Message from Admin + Interested in writing for ATY?

Message under the cut~

Hello everyone~

It’s been a long time since we’ve posted a message for all of the ATY members. I am both sad and happy writing this post. Which would you like first? lol. Alright, let’s start with the “not-so-good”. ATY has come a long way since it’s opening, though we’ve had some ups and downs, we’ve made it through and we’ve got all you followers to thank for it. I personally want to THANK every one who has shown support for this site. What started out to be a small fansite I had made for personal interest has grown into a beautiful community, where we respect each other, have peaceful and mature discussions and of course, do our bit of fangirlling (or fanboying). ATY is a unique fandom that has welcomed anyone who has accepted and challenged its views, and its a place where every is apart of the ATY family.

That being said, some may have noticed my lack of posting and I apologize for that. With age (and school!), comes more responsibilities, and for some time now, both Tofu and I have been challenged by our “real life” responsibilities in ways that have made it hard for us to continue the ATY fandom alive in the way we would like too. This doesn’t mean we’re closing ATY, we couldn’t do that to everyone here however we are sad to share that both Tofu and I will be slowly reducing our time and commitments to the blog. Specifically, Tofu will be phasing out her posting duties at the end of September, though she will remain behind the scenes with me for some time, I hope people respect her decision, as she will be moving on to bigger and better things in her life. She shares this message to you:

“When I asked Kay to be  on the Always Taeyang team two years ago, I never expected it and myself to go this far.  At first, I thought of it as a hobby – something fun to do and express myself.  Then suddenly the blog grew in both content and readership and I soon found myself married to ATY.  Therein lies the problem – I think I’ve come to the point where the amount of time and thought I put into the blog and its activities are not healthy.  I think it’s time for me to take a step back and focus on more important and relevant things in my life – like school.  I hope you all welcome the change and the freshness that our new writers will bring to ATY.  I will be taking on a more “behind the scenes” role – taking care of back end tasks for the blog. Though it’s not to say I didn’t have a good run with ATY or ungrateful of the attention it has received.  Rather, I’m humbled by the kind of support and love our readers have given us.  I’m also appreciative of the opportunity to share and connect with people from all over (ATY is truly INTERNATIONAL!) Thank you to all the friends I’ve made along the way here and twitter.  Thank you for making ATY the special community it is today.  Thank you!  (*throws peace sign + cheesy smile*)
– Tofu”

As for myself, my new academic life makes it impossible for me to be able to do much updating for the blog. Though ATY is my baby, my heart and soul, and though it pains me a lot to let go of it, I will do what I can to ensure this place remains open to all Taeyang fans. Whether I still remain a fan or not, as long as there are people here, it will be here. I will still be an admin of this blog for some time and will remain behind the scenes for any duties, however, you will see less and less of me here. As of now, I am going to play it by ear. My email is still available, and I will be handling all admin duties before sorting things out, so feel free to contact me for any reason.

Both Tofu and I want to THANK everyone here once again, we’re so sad to be slowly leaving the blog. We’ve been on a huge journey with this blog, growing each day. We have been blessed with such amazing fans that has made us so proud to be fans of Taeyang. I hope that his fan dom will continue growing, that his international fan base will continue to flourish.

– Forever and always, your awesome power admin duo: KAY & TOFU

That being said, I have some good news as well! ATY is RECRUTING NEW WRITERS. In order to keep this blog alive, we need NEW WRITERS and that means YOU! We are opening this to everyone who is interested in blogging. Whether you have experience or you don’t doesn’t matter. What matters is your love for Taeyang and ATY~


Email me (Kay) by SEPTEMBER 17TH with your answers to the question in our application form~

Application Form

1. Name (or ATY id):
2. Age:
3. Current Blog/Website (only if you have one):
4. Have you worked with WordPress before? (yes or no)
5. What are your experiences being a writer for any blogs or websites? (explain clearly, and link sites if possible)
6. How long have you followed Taeyang/Young Bae? And Kpop?
7. Tell us about yourself in 50 words or less.
8. Please explain why you want to become an ATY staff and what you’ll be able to bring to the table?
9. If you were given a group project to make a poster, which of these options reflects the role you would probably take on? (CHOOSE ONLY ONE)
a. Lead the group, give instructions and organize the members (The Leader)
b. Do what the leader says, accomplish the task at hand in the most efficient and effective way (The Effective Worker)
c. Take as much time as you need to show your best quality work, even if you work slower than others (The Deep    Thinker)
d. Do as much as you can, making sure you’ve got the most work done compared to other groups, you’re not concerned about details (The Speedy One)
10. Blogging for Kpop can be time consuming so what are the other activities are you involved with in your real life and please explain how you would accommodate ATY into them?
11. Are you familiar with Korean websites and fanboards? (If so, which ones?)
12. If you could change one thing about ATY, what would it be and Why?


