Solar Concert: 1 Year Later

Happy Anniversary SolarCon! It’s been a whole year since the Solar Concert capped off Taeyang’s promotions for his first full album. In honor of the occasion, we wanted to look back at the concert a bit and relive some of the moments not captured on DVD.

We’ve translated the MENTs for the September 26 concert (his emotional MENT from September 25 is posted here), including all the bits not included on the DVD to better appreciate his unique sense of humor. (Though the way he says things make a big difference – which is why the accompanying audio and video make for fuller appreciation- the starting point for us international fans is understanding the language after all.) We’ve also added in some of our favorite fancams from both days. So let’s get started shall we? (Bold text on the MENTs were not included on the DVD, other highlights are things we found particularly amusing.)



Hello, everyone – I’m Taeyang. …You knew that, right?

Wow. So tonight’s the long-awaited adult concert!

To tell you the truth, I couldn’t say anything yesterday but – you know how yesterday was the first concert? Well, I felt a limitation as to how much I can express lyrically.

But tonight, since we’re all adults…
I’m so happy that I can properly sing the lyrics I wrote and freely express myself on stage.
Anyway, it’s such a pleasure to meet you all, yeah~!

My voice is a little strained after yesterday, but,
this being the end of my solo activities, I plan to sing until my voice gives out.

It feels like it’s been a long time since we’ve met like this. [male fan: “That’s right!”]
There are a lot of invited guests tonight, too,
but for those of you who were at my concert two years ago, we probably haven’t had a chance to come together like this for two years, right? [male fan: “None at all!”]
That’s why this moment feels very precious to me, and I’ve worked hard to try to make this time together something you can remember one year, two years from now.
So I hope you will all feel my concert to the end. [As he often does, he says “feel” as opposed to the more common “enjoy.”]

Actually, I can see up to the second level pretty well, but I can’t really see the third level. Those of you on the third level – can you hear well, too?
No? You can’t?
Since we’ll having the concert in a theater this time, I think there shouldn’t be too much discomfort. Yeah….

Then we’ll go right into our next song.
You all have to enjoy it to the end, all right?
The next song is… Just A Feeling.


Uploaded by DYBLGE (Sept 25)


Actually, I was so excited [butterflies, heart aflutter] while preparing for the concert that I wasn’t able to sleep well for days.
Whenever I lay down to sleep, the concert would start [in my head].
It seems to work out well to sing this song with my heart aflutter.
To tell you the truth, this song was tricky to sing.
I needed to sing it while feeling aflutter,
and I think I was able to express the emotion well this time – what did you think?

Looking around today,
there seems to be more pretty people than there were yesterday.
So today – I always say this but – I’m going to try to find my ideal woman here.
I’ve been looking around, and there are so many pretty ladies that it’s going to be difficult.
But I’ll try to best to find her today.

If I go down into the audience, please help me find my ideal by remaining in your seat – while holding your most beautiful pose – and look at me. Then I think I’ll be able to find her, all right?

We’ll go to the next song then – I Need A Girl.


Uploaded by urthesun1 (Sept25)

Uploaded by DYBLGE (Sept26)


Uploaded by minorBminorB


Uploader: Urthesun c/o DearYB518

Sept 26 version here.


Mimi Creations c/o YBMania


Uploader: Urthesun c/o minorBminorB

It’s so fun having you all stand like this. Yeah~!
We’re racing toward the end of the concert now.
I was having so much fun that – hold on – my in-ear came out. I can’t hear my voice, hold on – can someone check this for me?
[To staff] There’s no sound.
Oh, now I can hear!

