New Teaser of Solar Concert DVD – Taeyang’s Message

Translations after the cut.

“Hi! This is Taeyang.  The concert DVD, from my first album “Solar” will be released on January 26, 2011.   I want to share the emotions, laughter, and tears from then with you again. I’ll meet you through the DVD.  Thank you. Peace!”

Check ATY’s posts and the comments for the Korean version and Japanese version of the DVD release for more information.

Thanks Piglet for the translation!

6 thoughts on “New Teaser of Solar Concert DVD – Taeyang’s Message”

  1. Why do I find everything he says and does so cute!
    Anyways, def. can’t wait to meet you through the DVD either YB…..since I’m not in LA! (*mumbles to self*).
    Yesasia, don;t fail me!

  2. Why does he have to be so cute!!! Damn….

    Have just gotten back from ordering mine via 95 Music Store! Totally waiting for that phone call saying it has arrived!!!!!

    He looked like he was going to fall down or something…Hahahahah

  3. why, of all times, do i have to be so poor just when YB’s SOLAR Concert DVD will be released? 😦
    gotta find a way to earn me some money. >.<

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