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Down to Earth has landed!

After 13 years with ATY, I can hardly believe that we’re finally witnessing a real comeback after six long years.

Taeyang is back from military service, at a new label, married, and a father. With all the changes he’s experienced, it’s understandable that he would lean towards a more retro sound on this EP. He’s returning to the timeless sounds that inspired him to keep making music, and every song on the EP feels meaningful and reflective of his journey.

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BILLBOARD:  Taeyang Talks ‘White Night’ Album & Tour, BIGBANG, Mandatory Military Service

On stage Taeyang is captivating, with vocals and a stage presence that exudes confidence and charisma. One of South Korea’s most popular R&B K-pop idols, he’s made his name (and career) as a member of BIGBANG. But that’s only the beginning for the 29-year-old, whose also seen success with his solo releases, though he remains true to his origins.

“All things, to me, go back to being a member of BIGBANG,” the artist tells Billboard.

Decked out in black sweats and Balenciaga high tops, he exuded simplicity in comparison to the flair of his bedazzled and befeathered, primarily white, stage outfits. “I would describe myself as a very plain but very honest person,” he says. “I don’t really hype myself up with fancy things. I do a lot less than other celebrities because I like being honest. I just want the audience to see that the performances are a real representation of myself.”

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