It’s so great to have all of you up on your feet like this… You should have gotten up sooner!
We have just the last song left. I feel sad already.
As I was preparing for this concert, I wanted to see you more often. I regret that I wasn’t able to.
Maybe that’s why, but for some reason I got really teary yesterday while giving my ment. But today~
Actually, I got home last night after the concert…
And if you think about it, tonight is the last concert.
I don’t know if that was why – I was teary during my ment, too, but I got home and the tears just wouldn’t stop.
I don’t know why, but…

I think my greed was part of it,
and that so many people put in their time and effort for me.
I should have approached it with a more relaxed mindset, put aside my greed and come to you more often.
But I tend to get so picky with everything I do, and I think that made it more difficult for me to come to you.
Whether it’s a broadcast or a stage performance, I would involve myself in the minute details, and it’s true that I felt somewhat overwhelmed and pressured about coming to you.
From now on, I hope I could come to you all more often.
Although this is the last time with Solar, there is still so much more music and performances that I want to do.
So if you will continue to anticipate and trust and watch over me, as you do today, I would be really grateful.
Thank you all for coming.
And to the people who were unable to come today but listen to my music on the quiet and praise me and support me, I want to send my sincere thanks.

One thing that’s fortunate is that I feel like it’s my destiny to make music and stand on the stage like this. Though Big Bang hasn’t released anything in a while, in the meantime, I continued to make music and – though it didn’t fully satisfy your desires – perform on stage as a solo artist.
It makes me think – this music that I’m making and the performances I give – what I’m doing is right.
It’s you who make me feel that way, so I want to thank you all for it.

Even though I’ll be leaving you after this concert, I will return with great Big Bang performances, so I hope you’ll look forward to that.
Even if it’s not necessarily our music, I hope you’ll listen to all the wonderful music in the world and find happiness.
It’s why I make music and stand on the stage, so I hope… I truly hope you’ll be happy.
This place is called the Peace Hall. I hope your hearts will be filled with peace and love. Peace & Love!

Until I can return with an album that I can be satisfied with, I hope you’ll wait for me with smiles on your faces.
I don’t know when it’ll be.
I won’t make you wait with anticipation – because I expect to take a long time this time.
While doing these solo activities, I felt like I was more exhausted emotionally than physically.
So from now, I want to improve on the things I’m lacking in, and,
more than anything, I feel like I need to take a lot of time for myself.
Work, meet a lot of friends… and then I hope to see you all often.
The music made from new memories and experiences are what will make you all happy. So in order to do that, I will fill that time with a lot of experiences and good thoughts.

This last song is one you all probably know.
So while you’re up, I hope you’ll all sing along, all right?



For this concert… Not just this concert, but for me to become a singer and get to this place, I received the help of so many people.
This concert is no different.
First, YG, who recently became a dad.
Teddy hyung, who worked so hard while making this album.
Kush hyung, who always shares so many conversations with me.
Choice 37, who always supports me quietly.
My really reliable hyung, Se7en.
He came to both concerts – yesterday and today – My true friend, G-Dragon.
And today, there’s also my fellow members, TOP, Daesung and Seungri.
They are my family.

So many people helped out while we were preparing for this concert.
Eun-ee [Ji Eun] noona, who always dresses me nicely.
Make up director, Tae Hyun.
And my manager hyungs, who always deal with my picky eating habits.
And the fan team leaders.

Ah, and DJ Han, who really labored over the sound system.
And Kyung Joon hyung.
And all the staff at YG.
And the people at YG Japan came for my concert.
Jinu hyung, Sean hyung, Danny hyung. And YG Family.

And those who stood on stage with me – my DANCERS!
Hi Tech!
Ki Chul hyung, Jung Han hyung, Byong Gon hyung…
You all know him, right? Jae Wook hyung!
And my ladies, Crazy~
My partner, Ji Hye noona.
Hee Soh, Mi Ran, Eun Young-ssi, Eun Young, and Young Sun.
And my dream team, Soldier!
Han Sol hyung, Gwang Won hyung, Hyun Ho hyung.
You guys did great/worked hard today.

And all the crew members who put this concert together.
Director Kwon, Chi Young hyung – thank you, of course.

These are people who worked even harder than me –
My band, Spotlight!
I want to introduce them one by one.
Music Director – Il-Ho hyung
Piano – Tae Soo hyung
Guitar – Soo Wan hyung
Chorus – Bong Gu hyung, Mi Young noona, Joon Seok hyung.
Bass, bass, bass – Duk Rae hyung
Percussion – Yong Jin hyung
He has the same hair as me – Big brother drums, Dong Jin hyung!
And… You!


