Kay (sweetsorrow18) *Status : Partially Active
Administrator & Writer (and all those little things ~lol)
Blog: ATY!
Location: Toronto
Hey everyone! As you might know, my name is Kay and I usually lurk around here doing odd things, sometimes posting, sometimes trying to figure out wordpress, other times hoping to catch someone to chat with. I love meeting new people, especially Tae Yang fans and that’s why I created this site. I wanted this to be a place where international fans could meet and appreciate the type of music Tae Yang creates. Thank you to everyone who has visited this blog~
I Heart: writing my own music, getting lost in a book, endlessly discussing a topic, SUMMER, korean/japanese/taiwanese/thai dramas (~yes, I’m a dramaholic) my piano and ofcourse, the people who post here =)
Peeves: immaturity, my addiction to chocolate (~i need to quit!), dispassionate professors & people who don’t say “thank you” when you open the door for them
Believer in… destiny, faith, living life to the fullest, having no regrets & most of all, being grateful….

Tofu (Tofumon)
*Status: Inactive
Editor, Writer & Twitter
The wettest, rainiest place on Earth
Always Tae Yang is the full dose of my fangirl-ish tendencies.  Although I do all sorts of random stuff, my main responsibilities with the blog are scavenging for tidbits of information and blogging, maintaining the gallery, and Twitter-ing.  ATY has become a sort of addiction because it’s fun, and I love the team and you readers who visit.
Addictions: music that makes me move; R&B; reading blogs; sneakers; streetwear; my piano; people who have opinions and share it;
Annoyances: bad writing; mindless music; irrationally-fanatical-fangirlism;
Quirks: doesn’t usually like female vocals; writes an essay with every comment; lives here; fangirl-in-denial; likes being elusive;
Believes that there’s no such thing as bad music, only music you don’t feel.

Bluemaid *Status: Active
A long time ATY lurker, now turned writer. A YB stan since 2008, I am a relative halmoni by Kpop standards. (Have no idea how and why I became a fan, it sort of snuck up on me.) Grew up on Motown and have developed a taste for old school music of various genres. Loves dancing, dancers and dance in general. Dog lover.  “Glass is always half full.”  “Things can and should always be improved.” Ghost of the ATY chatbox.
Likes: Open minded discussion – I always learn new things from people!
Dislikes:  People who jump to conclusions; have no respect for the opinions of others; who ask questions but don’t want to hear the answers.
Quirks/Addictions:  Don’t know how to fangirl. 80% of (my) life’s problems can be solved with cake and tea.  YB fancam addiction.
Quotes from a fellow stan: On YB videos: Download first, ask questions later.
Favorite YB quote (of many): “Everyone, I would love for you to listen to all the good music in this world and be happy until I return, and for you to find peace and love in your hearts.”

Toozdae *Status: Active
Location: Maryland, USA
About me: I’m a 1990 baby, currently in college majoring in Business. I fell in love with kpop in 2009, YB in 2010 and haven’t looked back since. Like most college students I”m poor, but hopefully I’ll get a good job after college.
Likes: music, movies, cooking, family, hanging out, kpop, 2NE1, BIG BANG and Taeyang.
Dislikes: cocky people, studying, closed minded people, discrimination, sexism and racism
Pet Peeves: being mean for the sake of being mean.

ATY Translation Staff

MyokoonKorean Translator
SillyKorean Translator
Japanese Translator

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  2. I looove you guys!

    “6) My world doesn’t revolve around Dong YoungBae even though I make it look like it does. ”
    LIES!!! LOL.

  3. I heart you guys (and ATY) ^^

    So Patra, you DID write one after all. Hmm… I know you’re not Asian; you already told us you hated YB at first; and no.5 simply CANNOT be true!!! GD, moderation is a virtue – you have “moderato” tatooed on your arm for crying out loud. But then maybe that’s what makes GD so amply qualified as the leader and great celebrity material because he constantly provides us with something to talk/discuss/gossip/complain about lol.

  4. Thanks for the new Staff section! Having been lurking around AT and Georgie’s Blog for only a short while, I’ve gained so much juicy bits and pieces of Taeyang, all becos of you wonderful gals, and guy : ) Thank you, all!

    For quite a long while, I kept seeing your nick as “Tofumom” instead of “Tofumon” ^^ I need to get my eyes checked!

    My friends often thought it strange that I don’t listen much to female vocals. For me, I find most of them are too saccharinely sweet for my ears (think SNSD) or just simply, forgettable. I’m glad to see now I’m not the only strange one : )

  5. @patra: why did you hate on yb before? im just curious.
    @patra: i agree that your #5 random facts is all LIES! hahaha! “geojitmal…”

    @staff of ATY: THANK YOU SO MUCH! I hope i can help you one day. peace! 😀

  6. Thank you guys, so much for making this fansite, although i’ve only been a fan of YB for a couple weeks, I feel as if i learn more about him on here, and not too mention the chat-box is kool, thanks so much ❤

  7. ooooh my icon is freaking adorable! with the lil’ heart and everything!

    @Tofu : I swear I’m not lying. *naughty grin* my world really doesn’t revolve around him. XD

    @georgie: lol #5 cannot be true…you’re so right!