We will be choosing 2 writers for now, however your application will still be considered should we decide to add more writers~

THANK YOU once again. We hope you all understand, and continue to show your love for Taeyang and ATY with some new and refreshing writers to lead the way~

91 thoughts on “Message from Admin + Interested in writing for ATY?”

  1. awww.. sad. if this was months ago, i would have loved to join the writing team, but like you, i’ve been called on to the real world. regardless, good luck to you, KAY and Tofu!

      1. hi………

  2. This makes me sad, but your reasons for leaving are very understandable. Thank you for creating such a wonderful community for Tae Yang fans here. I’m not one to comment much, but I truly appreciate all the hard work you two have done. Good luck with your futures ♥

  3. Aww…hopefully this doesn’t mean that you guys are gone forever! Even though you guys would be officially behind the scenes, this doesn’t mean that you guys would stop commenting and posting does it?

  4. I dont comment much, but I do appreciate the work that goes into this site! I’m more a creative/visual type than a writer, so I wont apply at this time but would gladly step up to keep the site from going dormant if need be. Sad 😦

  5. I know how you feel guys. I’m feeling the same. It came to a point when my love for Bae become “unhealthy” for my real-life responsibilities. That’s why I don’t comment as much anymore, I can only read, and it’s already at this point unhealthy for me. Hehe.

    I hope you can recruit writers who loves Bae so much as you guys (and us) do. Thank you for making ATY. =) It meant a lot for me so much too. Good luck Kay and Tofu ^^

  6. :'(.
    Thank you so much Kay and Tofu for creating and running this fansite.. I’m sure there are a lot of Taeyang fans out there who are more than willing to help you run this site..

    ..aside from being a community for fangirling, this is also a place for some fanboying (is that the right term? lol), am I right Taeyang fanboys??

    ..I wish you goodluck on your future endeavors, especially on your academics! and more power to AlwaysTaeYang! 화이팅!!

    1. UMMM. We like LOOOOVE fanboys.

      I think having a diverse readership really gave us a personality that was both unique and compelling. It’s also great to have someone tell us fangirls to calm the heck down….rofl.

      1. us Fanboys do love you both and all the other fangirls here.
        i think richard and qui will be sad if they knew about this.

  7. i understand where u both are coming from. Fan sites can take up a lot of your time, there’s only so much you can do. The time comes when u just need to take a break and concentrate on your life/goals. Good luck to you both and to the new staff.

    1. Thanks Jess. I know you had troubles with your YGfamily site….but it seems you are always in Kpop some how. Thanks again!

  8. ahh such a whirlwind of emotions.
    im so attached to this place. my love for taeyang is not nearly as large as my love for the two of you, and this community.
    it really is bittersweet, but of course, you gotta do what you gotta do.
    i have never been part of something like this..and for such a long time too..2 years…damn
    i guess all I can say right now is thank you?
    i still hope that we’ll be able to catch glimpses of y’all. esp during the summer!! you better! LOL
    much <3333333333

    Dilani 🙂

  9. So sad! But thank you for all of your hard work and creating such a great community! I hope that we will still be seeing you guys around.

    It has been a great two years. Never thought I would get into any type of fandom, but I did, not only because I really like YB, but also because you both created such a mature community. Truly rare in kpop. Thank you!

    Best of luck to Kay and Tofu on your future endeavors! Hope to still see you guys around.

    Gives both of you a HUGE HUG!

  10. Thank you everyone for all your kind words! I took me a great deal of time to write my “goodbye” message. My heart literally broke a 1000 times over. 😦

    I’m sure I’ll be commenting and visiting this site all day everyday! LOL. It’s ma baby! And plus you guys are soooo awesome. I hardly ever read comments on any other Kpop site. They honestly kill my brain cells. But not the comments here!

