[Feature] Take It Slow – Part 1

“That fluttering feeling you get when you first meet a woman you like. As time passes, the man’s desire to get closer to this woman, the feeling of wanting to get to know her better. I imagined it a lot by myself and wrote it. Because it was my own imagination, the lyrics took a while.

And I got it inspected a lot! Because it’s all imagined from start to finish. If I’d experienced it firsthand, I’d probably have been able to write it quickly. But since its really imagined, it took a while. I asked Teddy Hyung and other songwriters around me, “Is this the way? Is this content weird?” “This is the right emotion right?” I asked them things like that a lot.”

Taeyang on Take it Slow, from Real Sound Ep 4 (Part 2; 4:51 on the ATY subs)

What Taeyang and his active imagination really meant by the lyrics is open to interpretation (yes, REALLY), but one thing is clear – the song is a real winner among YB fans.

How much do I love this song? I wish I could tell you how perfect this song is for me –composition, arrangement, lyrics and vocal. When YB said he wanted to sing songs that only he could sing, I think he succeeded in TIS. (Please feel free to disagree with me, regardless of where your ears fall in relation to your appendix*.)

From the re-encore at the Solar Concert

Uploader: dcyb0000

From the EPIC Seoul Soul Festival

Uploader: mlml31131
Uploader: yaminifurukiseki

Totally different mood and emotions at each performance and each time I thought it was perfect. Can we do an acoustic version next, Taeyang? You can even keep your clothes on.

Next: Take It Slow Part 2 : The Covers
*An inside joke for long time fans. See GQ here.
Thanks to the uploaders and sol-mate for the beautiful photo.

49 thoughts on “[Feature] Take It Slow – Part 1”

  1. Just saw some new shirtless pics and then you come and tease me with TIS – YB is just setting out to make me frustrated tonight, lol.

    But when I first heard TIS it was love. Absolutely love at first listen. I spent days listening to nothing but that song. I adore it and until I saw covers of the song I didn’t realize how hard it was to sing. YB did a great job with the song and it’s definitely a fan fav.

  2. OMG, I love this song but I never saw the translated lyrics before today… and with the fan cams!!!! All I can say if that YoungBae totally has a secret Yeojachingu somewhere. How can that be innocent imagination? For as innocent as he acts he knows quite a bit 😉 Love Taeyang though.. he is gonna do BIG things and i’m looking forward to it!

    1. I’m addicted to YB Fancams, particularly the ones from Soul Fest (since there is no broadcast or official version.) The hardest thing was picking a favorite for this post (since each one has its own strong points.)

      Here’s another one that I was tempted to include since it shows YB’s expression as he gets up from the floor. Silly boy knew exactly what he was doing when he was teasing the audience… ha!

      From babambadd at sol-mate

      1. this. i was called a pervert for an entire week by my friends when i showed them this video last year hahaha.

        1. LOL I didnt dare! not because of the nature of it,it was more because of my un-called for physical reactions/expressions which are totally subconcious!

        2. haha I know right? But I can actually imagine a few friends at work who would totally love me if I show them that! 😉

      2. ahem,I have to say I got all red in the face when I first watched this,the implications were so clear ahahaha

      3. Hahaha this more then anything proves hes talking about sex hahaha and he knows we know it with that smile loool. I think especially in korea…..where they ban and obscene song. For YB to do 2 sex songs….its quite a brave and mature thing. Like although its about sex….its a meaningful song.

  3. Oh how I love this song to pieces…everything about is just pure awesomeness. I’m with you Bluemaid with the acoustic version of this song
    “And I got it inspected a lot! Because it’s all imagined from start to finish. If I’d experienced it firsthand, I’d probably have been able to write it quickly. But since its really imagined, it took a while. ” <—- if this is all imagination he is definitely not going to have a problem 😉 lol and I'll shall leave it at that. haha

  4. First off all where the hell way I for this!?!? Omg this is my first time seeing the fan cams from Seoul Fest!! I was speechless after watching them and made me fall in love with him all over again. Gah!
    I love every single performance of TIS, he never disappoints when on stage and performing. And I agree and acoustic version Of TIS would be beyond AMAZING! That would definitely send my ears to Heaven.

  5. I love this song so much! And I love both performances as well 🙂 I remember getting shocked/excited when I first saw the soul festival fancams!

    An acoustic version would be amazing!!

    I think it was a bad idea to watch these just before going to school, I’ll be daydreaming all day now XD lol

  6. Ooohhhhh~ Gosh, I’m overflowing with love for YB all over again! TIS is just SUCH AN AMAZING SONG! The SOLAR concert must’ve been an epic awesome concert to see…. I really want the DVD now…. Very very badly.

    The Seoul Soul Festival was just awesome… I’m just as crazy as the girls as I watch the fancams… Except with my mother in the living room, I can’t exactly scream (thankfully), but I CAN smile like an idiot.. especially when it comes to YB videos… XD Silly me. 😛

    I agree BM! An acoustic version would be really great, and YB doesn’t need to strip to make all girls and guys high. Heheh.

