Where U AT

Animations from WHERE U AT music video

*Click thumbnail to Enlarge!

Please credit Always Taeyang

If you would like an animation that is not here, post the time and I’ll make it – limited time offer ~lol.

10 thoughts on “Where U AT”

  1. me too! i still cant get over it. i think i never will. LOL.


    what i really loved about the MV is that TAEYANG was almost in every frame! dancing and looking mighty fine and hot! good Lord! 🙂 we can screen cap and animate (gif) the entire MV.

    can’t wait for the 11th.

  2. i can’t get over this video, i’ve watched it like 20 times already! lol
    the song is stuck in my head =P but i dont mind! haha

  3. @BEBELuv…..lol…
    Every single frame is sexy……he’s delicious….sexy….hot…breath-blowing….mind blowing…..luv him with all my heart…..thanks for the animations…. YB for life xxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. thanks guys, I’ll be adding some ‘where u at’ more avatars and banners soon..!

    @BEBEluv – omo, i forgot about that, LOL there are SO many scenes in this video and they’re all dancing so fast – haha I’ll try and get that one up as well

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