    For those interested, please apply! We want to hear from everyone and anyone.

  11. You guys have put a great amount of effort into this blog and maintaining the ATY community, this is the best fan site I’ve ever been to, and I know that even without you guys as the sole contributors, the new writers will definitely be as awesome as you two! 🙂

    Best of luck with your real life responsibilities. I gotta say that I understand where you two are coming from.

    Pop up and say hi in the comments! 😀

    Will definitely miss you guys though 😦 ’tis very sad…*sniff*

  12. Wow this news is really sad. I guess it is about time. I do like commenting in this blog. Probably the only blog I read comments and reply. Well you guys are wonderful and I have much respect for you guys for concentrating on what is important for your life. Kpop fandom is scary…I almost did poorly for my studies 😀
    Hope to see guys around …

  13. for Tofu and Kay..thanks alot of all work that both of u done in ATY.this fansite become my regular site i must surf everyday since a year ago.
    when i read this article, it’s become sad. i wonder if a new writer will be love and write about taeyang like both of u. but i understand. our life become difficult and complicated everyday.
    i’ll support ATY everyday even both of u didnt post anything.
    for Tofu and Kay…good luck!!
    for new writer ATY…hwaiting!!

  14. Well this is bittersweet. You guys have done such an amazing job with the blog, and I can honestly say this is the only place where I can truly speak my mind about Taeyang, regardless of whether people agree or not. You guys were a ray of sunshine. lol I wish you both good luck in your future endeavours, wherever they may take you. …And if you don’t mind, I think I’ll be applying. =)

  15. Wow….this was a little unexpected, but I want to take this time to truly thank Kay & Tofu. I mean I don’t even know where to start. ATY has indeed felt like a family for me, to be able to come on here & meet other great fans, spazz like crazy & have really awesome deep discussion. But at the end of the day, everything happens for a reason. Whatever may be going on in your lives, I want to wish the pair of you all the best in the world. You have been the best admins I know when it comes to any Taeyang fansite or any fansite in general. Always keep shining & do please & try visit here when you have time. ATY is a most visit site for me everyday lol, so this site will always have my love & support & regular check up. Kay & Tofu fighting! XxX Thanks a million for all the great times on here.

  16. Thank you Kay and Tofu for all you’ve done. You’ve united us fans in one place (metaphorically?) and helped us consolidate our power!

    You guys have inevitably left a dent in Youngbae’s life. Why, how could he have known us international fans if it were not for your dreams? How could he have risked coming out with a solo international album if it were not for our clamoring here? How could he have risen up the charts if it were not for your rally cries? Or known our love and support (and influence)?

    Thank you, and for sure, even though he might not know it yet, Youngbae thanks you too.

    ❤ ❤ ❤

    Much love, support, and well wishes to infinity and behind the scenes. 😉

  17. So much love for ATY!!! It’s so touching.

    Seeing the comments…I think it goes for everyone when I say, YB may have led me to ATY, but Kay and Tofu and the rest of the ATYers were definitely the reason I stayed!

  18. Makes me sad but I’ll apply. I have pretty good writing skills (journalism) but I’m also a full time student who doesn’t know a bit of Korean.

  19. First of all, just wanna say that I don’t see this coming at all. Kinda bittersweet. I love the both of you for creating this site cuz where else can i go to…? I need some place to vent, share my passion or just fangirling away and with the both of you replying comments or simply just posting, I just like it all the way better.

    secondly, I’ll miss you guys… I know you won’t be gone but
    I have to say I do understand the positiong the both of you are in because the same thing is happening to me. I’m spending more time on ATY/ Taeyang more than I do on my studies. It’s an act of obsession and I’m not proud of it. So I think I’ll be doing what u guys are doing too. Take a step back and be more focus on my studies. And since Taeyang’s promotion is almost over, it is the right time for me… maybe I’ll be active in commenting again in December?

    Lastly, thank you for all your dedication, hard work and commitment put into the blog… oh and thank you for always stressing in healthy, mature and rational discussions. I really appreciate that. You guys are awesome and deserved to be hugged by YB hahahaa.

    lotsa ❤ to Kay and Tofu 🙂

      1. for awhile.. until …well, u heard.. my exam is the most important part of my life now. You’ll see me again once in a while..