  7. Nae Sarang, Take It Sow…
    Just want to say that I look forward to reading some insightful comments! Myself – I’m afraid I lack the eloquence to do the song justice. Better to just sit back and “feel” his music (as YB so likes to say) than to try to explain it in words. -.-;;

    Slightly OT, but… Am I the only one who was completely disgusted by the shrieks of “Take off your shirt!! Take off your shirt!!” (check 3rd vid)? I’ll stop there because I don’t want to get into a full on rant, but talk about degrading… JMO.

    1. gotta agree with you there Silly, I try to get all in-depth and convey what I feel about the song,believe me I do LOVE it,but I cant because I too lack eloquance to express myself in words,I can only feel it…

      and lol I find it ridiculous when people shriek when hot men like YB take their clothes off,really its HOT yeah but do you really have to sound like a dying woman? control your urges,especially if your shrieking your head off asking for it.

  8. I love TIS the first time I heard it because it is such a beautiful song. Going through Solar one by one when the album first came out, a song like TIS was a shocker and also a reliever somewhat. It completes the whole album. Without TIS, Solar won’t be as good, IMO. His vocals are suited for TIS, and no one can do a better cover… yet. hahhaah. Also, the fact that he wrote it, made me a proud fan. I mean, YB is capable of writing such a good song! 🙂 Now, I’m anticipating the song that he composed in the upcoming BB album.

    You know, I think the song could carry two meanings. first is how he wanted it to be; him yearning for tha girl and just feel her presence with him. Second, it’s about you-know-what. However, the performances will say a lot. Like if he’s just standing/ sitting down, serenading you, compared to dancing and teasing you those sexy moves like the 2 videos above.
    But this is how I see him, I wonder how the rest of you do.

    1. One of the things I like so much is that for a sexy song, is that it isn’t about seduction at all – more like awe that something long wished for is actually happening. (Its such a refreshing point of view from a guy in an R&B song. Can a sexy song be respectful? Because I think it is. Sweet even.)

      It’s such a perfect description of that particular moment on so many levels. The vocal, with the different nuances in how he does both the main and the back up and even the adlibs, all successfully convey the intensity, passion, longing, tenderness and happiness of the moment. And I know this is fanciful and kind of corny, but the main drum beat like a heartbeat and the synths like a quickening breath just adds to the sensuality and feeling of anticipation of it all.

      The 2 live performances are just so different and adds a completely different dimension to the song. I was initially taken aback by the fancams because I didn’t want it to become his “stripper song” like My Girl. But I can’t argue with his decision to go that way for either performance. In the Solar Concert, it came at the end of a very emotional time and he was feeling overwhelmed and loved by the audience. He metaphorically “stripped” himself – basically saying “Here I am – I’m giving you everything I got.” And in Soul fest, he was feeling all sexy and flirty the moment he stepped on that stage and he had the audience in the palm of his hand the whole time. Taking his shirt off was totally the right thing to do at the moment and the audience response was supposed to be phenomenal. (As one DCYB’r said, you had to be there to understand.) But as I mentioned earlier, I’d like him to do something different with the song the next time too.

      1. Yup gotta agree with you. He completely conducted the audience at Soul Fest. It felt right at the time and thus, it made the song much sexier. The one in Solar concert is, for me, romantic/sweet. Honestly, I never wanted TIS to be a rated song. I prefer the song being sweet but I understand is his performances say otherwise

      2. Sorry for butting in… but after reading the translated lyrics I suddenly felt like it was familiar. And after quite a bit of searching, it reminded me of a story called 13 nights. Whose premise was the evolution of a simple feeling to something complex and enveloping in 13 nights.

        This is what Take It Slow means (at least to me), how a simple want culminates to a great want, to something so enveloping. It’s a metaphor for a lot of things on many levels.

      3. Bluemaid I love what you said there and I agree, your abiliy to express your feelings so eloquently is amazing,being expressive is something I lack rather hideously.

      4. I feel exactly the same way! For a sex song its actually innocent and pure rather than dirty or anything, like US sex songs can be.

        I think to say its a song about sex….is so vague and there is so much more to this song, the emotion and feeling.

        Hahaha indeed, My Girl is basically the stripper song now. Where he just flaunts it all, nothing wrong with that i guess….fan service?

        Definitely love the Solar Concert encore TIS and LOAM, he was pretty much in tears….there was so much emotion going on….to be there i’m sure it must of been such a speechless feeling…i wish i could of witnessed it with my own eyes so badly.

  9. I dont actually know what I feel about this song,being quite the less-abled-one in terms of being expressive but I loved it the moment I heard it.

    Ever since I read the translations ,to this day I’m perplexed as to whether this was all the product of his imagination or reality and if it is imagination then what kind of imagination could produce such lyrics and what are its implications? I guess this is something I will never know,only YB knows (the human mind fascinates me yet again)

  10. IMO, the song is pretty self-explanatory.

    “Up and Down…Bounce, bounce, bounce.”
    “You’re yelling because of my lips and the way that I move.”

    I love Take It Slow. I think that he did a great job lyrically, being sensual and sexual but sweet and classy at the same time. I hope YB writes more songs like this in the future. The performance at the SSF made me love the song even more.

