave YB alone. I doubt he wants to be hounded in the US considering he’s here for work (and some play).

        Be nice to him if you see him and don’t scare him away. We want him to come back to the US again.

        1. regardless of my spazz talk, i really hope no one does anything toooo insane. he’s too hard working to deal with crazy fans. i just hope people post pictures if they run into him!

  2. Gah! You Cali fans are super duper lucky! First 2NE1, now YB! XD

    Spending break on improving and upgrading his dance skills, only YB, only YB….XP

    If only I’m in LA now…….

  3. I’m so freaking excited about this! I’ve been wanting him to go back to the WUA era and bring hard-hitting dance styles and techniques…..something that shows off his swag. Looks like my wish is coming true!

    First some playtime in Japan, now dancing in America….where to next YB?

  4. Me crying—-> 😥 cause i live no where near LA let alone Cali. Texas is too far 😦 But TY deserve a “working vacation” lol Have fun TY, I know Aimee will keep u updated on her twitter.

    1. I’m in texas too. I screamed when I read he’s coming to the us. Let’s take a trip to la NOW I’m dead serious before school starts in a week. If only I knew the exact location and could get into the dance studio

  5. Cannot help but feel major jealousy towards everyone living in LA. (yes, I’m bitter, LOL)
    But I hope he enjoys himself too! That boy never stops working.
    Cali fans, do us proud~!

      1. Unless “learning dance” is code for “hanging with Teddy and ML peeps and shopping and partying”… which it still could be…

        But “learning dance” sounds better in the papers. (and is a nice cover too in case he’s taking meetings with other music types while he’s there…)

    1. Like what Aimee tweeted, they might be going to Vegas on Monday. I HOPE HOPE HOPE they don’t go to Vegas. 😦

  6. does anybody have info of like where they are staying at and stuff like that? i really wanna get the opportunity to meet him. its kinda like…ESSENTIAL TO MY LIFE. thanks.

  7. So trying to resist the desire to call on my friend with Teddy connections, LOL. I’m too old to turn stalker now! (or so I keep telling myself, heh)

    All joking aside, I hope he enjoys the relatively warm weather and gets in a lot of down time, too. With BB’s upcoming schedule, this will probably be the last extended break he’ll get for a while. That said…

    Welcome to LA, YB!!! ^o^

  8. omg omg I live in LA gaiz *throws confetti*
    but the problem now is where to find him LOL
    I dont want to seem like a stacker.___.

    1. lol seems that not seeming like a stalker is what LA fans are concerned about. *jealous stare* lol ^.^ Mannn… if only I lived in LA… Id be researching and planning the perfect ‘accidental’ meeting right now. Mwahahaha >:P
      lmaooo pardon my insanity. Only taeyang can make me this way.

  9. Man I’ll be in the LA/OC area next week, but I highly doubt I’ll get to see Taeyang because I’m only there for 3 days and it’s for school. Unless a miracle happens. This is when I want to start singing the song, can we pretend the airplanes in the night skies are shooting stars, I could really use a wish right now. *crosses fingers* I hope I see a shooting star soon. 😦

  10. i feel so close to him =P


    *le sigh* this is probably the closest i’ll ever be to him =/.

    well actually not really. I WILL GO TO ONE OF HIS CONCERTS IN THE FUTURE. my life is incomplete until i do that.

  11. Finally to the US. I’m going to drop everything and take the next plane trip over to la and find him. I’m so jealous of all the dancers that will get to see him. Ugh!!! I bet he’s going to be on enews

  12. i live in l.a. but i really hope i can see him. i met him while i studied abroad in korea but it would be such a blessing to meet him while he’s here.

    he’s such a hardworker… Go Taeyang!

  13. i wish i was going to LA…ugh! oh well. if any LA people catch him walking in the street (i was hoping to aimee or shaun in LA when i was there last year..no luck) or catch him, period. take some photos~~ sharing is caring =P

    1. Thanks for sharing!

      When I found out 4 hours ago that Taeyang was in L.A. I should have drove out there. 😦 It’s about an 8 hour drive, but it would be so worth it. Sucks now. I guess I just have to wait until next week.

      If anyone meets Taeyang or sees him tonight or anytime, PLEASE take pictures!

  14. shoooot me.

    anyone knows if Taeyang will be with Shaun while he’s teaching? i think he’s teaching. or going to colleges. AHHHH. stalking tomorrow after work!!

    1. Should have stalked tonight. You would have probably found him. He should be with Shaun because he’s here to improve his dance moves from what the article(s) say.

  15. so i cant speak for all Cali fans but im not gonna stalk him…maybe jus goin round a lot xD
    maybe imma bump into them…nah jus kiddin. lets hope he enjoys it over here in cali

    1. OMG thanks for sharing!!! ^__^ It made my day, especially since Aimee stopped tweeting about it. I’m looking forward for more updates.

  16. WHERE DO THEY GO!?!? my friend claimed he met Taeyang last year when he went to a dance class hosted by Shaun. I dont know if its true, but my friend does attend Shaun’s classes… Ahhh. I’m SO jealous!

  17. …. with lyle? or with beatfreaks?


    or maybe straight up confusing us so we wont bother TY?

    a mystery!

    1. He’s probably with all of them at this ML party… the dance community is pretty tight so they’re probably hanging together at someone’s place.

      1. tk_nguyen said they’re at a hidden hollywood spot and said something about djadam

        djadam is at Drai’s. that’s hella expensive to get into for my salary )=

        effin fail!

        1. I’m uber close, but it’s impossible to stalk Tae with my lack of connections and technology (no internet on my cell phone). I mean, the W is less than 15 minutes from my house and I make enough money to stay at a W hotel (This is not theoretical. I’ve stayed at a W before).

  18. I was just in LA!! Wish I stayed longer!
    If you fans in la want to ‘ bump’ into him I suggest you wait at the chrome hearts store he’s sure to hit it up

  19. OMG, LA is just a few hours away from me. I need to find someone to take me there. I love that guy and want to meet him so bad!

  20. and they are going to vegas today!! they pass my city when they go to vegas. PLEASE STOP BY AND SHOP lol. and eat at where i work =P

  21. Yes fans so Aimee tweeted a few hours that they are going to Vegas. Now my chances of meeting Taeyang = very very very slim. If anyone meets him, PICTURES PLEASE!

  22. Stalk him in a nice way guys,dont be too creepy,lol 😉

    I was wondering how on earth Taeyang might be communicating with so little English,I know he pulls it off somehow with Shaun and Aimee since they’re close,but yeah however he does communicate props to him.

    and Bae London isnt too bad either you know,maybe next time eh…lol

    1. Yeahs tell me about it! Its like when it comes to kpop London is the forgotten city ; ( Am surprised 2NE1 even showed up last year

  23. I went to Shaun’s regularly scheduled dance class today and he was not there. They are either in Vegas or Shaun’s off because he’s working with Taeyang.

  24. Don’t be sad if you don’t live in LA, near LA or even in the state of CALI. Its actually more frustrating to know that he is sooo close and yet can’t even get a sniff of him. URGH!!! So sad, sad sad 😦

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