        1. form 5 right? yeap, ILMB, seriously, focus and try to score a good scholarship. I actually regretted that i was still checking into kpop sites during my spm….although with the reason of “releasing stress”. lol. consequence? I did get a scholarship but only for foundation studies. if i were to do slightly better, could have scored a full one.
          so really, focus, then come back. 🙂 he’s not gonna be doing any big solo activities after this anyway… you can catch up on news bout him after spm, but spm, it’s comes only once. so yea. 🙂

        2. I know 🙂 thanks of for the advice. That’s what I’m trying to do right now. Study day and night. Are you celebrating Hari Raya? Selamat Hari Aidilfitri 🙂

          scholarship–> 9A+

          Sorry for going out of topic here

    1. good! please leave Taeyang, if you don’t love Taeyang anymore and don’t come back to Taeyang because I will be the only one who love Taeyang forever all my life.

  20. Awww …much love to you..we got to do what we got yo do I wish you the best and thank you for creating such a wonderful site.

  21. I don’t know what to say..I am seriously saddened by this but I understand. Tofu and Kay, you’ve been so committed to ATY and I’m sure you’ve sacrificed a lot for it as well. I wish you the best in your future plans and I hope you know you’ll always be remembered and missed. I want to say a huge heartfelt thanks to both of you. You’ve heard of how ATY has been a huge part of everyone’s lives, and I’m no exception to that.

    As a fan of YB for merely 4 months, ATY was my “Bible” so to speak. ATY was were I got to catch up on all the YB news I’ve missed for the past 4 years. I started with a pathetic zero knowledge in Kpop, but with ATY’s help, I’ve definitely become more well-versed in it. The ATY community is pure love <3. I've loved the people I met here, in the chatbox, and in twitter.

    Thank you to Kay and Tofu for starting and creating this world for us. I'm gonna go now before I get all teary-eyed. XD

  22. im happy if i get a vid of taeyang atleast once a fortnight 😀

    is there another site i could go for updated vids of taeyang?

  23. i never been a fan of endings and this seems like one… not the end of ATY but the existence of two amazing admin , from the little comments you leave under a post to the full hearted spazz replies you leave along with us , i always enjoyed reading what you two got to say .

    i never been a part of a fandom ( even thought this doesn’t feel like one ) , never more than a quick glance at a blog and i never return … but key and tofu managed to make this a place that i would come back to again and again … i enjoyed every article , every post and i couldn’t begin to imagine what effort was put in it …… even with the new writers this would always be your site , i so very much hate endings but thank you and i wish you two all the best in what ever you do ..
    i am going to try and apply 😀 but am almost hoping you don’t pick me …

  24. i’m certainly a newbie here in ATY.
    but for the past 2 months of visiting this site, all i had was enjoyment in reading the articles, watching the vids and most especially, reading comments here and replying.
    i visit other kpop sites but this one has the best community, if i may say.

    thank you Kay and Tofu for making this fansite!
    you two will always be remembered by us YB fans.
    hope you keep in touch.
    i love reading your insights and views about YB.
    i know you two will do well in whatever you do!

  25. thank you for everything, for sharing your love for YB to all of us! we’ll miss you! god bless and i wish you all the best! 🙂

  26. Thank you for all ur hard work and dedication in keeping us up to date w/ the man we all love! Best of luck to the both of you’s! Always Taeyang! 🙂

  27. I gotta say, this is probably the best fansite I’ve ever been on. Not because its about Taeyang, but how everyone is so accepting of each others thoughts and feelings. I don’t usually post comments on other fansites, but once I come here, I always want to join in on the discussions. I also like the fact that I’m not the only girl who’s overly obsessed with Taeyang LOL. Kay & tofu, you guys did an awesome job running this site. Thank you so much for your endless spazzing and discussions about Taeyang. I’m sad to hear you guys won’t be blogging as much anymore but I hope you achieve all your goals in life. I’ll definitely be waiting for your return! =D

  28. I am not the kindda person who like to comment but u guy Kay and tofu really move me i really appriciated ur hard work u guy are the best . u work really hard to tell the fan what they need to know so even if u leave u still remain in everybody heart cuz u have ur reason for ur futher u guy deserve a truly thank . u know u guy are the best .wish u luck no metter what u do^_% hahahah…..