  11. Ahhhh “Take It Slow”…..what can I not say about this song? From my first listen, I automatically ranked it as one of my favorite songs….up there with “Sinners”. And anyone who knows me knows just how much I love “Sinners”, so to say that just goes to show how much I love TIS.

    Even without knowing the lyrics of the song, it just grabbed my attention right away. Every single time I hear it, a smile comes to my face. Whether it be the CD version or a live performance, YB’s ability to sing this song just blows my mind. Each rendition is different yet hits me just as hard. One thing I love about YB is his ability to convey his emotions in his songs and TIS is no different. The lyrics might imply a more sexual feeling but the way YB sings it just brings to mind a sense of longing. Whenever I listen to this song, I can actually imagine YB just reaching and reaching for that goal, whether it be a woman or whatever.

    Another reason I love this song is it’s live performances. I love that YB doesn’t have a specific choreography or routine with this song. Everything just seems to come straight from his heart with the live performances. Anything that happens when he’s performing TIS is a direct result of his feelings at the time.

    I don’t know whether it’s because TIS is HIS song, but YB has done an amazing job with it. I hope this goes to show him that he needs to make more songs.

    *side note* What a coincidence that TIS started to play on my iTunes as I was typing this. It must be a sign! Haha 😀

  12. Loved the eloquence of this post!

    To be honest, I wasn’t really interested in Taeyang at all. I didn’t mind his other songs like Wedding Dress or INAG, but for some reason I just didn’t really love them (now I do after repeated listenings xDD, but at the beginning I didn’t). It was only after a friend linked me TIS that it made me go “WOAH. WHO IS SINGING THIS?” and then it made me curious about the singer behind the songs ;). And then, as we say, the rest is history.

    What is funny is that the first few times I listened to the song I had completely missed the “bounce bounce bounce” line and just thought that the song was about a relationship and taking it slow and enjoying the moments a couple has together.

    It was only after watching a fancam of the seoul fest where he does the pelvic thrust at the “bounce” line that made me question what the lyrics were about LOL. It really shocked me, ahaha, but it makes me totally agree with what everyone here has been saying. I think, depending on the mood that TY is in, he can definitely pull off two different tones with this song. A slow romantic, loving, worshipful song or a more light-hearted, flirty, appreciation kind of song.



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    1. Ahh~ YES! Double encore plus subs and the live concert CD!! I LURRRRV YOU YG! OK, done spazzing, I’m signing out…LOL

    2. BUYING…..price isnt even an issue in this case. Worth every penny, just like how the flight ticket to korea will be to see him live for his next concert

  14. Definitely my favourite YB song, over 200 plays on my itunes, and I’ve seen all the concert vids countless of times.

    For me the encore at his solar concert of TIS was breath taking…even just watching it on you tube. I can only imagine seeing it live it would have just been something else. And the fact i missed that opportunity is sad. But i will definitely be there for the next concert.

    Completely agree with you Bluemaid about the different feeling each time.

    2 questions, did Taeyang compose and arrange TIS as well. I know he did the lyrics, but what about the melody itself.

    Also what is arrangement, putting the song together? is that not that same as composing?

  15. The song itself is just perfection, passionate yet gentle. Sad yet happy. Hahah its funny when I first listened to it i thought it was like a relationship song. The fact its about sex is a bit weird, cos it sounds so pure and gentle. Like a first love. But hes saying stuff like ‘baby up and down, bounce bounce bounce’ =o hahahahaa

  16. i just think that YB’s personality is all over this song.
    shy,compassionate,gentle,patient and the willingness to give everything he could offer with no expectation of getting anything back.

    and he did this baby making song with so much class.
    how perfect this song could be? just like the person who wrote this.

  17. Take it Slow is my favourite song of TaeYang, as hard as it is to pick just one in Solar. Actually it’s one of my favourite of all times, of all artist.
    Actually when I first listened it, I thought it was about taking it slow in the relationship.. how wrong I was..
    Then I read the lyrics and was a little taken back… but the song is so beautifully made, that it brings the feeling of Making Love, not just having sex.. I’m blushing right now writing this XD…
    I love everything about it, the music is amazing, how it grows and grows untill the end, and Taeyang sings it perfectly live, it blows me away everytime..
    My only wish is a live version of only Taeyang and his piano, he performing it smoothly… I thought that was going to be in the concert… but I guess I’ll have to wait a little (or maybe a lot XD) longer to see that…

    I love how almost every post in this is very long XD, This shows how amazing the song is…

  18. omo!this is why i love my bae:)!!ekek..call me a underaged ,pervert or what so ever!im proud to admit it!i just want to replay the seoul soul vil,AGAIN AND AGAIN.lol.!!espcially 0.48 and 0.55.whoottt!!!

  19. WOOT!^__^at first i thought the song was about an on going relationship,but then when i started my korean class i kinda understand some words,but then i kinda think weird about it,it’s kinda about sweet moments…kekeke..but then now i knew the meaning.LOL!!but the song is soo sweet for a couple:)aaaww:))))

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