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Sub Team

Georgie – Korean
Myokoon – Korean
Sylvia – Korean
Yuko – Japanese
Aya – Japanese



*Currently looking for more Korean-English translators. If you understand spoken Korean or can read Korean, please contact sweetsorrow18@hotmail.com to see how you can help out!

[Stream] 07.06.08 Madame B Salon – Taeyang Interview w/ Eng Subs

[Stream] 03.12.09 Korean Music Awards Acceptance Speech w/ Eng Subs

[Stream] 09.04.08 Taeyang UFO Town

[Stream] UFO Message #8 “Wake Up Call”

[Stream] UFO Message #17 “Hair Trouble”

[Stream] UFO Message #4 “A Boy No More “

[Stream] UFO Message #9- “Foreign Languages

[Stream] Cult2Show Teaser: Interview+Pray+Look Only At Me

[Stream] 20080621 Audien Interview Teaser

[Stream] 20080628 Audien Interview Cuts

[Stream] 2008.06.20 Mnet Wide Net Interview #1 Part 1

[Stream] 2008.06.20 Mnet Wide Net Interview #1 Part 2
{Download Both Parts}

[Stream] 2008.06.27 Mnet Wide Interview #2

[Stream] UFO Message #6 – “Girls Are Too Much”

[Stream] UFO Message #12 – “Mr.Biceps”

[Stream] Big Bang Star Secret Story – Taeyang

[Stream] 09.19.09 KJE\’s Chocolate, GD Speaks about Taeyang

[Stream] Kang Shim Jang (Strong Heart) – Taeyang cut

[Stream] UFO Message #16 – Taeyang Dreams a Dream

[Stream] IU fangirls over Taeyang

[Stream] Making of Let Me Hear Your Voice – Taeyang cut

[Stream] Big Bang on Music Japan – Taeyang cut

[Stream] Big Bang on Music Edge Japan 1.00 – Taeyang cut

[Stream] Taeyang on KBS Cool FM Radio (with host Hong Jin Kyung)
{Download, 296.24 MB, HQ}

Onstyle’s Real Sound by Taeyang

Episode 1 – Watch Online: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
Part 1 MU | Mediafire
Part 2 MU | Mediafire
Part 3 MU | Mediafire
Part 4 MU | Mediafire
Part 5 MU | Mediafire
Part 6 MU | Mediafire

Episode 2 – Watch Online:
Download : [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]

Episode 3 – Watch Online:
Download :HERE

Episode 4 – Watch Online:
Download: HERE

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40 thoughts on “English Subbed”

  1. just found your site, I’m so late ^^,,
    taking all these, thank you so much for the Sub Team
    pgeorgie & patra86 for all your hardworks, I love to see Bae on interview, he is so humble, he has great personality and awesome musician ^0^

  2. Thank u so so much…these have really made my day. Luv everything about TaeYang…so smooth, sexy, ‘shy’, sweet and humble. Is a great singer with beautiful vocals as well as the slickest, smooth dance moves. TaeYang for life xxxxxxxxxxx Luv Big Bang.

  3. according to your concert ‘HOT’ i was amazed by it. your vocals were really niice and how you twisted your OWN music up was great. it was well done i actually liked the ‘live’ one then the recorded one but anway i cant wait til ‘wedding dress’ comes out. im very excited for the abulm. hope you to the best. i support u[ like always ]and keep up the great work! >.<

  4. hello! THANK YOU SO MUCH for subbing the making of koe wo kikasete! ^_^ though i’m wondering if you’re gonna put up a dl link? (just asking. seen it on youtube! ;3)

  5. I live in New York. Can you please tell me where i can purchase Taeyang”s and Big Bangs cd and dvd’s in the states?

  6. Sorry i left the wrong email address. I live in New York. Can you please tell me where i can purchase Taeyang’s and Big bang’s cd and dvd’s?

  7. so,…i was wondering for a long time, about those UFO voice message taeyang made, why is that, that it alway have random number? where are the rest? (if it in order) or is it just random and those videos have no order to it o.O i’m confused
    please email you know, the appreciation goes from me~^^*

  8. thank you very much for a;; this wonderful videos….
    do you also have download links for your latest videos??

  9. hi just wondering if you guys are gonna be subbing taeyang on sketchbook?
    thanks for all the subs 🙂
    especially taeyang real sound!

  10. well can you please upload it in mediafire?since they are broken links upload it in MF,please and thank you! 🙂

  11. hey… i wanted to know whether there are more videos of realsound by taeyang instead of just these 4 vids? if there are more.. pls do sub them too >< a million thanks! 🙂

  12. Pingback: Big Bang Brazil
  13. hiiiii
    im mohadese ,,from iran
    i reallly love your musiiic and i hope someday see you in your consert or in korea or all palace that your there..
    be successfull in all your life…

  14. do you think you guys could put up new download links for tae’s real sound episodes? megaupload died.. but they just relaunched it as just mega now lol. i’d love to have a copy to cherish tae’s flawlessness forever hehe

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