  29. This was really sad to read. But I thank you two for making the best fansite ever!!! I would totally love to write but this is my freshman year in college and I also need to focus on my studies. Good luck to the two of you in all your future endeavors! And early congrats to the new writers!

  30. Completely understand. Appreciate all the work you’ve done Kay and Tofu, even though you don’t get paid or anything you’ve always made this a great site and fanclub. Im just glad ATY isn’t officially closing down or anything, i think i would die without it. Not only is this a site where we all appreciate YB, its more like a family, where instead of bashing each other, we all seem to get along. ^^ ATY Hwaiting!

  31. As a recent fan,when I first took a liking to Taeyang and started to randomly wander around researching him, ATY was the fist sight that I came across and I was amazed at the amount of time and devotion you guys put into bringing news about him,I was awestruck by Taeyang: the singer but ATY played a huge role in me discovering Taeyang: the person and I doubt I would have been such a devoted fan so quickly, if it weren’t for this site.Also,it’s the honesty and the qualities of true-fandom that ATY admins and commenters posses as a community that made me stop being a silent lurker stalking the site and join in.

    ^lol I know that sounds more like a farewell speech but really that is how I feel and I would like you guys to know it.

    its completely understandable why you guys want to play a less prominent role and get on with your real life’s,GOODLUCK with everything you do Tofu and Kay.(I just wish I got to know you two better =| )

  32. This was something hard to read. I completely understandable under the circumstances you both are under. I was with a fandom before looong ago..and given the situation you both are now I was too in that same predicament and I too had to give into my reality and focus on my studies and life. You guys actually brought me back to being into a fandom, but this site was different I was able to show my opinion because I felt like this fandom really expressed how you SHOULD voice out what you feel.

    Even though I haven’t been on this fandom for awhile, still being here regardless of my stay, this place is still a very welcoming site. It’s refreshing to have a site like this dedicated to a person like Taeyang.

    Thank you, good luck with finding the right writers to help make this site great as what you both have been doing for awhile.

  33. HOW DARE YOU TWO!!!!! LMFAO!!!!! I kid I kid but on farealzies thanks for the exclusive info and just an awesome blog overall. Don’t worries ill still bug you guys in twitter 😉

  34. Thank you for everything. I truely appreciate the time and effort you invested in the site. Good luck to both of you. : )

  35. awww my Kay and Tofu!!! its been a long time… i know i don’t comment as much as i use to but this is the website i still check first every single time i turn on my computer… you guys never cease to amaze me with your YB diligence and commitment to the visitors of your site. i remember when the site was a small group of us taking about the kpop scene and then BAM our ChatRoll will be 20 at one time instead of the 6 that it was, lol. I made a lot of great friends here on ATY and I hope that the writers chosen to contribute to the blog does justice to all the hard work the dynamic duo has put into ATY. i can say tha ill miss you but i kno we will be in touch 🙂

    ❤ the both of you and good luck in your real life!!!

    Judy ^^;

  36. this is the best international fansite of Taeyang
    this is the most stupid comment of mine
    but now I’m totally freak out and cry so much after read this
    I come here this site everyday because I love Taeyang sometime I read some comment on youtube I feel sad because the hater comment about Taeyang, but I feel happy everytime I come here to this site because here is the place that everybody really love Taeyang. but now I feel everybody will leave Taeyang,Go ahead because If I will be the only one who love Taeyang in this world. I will do love him untill I die
    Sorry Kay and Tofu You did the amazing Job about Taeyang all the time and I understand you must go on with your real life but this is my real feeling that nobody really love Taeyang and will leave him now when this time is the most important time of Taeyang he has the Internation alnum of Taeyang and he will have a big real concert of his life in this month!
    I don’t know i feel really sad for Taeyang and everything
    and now i’m crying a lot lot lot lot
    maybe I’m just stupid girl and sorry to say stupid thing

    1. Relax .. No one is leaving taeyang.. Is just that it’s time to prioritize. No doubt , studies is more important than fandom .. You gotta understand them .. They may not be there to support taeyang physically but they are supporting him mentally which is more than enough..We all love taeyang! No worries, such a talented star like taeyang will never lose fans as a matter of fact , only gaining of fans 😀 !

  37. I’m a bit late to this but I just wanted to say thank you to Kay and Tofu for all their hard work and dedication put into this site.

    I understand your situation since I’m kinda in the same situation myself and can’t post/comment as often as I would like. Good luck to both of you!

