84 thoughts on “Biography”

  1. واااااو تاي يانق
    انت جيد ومميز
    اتمنى لك ولي النجاح
    من الفتاه العربيه
    فوفو .^________^.

  2. that was awsome! happy birthday taeyang’! youre my idol’! your the best & you are really the prince of kpop while se7en is the king of kpop’! you really rocks my world & to tell you honestly my phone now is full of your songs & also bigbang song’! hope too see you perform in personal please come to philippines and have a concert’! lol…..keep being cool …you really rocks’! haha

    1. taeyang i realy love u ur my idol ur the best i love ur songs n belive me ur is all over my room wall btw it is my dream 2 meet u

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! I totally love your songs and your incredible voice. You are definitely the best Korean singer in the whole universe!!! Hope you have a great B-day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. love ya taeyang..love your music so much. Happy birthday dude. You are so young and talented. I wish to hear more from you as I know you have a great voice like no other..

  5. lol…you might wanna change his height to 165 cause there is no way he’s 173 if i’m the same height as him when i stood right next to him before

  6. hey guys, do you have SOLAR’s album credits?! i wanna know who wrote what on that album. thanks!^^

    1. I had to take my SOLAR CD out of its packaging to do this. This is the second time I’ve looked at it. 🙂

      SOLAR (intro)
      lyrics by Choice 37 composed by Choice 37 and Taeyang
      arranged by Choice 37

      lyrics by Teddy composed by Teddy arranged by Teddy

      I Need A Girl feat GD
      lyrics by Jeon Goon arranged by Jeon Goon Rap by GD

      Just A Feeling
      lyrics by Teddy composed by Teddy and Taeyang arranged by Teddy

      You’re my
      lyrics by Jeon Goon and 최깁원 composed by Jeon Goon
      arranged by Jeon Goon Rhodes piano 길은경

      Move feat Teddy
      lyrics by Kush composed by Teddy and Kush arranged by Kush Rap lyrics by Teddy

      Break Down
      lyrics by Teddy composed by Teddy arranged by Teddy

      After You Fall Asleep feat Swings
      lyrics by GD arranged by GD and Choice 37 arranged by Choice 37 Rap lyrics by Swings

      Where U At
      lyrics by Teddy composed Teddy and Taeyang arranged by Teddy

      Wedding Dress
      lyrics by Teddy composed by Teddy and Taeyang arranged by Teddy

      Take It Slow
      lyrics by Taeyang composed by Taeyang and Cat@lyst
      arranged by Cat@lyst

  7. Tae Yang!!! You are my sunshine. Thanks god so give him such a wonderful voice, smiles, dance everything that you do it so WOW. it’s mean so much to me thank you again to give me such a wonderful day to leave mylife with a hope again.

    1. hello vette:)im frm philippines too:)where in d philipppnes are you??happy to know that there are also filipino vip’s who is a yb bias:)))

  8. im his number one fan in rochester NY we are ompatible in both chinese zodiac and the plain one im a pig hes a dragon and we are both taurus

  9. taeyang .. oppa you so a mazing .. chomall saranghae yubo .. I’m from arab world .. we love you oppa .. take care .. fighting ❤

  10. Hi, I am American and i am a HUGE BB fan, and my bias is youngbae (lol i just love his real name) anyway, his birthday is coming up soon and I was wondering if you have any info on where i can send a gift for him. I have been a “huge” fan of other muscians but YB is so different…how? Because he’s humble and appreciates everything, he goes out of his way to please his fans (from practicing non stop to ensuring that a fan got the number 1 serial number for his solar album instead of him). He is extremely talented, smooth dance moves, that gorgeous smile, silky voice, amazing body (hehe, i had to say it) and his sincerity are among the reasons that I have become a devout YB fan. He’s even inspired me to learn Korean language classes (speaking of which, i should be working on my oral presentation lol). As I said before, I would really like to send him a gift, so if you have an adress that I can send it to i would be eternally grateful! I just heard the news that BIGBANG is getting ready to do a world tour, i REALLY hope they come to florida (particularly Miami, hehe) so that I can go to the concert but sheesh i would go anywhere in the US just to see them (Im also a Tabi and GD fan…but taeyang is my ultimate bias)!!! Thanks so much for creating this blog/website!!

  11. Hi!
    my sol<<<3
    i always look ur MTV and listening ur songs.
    Your songs is so sweeet. I LOVE IT .
    I from Myanmar.
    I wishes for you everytimes! love ya 🙂


    1. I loveee you so much my taeyang..I love your body your voice and your face….I always listening your voice again and againn..hope to see you sometime..really love you

  13. Taeyang you are the kind, do not drink … diligent worship,,, and a man who is very sexi … unbelievable

  14. Oppa u’re sexy…your songs is awesome…Saranghae Oppa…hehehehe..(^,^)v. Keep fighting!!and make another incridible songs..i’m waiting for your new album…

  15. i want old taeyang , with his smart hairstyle look cool, gentlemen, masculine, handsome.. but now whats wrong with his hair?? i dont like it… huhu

  16. Taeyang менің сүйікті әншім!!!!!өте қатты жақсы көремін оны!!!!

  17. Taeyang i really love your music so much and damn your dance is sexy. by the way i listen to your music everyday and i listen to big bang too… i am a big fan of big bang……^_^ i wish that you could come to Winnipeg Manitoba Canada to perform..i really want to see big bang so mush….

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