VIBE happens

It hasn’t really sunk in that 5 years after White Night, we are getting new music.

It’s a whole new world: post-military duty, 5 years into marriage, fatherhood, and now outside the YG cocoon, with Bigbang’s future even more uncertain than usual. The kpop industry and fandom culture is practically unrecognizable from back in 2018.

And yet we know that Taeyang will always retain the strong core of himself : always passionate, serious about music, deeply loyal to his beliefs and loved ones. YB’s new home at The Blacklabel is also very much an old home and soulmate Teddy being close by is reassuring for fans who miss his signature sound.

So we have something old, something new, something borrowed… all the elements of hopeful beginnings. Let this be the start of many good things to come!

About the song… there really isn’t any way for me to be objective. Even ignoring the circus around the comeback, its been too long and I’m too happy that he’s working again to feel anything but love and thankfulness.

10 thoughts on “VIBE happens”

  1. Hi Blue!!!!

    I’m just here to say I’m ready for this. The nostalgia! My biases are colliding. Jimin has always looked up to YB and to see this happen makes my heart tingle.

    Like you said, it really is a mix of old and new. Is it a game changing song or sound? No. But it’s a bop to me! And definitely a way to introduce our legendary YB to the new K-pop fans out there.

    Wishing nothing but success and happiness for YB with his career and family!

    P. S. I miss you!

    1. I like the song! The video is pretty much a standard kpop box video so I hope we get a dance performance video soon haha.

      So much life has happened since White Night but I got the impression from the Countdown event that YB is forward focused and doesn’t want to get bogged down in nostalgia about the good old days. (LOL he’s ALL about the fresh start and the new stuff.)

      So much content came out at once… what a deluge! I hope things relax for a bit so we can enjoy this for a while before he disappears again lol.

  2. hello alwaystaeyang fam! hope all is well with you all ❤

    so pleased that this blog is still active now that youngbae is back. oh how much I missed his voice. ❤ it's like seeing an old, dear friend after years apart. I'm glad to see that he has weathered all that life has thrown at him (as we all surely have as well) and now is back with more music.

    the song is a a bop and jimin from bts is another unique voice. very pleased with this collab!

    1. Did you see this interview?

      I was laughing when he was talking about DCYB and remembered all those crazy posts from back in the day. YB’s fans stress him out the most hahaha


    Wow! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve found myself back here! Hello to old friends, remember me? lol. So many things have changed in my life (like SO MUCH)! But one thing I could count on was Taeyang releasing some banging music. VIBE is a VIBE. I’m loving it!

    Also, I’ve become an ARMY during this time, so yes…my fangirl days are still strong (no new blogs opened though lol). It’s like my worlds collided.

    I can’t believe this blog still exists, thank you EVERYONE who kept this alive. It’s incredible seeing some of the stuff we had on this blog and seeing all the updates!

  4. Glad to hear new music from YB and see black label doing an interesting promo run for him. full album plans for april-may hopefully we get the Zion T/Vince covid collab.

    1. lol. Old gang’s all here.

      I can’t believe how well run this comeback is compared to the chaos back in YG. Considering covid, its going to take more advance planning and creativity. One good thing is that they’ve really done a lot to make the comeback friendly for international fans. So we can pretty much be lazy over here at ATY. (Though just going through the daily content is a lot… what a deluge.)

  5. *squeeeeee* hello old friends!

    ^^ srsly i’m having flash backs to when we had to ask kfans to translate articles for us and myself using translation tools at DCYB for news and tidbits. oooffff.

    i saw a clip of YB eating a lunch packed by the wifey. it was so sweet. glad to know he’s still pretty down to earth as before.

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