Solar Concert DVD Where U At?

For those who are interested, a special limited edition Japanese release of Taeyang/SOL’s concert DVDs will begin selling on January 26, 2011. It will contain both the DVD for HOT (Concert in 2008) and Solar (Concert in September 2010), a “Making Of” DVD  and a 40-page photobook. The DVD will be Region 2 all-region but will not have English subtitles. It is now available for pre-order at Yesasia.

Update as of Dec 24: Amazon JP is also offering the special Japanese release on pre-order, but lists the DVDs as Region 2 only.  Since YesAsia has different information on their site at the time of this posting, we suggest that those ordering through YesAsia confirm the DVD format before finalizing their purchase.  We will also make updates on this post as they become available.

Update as of Feb: YesAsia has changed the product specifications to Region 2.

At the time of this posting it will have been 76 days since the Solar Concert – where’s my Solar Live CD Mr. YG? And what about the Korean edition of the DVD? (Unless you are working on a special international edition with full English subtitles and even more Behind The Scenes Footage, then yes, I grant you a little more time. But only a little, mind.)

I’d really like to have my Solar DVD (with english subtitles) under my tree, along with the live concert CD.  Make an announcement please, ideally before Christmas so Santa has time to plan ahead. I don’t want him to rush any more than he has to.

38 thoughts on “Solar Concert DVD Where U At?”

  1. meh Don’t really want a korean version of the DVD the japanese versions seem to always have the better cuts/editing. it’s weird

  2. Bluemaid, I love your titles 🙂
    I’m really hoping there is plan to release with eng sub. I mean there was an international edition of solar but seriously YG release YB concert with eng sub…pretty please with a cherry on top 🙂 Don’t neglect us English speaking fan who want to experience the Solar concert too.

  3. Aww thanks.

    Oh boy, I have this whole wish list for the DVD: It had better be of the adult concert on the 26th, it should definitely have both encores, it should include the IU duet, it should have english subtitles, and the extras should include his speech from the concert on the 25th.

    While I already have HOT, I don’t mind it being bundled as long as the final product for SOLAR covers the above (which are musts for me.)

    And I really, really want the live concert audio CD. I’ve been playing the heck out of the fancams and bootleg audios since the concert and while those are fantastic, it would be nice to hear a cleaned up version without the audience sounds.

  4. I was looking forward to having this DVD under my tree this Christmas to no avail. With YG’s track record when it comes to dates we won’t be seeing this baby until March. I didn’t purchase Big Show 2010 because “Wedding Dress” wasn’t included so he better release the 18+ version with both encores, english subs, tons of behind the scenes footage with extras and a live concert CD would be cool too.

  5. i’m actually dont like japanese version because of editing an packaging..i’m stil waiting for YG’s announcement to release DVD SOLAR Concert in Korean version [wishing with English sub too~].
    Please YG!!make an announcement about this DVD Solar Concert.

  6. Oooh, I’m so excited for this! It comes out close to my birthday too, so I can just pass it off as a birthday present to myself ;)!

    I find it odd how the Japanese version is releasing sooner than the Korean version o_O. Maybe this is a sign of which one is going to end up having better editing quality from the time spent into it? I sort of prefer the Japanese subtitles though so I can understand it ;).

    *crosses fingers* I also hope this is the 18+ version since that one sounded the best and the one YB was happiest on with less random fangirl squeals?

    1. There hasn’t been any official announcement from YG about any release actually. The info about the Japan release was made by Universal Music Japan and YesAsia already listed it so it looks like a sure thing, though. (UMJ is Big Bang’s Japanese label.)

      There is unconfirmed news that the Korean release will contain the Solar Concert DVD+Live Concert CD and a “Making of” DVD and may come out the same time as the Japan release. No information about prices and where you can get them though. And I have to stress this is UNCONFIRMED so until we have the official announcement, its anybody’s guess what will happen. We’ll let everyone know when there is confirmed news.

  7. I’d love to preorder this, since I’ve avoided watching the fancams so that I don’t spoil myself and not enjoy it once I buy the actual thing…. and all of you have said both days were great (but the 18+ tops it), so it’s not like I won’t be wasting my money.

    But I’d have to say I am still clueless with Korean, so English subtitles would be nice.

    Would’ve thought YG would come up with the CD+DVD first rather than a Japan release…. so I’ll wait around and see if good old YG releases an announcement of some sort. Hopefully sooner rather than later, before Christmas it’s coming round the corner already!

  8. hmmm, YG’s been really sloppy with his dates this year. in the past it only took a month or so when it came to the announcement of YB’s and/or GD’s solo concert DVD, yet he still hasn’t made any for ‘Solar’ whilst the Japanese have.
    Regardless, when YG does decide to ever fill us in on the details, I’m hoping for the 18+ version.

  9. Hmm, can’t wait for the dvd although i’m going to hold off on the japanese dvd in case yg makes an announcement for his korean one. I hope he doesn’t combine his Solar concert with the Big Show concert similar to HOT.

    And yes, I agree with bluemaid; the dvd better be the adult concert w/ double encore and duet, etc.

    I’m wondering though.. YB’s the first one to have a separate dvd (jap/kor) so I’m wondering if YG’s testing the waters to see if YB’s popular in Japan and if so will release a Japanese album?

  10. Man I’m with everyone else: region all, eng sub, adult show, speech with him boohooing, IU duet (even tho she’s…understandibly…heartbroken…won’t say why but its MAMAs related), sexy ass photobook n I want my damn video for Connection. c’mon YG I’ll give permission to push it back to April if u let that last thing happen.

    1. japanese version? its the same song unless you mean different edit cuts (which i don’t see)? there was never a japanese version for “prayer” as far as i know.

    1. the same question is in my head too. haha, i have it saved under my yesasia page though but i’m still holding out for a korea release with english subtitles. i already have HOT though i wouldn’t mind owning another copy of it. hope yg release information about a korean release fast before this gets sold out.

  11. wheres the english subs 😥
    im still going to buy this one… and then buy the korean version… because im a fanboy like that ^^

  12. im still wondering whether to buy it or not. Honestly as a YB fan, I would collect all his CDs and other misc things,but no english sub is really a big problem. I wonder why they have such an arrangement. But the things is, that photobook is really attractive! Though i was there to see it live, would def buy it as a collection and recall those good memories! sighs, and where’s the live concert CD that everyone is looking forward to? dunno why i feel so bad at this point T T

  13. oohh.. i really hope YG will release news of YB releasing his SOLAR Concert DVD WORLDWIDE & not to certain countries only.. please YG!! be a good man to all of his international fans!! hehe.. ^.^

  14. the dvd will probably come in two editions like G-dragons solo concert. uncut + cut versions. I was actually thinking of buying this jap version because its region 2 I can play it in my dvd player (I live in the UK). Whereas the korean version might come in region 3. I have been waiting for this for a VERY long time, cannot stop watching the fancams.

    P.S. just wanted to say I I really like only look at me remix 🙂

  15. omo!papa yg where’s my solar concert dvd with english subtitles?? hoping that there would be one:))

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