    @neenah : that’s a long story. I explained it in my soompi post…I don’t know if you have a soompi account but if AT decides to make a section about “how did you become a YB fan?” then I’ll be more than happy to share the long version.
    In short, my friend introduced me to YB by calling him the Korean Omarion and I don’t like Omarion so that made me dislike YB right away then I watched a couple of videos and I just…hated him.But it only lasted a week lol. I fell deeply in love with him.^^

  8. hey kay!
    im a new korean dramaholic
    ive seen my lovely sam soon, stairway to heaven, autumn story, and my girl

    any reconmendations?! haha
    youngbae’s da bomb

  9. @ali…yay welcome to the world of dramas……here are some others I would recommend (I’d put up my whole list but it’d be WAYYY too long)

    – Coffee Prince (highly recommended)
    – Soulmate (highly recommend this one too)
    – Goong
    – Full House
    – Delightful Girl
    – Dal Ja’s Spring
    – Shining Inheritance (aka. Brilliant Legacy)
    – Over the Rainbow
    – Boys over Flowers
    – The Legend
    – 9 End 2 Outs
    – Time Between Dog and Wolf

    Here’s a link to my crunchy page with an entire list of everything I’ve seen, with recommendation =)

  10. @Z33_RowD33 – Hi there, as far as I know, all the fan art has been submissions from the creators, as well as banners – if you could let me know which artwork you have done then I’ll gladly add the credit…

  11. Hi Kay, usually I don’t allow permission for my work to be put on other sites (except forums) but I’ll allow it just this once (only because this is a site to do with Taeyang..haha!)

    This was originally created by me:

    Cropped out from my own fan art:


  12. ^ oh yes, I remember you, you probably don’t remember me though, I was the one who requested that banner back when I used to be active on other forums – I also went by “sweetsorrow” but anyway, I can remove it, no problem, its under my creations but its not mine, I’ll feel uncomfortable keeping it, but if you want to submit your own fanart for us, let me know

  13. thank you for this amazing site!
    if theres any way to help, translating or subbing or anything, im totally up for it(:

    i love taeyang and thansk again for all the latest news on it!

  14. HEY!!…can i join you??
    i would really love to join you
    i can provide some to PLEAASE?!?!?

    anyway im the same person earlier just
    renewed my website and if it doesnt work ill
    try it again

  15. now this website really works

    now can i PLEAASEE join your staff??

    i really really really love 2 please please please

    I LOVE TAEYANG as much as you love him

    i would really stick to him i promise!!


  17. i’m glad i have open this website coz i ‘m so freakin thinking all about tae yang . and i suuper duuper loves him so much thanks for this site guys !

  18. Hello there!

    I was wondering if it’s ok for me to take out some of the gifs and pictures of Taeyang? I’m making a fanfic video and I wanted to use some of your gifs and pictures of taeyang and was just wondering if it’s ok with you guys if I take it. Sorry I didn’t know where to ask so I’m asking here.


  19. you guys are amazing !! 🙂 its soo cool how youre all from different places:)
    … i have a question my friend told me that all korean males (living in korea .. meaning big bang 😦 ) have to go to the army…. and big bang is comingof age… so does that mean they’ll go sooon 😦 😦 😦

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    So, BEAT ‘EM GUYS!!

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    .:.thanx before.:.

  21. patra86 ..
    i seen your name before from live journal with gdyb
    omg i am A MASSIVE FAN of them !!
    im not into yaoi couples…
    but i definately am for GDYB [ my confesstion]
    i really want to get to kno yu !!
    and hopefully we can spazz over them together
    fangirling over them !!

  22. Breaking news!!

    some of Taeyang’s fans started producing a rumor that Justin Bieber copied some parts of the wedding dress song of Taeyang so that I immediately found it out. I guess that some parts are indeed similar.

    Please go check that out and let us know whether or not it’s really true. To help you figure it out, I leave the link.

    ** Eenie Meeine-Justin Bieber Feat. Sean Kingston Lyrics **


  23. Wow, there’s alot of Taeyang fans. I’m not surprised, I mean, Taeyang is so dang gorgeous. No one can help but fall for him. I don’t think I know one person who doesn’t like Taeyang… but what can you say, he’s an awesome idol.

  24. Hi, I live in London..I would like to send letters and gifts to TaeYang…How can I get TaeYang’s Address?…

  25. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… always tae yang.. i admit ur more better artist than to chris brown, 🙂 ur soooo good.. luv the absssss..

    1. Although I’d love too…it takes way too much time and energy to re-sync and hardsub an entire episode but thanks. if its out earlier next time, we’ll do it~

  26. you guys do an amazing job for the site, & always keeping us up-to-date with taeyang stuff!

    thanks a million guys! ♡

  27. Hi! I just wanna ask something.. i bought a solar dvd and receive a card that has a code but I don’t know where to use it.. do u know what’s the use of it?>
    Thanks 😀

  28. I’m from Thai.
    I need soft sub for Real Sound
    Could you please gift me……

    I’m going to translate to thai
    because i don’t understand korean
    If you want to gift me please e-mail to

    I need your soft sub very very much

    from Thai VIP.

  29. I can’t thank you enough for this blog. You guys were the place I came to when I was a YB noob and I have become a fan because of you guys and your dedication.

  30. hi im from america,califorina n i just heard you sing today bcuz of a friend n i really love your music and ur voice ur like the 1st Asain person i heard sing n man u can really sing I LOVE UR VOICE hope u come out with anthor album ill b waitin’

  31. Thanks for all your work. Really appreciate you guys translating all the YB stuff. Keep up the good work. Thanks
    ~Love YB~

  32. You guys are amazing bunch of YB enthusiasms!!! I truly enjoy reading every single article and all the comments as well! Thanks for your unconditional love for YB! Keep up the great work!!!!

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