Fan Art

* Please credit the artist @ alwaystaeyang if using elsewhere!
* If you would like to contribute, please leave a comment with links to your work and we’ll be happy to post it!


Artist: sweetsorrow

Artist: babeyelmo

*Click to enlarge

Artist: Mizz_julie

63 thoughts on “Fan Art”

  1. please credit!
    and if you have stuff you want me to post here, just provide the link =)

    ps. click on the icon itself to get a more HQ image

  2. hey thereee! omo, all of these pictures are niceee 🙂
    but i have trouble with saving it. Like the gif. files. i tried to save it, but it always comes out as a bmp. file.
    any help?

  3. ^~hey there

    > when saving, name the file what you want and add .gif at the end of the file name (leave the .bit in the drop down, it won’t make a difference since you’re saving the file as .gif)
    >make sure u add the .gif in the actual filename

  4. ^that’s very odd…it works for me =S
    did u click on the image u want from here? make sure to click on the image from here and it should open up in a new window itself…then save it with .gif in the file name (example – taeyangavi.gif). Go to the folder where u saved your picture and it should be saved as a .gif file….

  5. I know, its very odd.
    I got the first one i want, but as i save the other ones. it won’t work anymore 😦

  6. @dinojuLie – nope, I don’t….but feel free to use them and giving credit is always nice =) thanks!

  7. aww this are so cute. the many faces of dong young bae: sweet and innocent; cute, adorable, and dorky; and oh so fine oh so sexy

  8. umm hehe i hope you dont mind i have two more..haha
    and uhh i think more will be coming haha MIANHE! kind of crazy for his pictures these days

  9. hey Kay, i just noticed that the pouty face gif of him is gone from my sig on soompi.. i was wondering if you could upload it back up? >.< hes so cute in it

  10. ^ hey there, I’ve uploaded two of them, I don’t remember which one it was originally, so let me know if those are not the ones

  11. thanks but they arent the ones lol sorry, its the one where theres like mnet logo on the top right and some sorta frame around the screen and hes looking face on, looks down to the corner then up then makes his blowfish face lol its looks like hes on a bed to me with a blue and white dotted blanket.. i hope that helped lol sorry again. making you look through your many gifs haha 😛

  12. ^its kinda like an expression meaning “oh my” or “omg” – famous by So Hee from the Wondergirls who did the “Omona” face in the Tell Me song….

  13. Hanie
    i was just playing around with the text..haha i know its makes a different name but i dont know people usually calls him bae and not young

    umm i dont know why you wont take anymore of my work..LMAO i posted them but haha oh well here is my current desktop!

    wann share teh wallie

    and another banner

  14. I have ALOOOTT of avi’s and banners, and wallpapers if you guys wanna see them, and post them. lol I want them posted though teheee <:D

  15. Hey, i was woundering dow do u guys change your avatar pictues??( for this site)) I see some with cartoon faces, and some with taeyang’s face. Help??!

  16. hey hey i recently did a drawing of Tae Yang 🙂 i hope you guys enjoy it!

    if ur crediting can u just link to my portfolio site?

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