[Twitter] Some words of wisdom from Taeyang 140911

Translation by @BIGBANGGisVIP

Who cares if the cherry blossoms are in full bloom for only a short while and then fall off
The beauty of that moment lasts forever
Hope our lives in the future will be like that too
Not being discouraged even when we shed tears
And not being tied down by our past even when we miss the old times

By 0 (Young Bae)

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NONA9ON 3rd Invasion: Taeyang x CL

Taeyang and CL are the models for the third episode in the series of Nona9on teasers promoting YG Entertainment’s joint venture fashion line with Samsung’s Ceheil industries.


They both look great but I’m sure I’m not the only one who wishes they had more of a musical contribution to the CF.   I’d love to hear them on even a CF song together.  (Or you know, see them perform together on stage…)

Taeyang hits Club NB at Gangnam for a “Special Performance” (140907)

Not sure what they meant by a “special commemorative performance for the album” but it sure looked like a good time. Fresh off his Japanese concert tour, Taeyang partied with fans at YG’s club with a short performance that left fans wanting more.  Set list included Body, 1AM, I Need A Girl, Ringa Linga, Eyes Nose Lips and Only Look At Me.

More fancams below the cut. Thanks to urthesun, YB518% (EeeGGO) and juckdo!

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Fansite dedicated to Mr. Dong Young Bae aka. Tae Yang


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