Uploaded by 7191anny

Uploaded by YBManiaOfficial2

We did an encore! We did it already, so I don’t have any more songs to sing now.
Because it’s a session [live band] concert this time, I can’t do an encore even if I wanted to. There’s no music.
[fans chant “unaccompanied!”]

What song? What song?
What? Take It Slow?

I don’t know what to do…
What song do you want?

[Session comes out]
They came back out!
Okay then…
I’ll sing one song that you want to hear, and then I’m really going to go.

Hold on a moment. Hold on, hold on…
I’ll say the song title, and I’ll sing the song that gets the biggest response.
Take It Slow?
Look Only At Me?
Wedding Dress?
Okay, we’ll go with Wedding Dress.

[fans chant “All three!”]

Okay, we’ll go with Look Only At Me.
Let’s go!


Uploaded by dcyb0000

Uploaded by reallywally

I think I’ll go in now…. Okay, I’ll sing just ONE more song, and then I’m really going to go. Take It Slow, baby~ Take It Slow…


Uploaded by 7191anny

Thank you! Peace and Love Forever!

Any fave fancams that we missed? Please share them in the comments.

Thanks to DCYB for the full audio, YB Effect for the photo and to all the uploaders for the fancams.

Transcription and translation by SYLVIA @ALWAYSTAEYANG. (Please credit if taking elsewhere!)

9 thoughts on “Solar Concert: 1 Year Later”

  1. No wonder I’ve been listening to Solar Con. Audio a lot lately, it’s actually the anniversary! (ha, i’m not making this up)
    Solar con gave me good memories, though I wasn’t there physically. but i remember being with you all, chatting and stuff, waiting for the audios/videos to be released for us to really feel the concert as well.. it gave us a roller coaster of emotions since he was having a second concert after a first successful one but at the same time, it was the mark for the of his promotions… and also the fact that he mentioned he won’t be coming out with another album in a long time. I cried on Sat and Sun night.

    Since watching him cry on Sat night, that had to be my favorite moment of the concert. he really opened up and can feel the honesty behind it. Performances were awesome, even You’re My(him wearing a suit helped as well xD) and LOVE the fact that he was taking another step further from the ‘idol status’ he has been carrying by having a session concert 🙂 and yeah, that double encore when everyone was already packing up and getting ready to leave? Respect YB for going down to the fans 🙂

    Last but not least, thank you so much Silly for translating this and the rest of the ATY staffs for putting up this post! 🙂

  2. awww,this brings back good memories.i wanted to relive everything that happened 1 year ago.

    BM,thank you very much for this great post and to Sylvia as well.

  3. I agree with ILOVEMYBAE. I remember counting down the days for his concert and was checking ATY constantly for updates and fancams, even staying up late just to make sure i didn’t miss anything. I felt like I was there at the concert but really, i’m in the US. That was the first time i’ve ever done that for an artist, let alone, an artist with a language barrier. he was so open and intimate during this concert.

    taeyang reallly is the most respected, humble, honest musician. not very many of those types of people exist in the music/celebrity world. thank you ATY for letting me experience solar con one year ago

  4. Year later and his performace quality is still on the decline…. Someone needs to bring back the 2006-Jan2009 version of taeyang back

  5. Aah. The concert anniversary. Like you all, those two days last year were definitely a roller coaster ride. A flurry of emotions for me; scared, anxious, excited, nervous, joyous…everything all at once. I also remember checking ATY almost every half hour for any updates/fanaccounts/pictures/fancams.

    I re-listened to the audio again, and followed the dialogue (it’s so much better being able to understand what he’s saying!! Thank you Sylvia).

    Once again, I am reminded of how humble, down to earth, and genuine he is. I love his adoration for music and performance, and I hope he continues to grow and learn – as I’m sure he has…travelling, meeting w/ producers etc.

    I am realizing also, just how much I miss this man! I know he said it’ll take a long time for his next album (though I have a feeling it’ll take shorter than he initially thought). I kind of feel like we’ve been on a plateau w/ regards to YB; but I can sense there is some momentum building up (though very slight), and I am beyond excited to hear his new music. I also love how he ended the concert: “Peace and Love Forever”.

    Thanks to ATY for this wonderful post.

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