    21Bangs put up a translated YB interview from Asiae. Not sure if it’s part 2?

  38. it will be sad to not be greeted with posts by you two when i visit the site everyday but i understand and sometime take for granted that people who ran sites and fandom have real life responsibilities. good luck, kay and tofu! i know aty will continue flourish just like taeyang will himself. ^^

  39. Hugs and cookies all around guys!

    So much love, hard work and sacrifice behind the scenes has paid off in spades. Who would have had any idea back then it would get this far? You’ve built a real haven on the internet for YB fans — the ATY community is truly special in kpopland.

    Toasting your (and ATY’s) new beginnings (with milk…to go with the cookies!) Seeing the success you’ve made of the blog, I am sure your other endeavors will be equally successful. Kay and Tofu hwaiting!

  40. Good luck on your future endeavors!!! I have really enjoyed reading this blog over the last year and appreciate it as my #1 source for TY information. Best of luck and I will definitely miss reading your posts!

  41. Good luck guys! You will be greatly missed! I hope schooling works out for the both of you, and thank you for posting wonderful blogs about Tae Yang.
    Peace & Luv

  42. Oh, this is so sad.
    Thank you for your effort so far.
    I know u guys are leaving but still your heart remains with us.
    I hope you’ll visit here again.
    Wishing you have happy days and take good care of yourself always.
    plz dont forget him.

  43. Oh no! Say it ain’t so! Well, I totally understand what you all have to do. As we get older, life happens and we have to prioritize our responsibilities. So sad to see you both slowly leaving. I’ve known you 2 from our soompi spamming days & TYC days lol. It’s amazing how just 2 years ago, the community was pretty small. Now when I type in “Taeyang” in google, this site is the 2nd one that shows up!! That’s awesome guys! You have both done an amazing job with the community, and I’ve always enjoyed watching it grow more and more. I’m happy to be a part of it as well.

    You’ve both made us all proud! Good luck to both of you with your futures!!

    ~ Jazmine

    1. Thanks so much for always helping with the graphics Jaz…you’re fantastic and a long time friend (yes, totally remember the soompi spazz days)…thanks for everything =)

  44. Thanks for your effort and time Guys , Without you guys we won’t be able to know updates about our taeyang Oppa . And i we or me i understand that there’s more things that need to be done . I hope you can come back guys .

  45. um,i know i’m late,sorry kay and tofu.
    i stop coming over here coz my baby nephew really dampens over my happiness in securing a vip ticket.until yesterday,i was debating to myself if i come or not coz i’m still mourning.

    anyways,when i brows around here in ATY,i was shocked in finding this article posted.

    although it’s hard to let you go but you guys definitely deserve to have a permanent vacation from ATY.
    you’ve done so much for YB.ATY’s like,the backbone for YB’s international’ve contributed so much for his success.
    YG should have you on his payroll.

    it’s true that in every man’s success there is a woman behind YB’s case,there are two.:)

    good luck!!

    but you’re not gonna stop being a fan right?

    1. I am so sad to hear about your loss, I hope that you and your family can stay strong through these hard times. Thanks for always coming to visit and dropping us a message~

      And of course, we’ll always be fans =)

    2. BEBEluv,

      My condolences. I’m very sad to hear that, but as Kay said, please stay strong. Thank you for continous support and kind words.

      We’ll always be fans! Thank you!

  46. I’ve been a silent reader for the pass years I think when ATY started. I’m very sad to see you guys go but it is understandable as we grow older together new things start to appear in our life making it harder to go back to the things before. Even though we wish we can stay like this forever we can’t. Taeyang now will have more fans young and older ones. I am glad I shared this long journey with you guys. I think I’m about the same age as you guys in my early 20’s so Kay and Tofu I understand when you guys say other things need your attention. I wish you guys the best in life! Take care and good luck! ^_^

  47. 2! I like you who make me know Big Bang and make me like them . You knom why i like you because You are so self-confident on the stage but you are a little shy in real life. i think you are close-mouthed man but you are a profound and heartfelt man. I hope you would find a real girl for you. At this time, you do not need to sing ” I need a girl”.
    Have a successful year! (*…*)

  48. i know oppa account,please tell me……………………………….please…………………………………….
    i am always your fan………………………………………..i always love taeyang……………………………always………………

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