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Happy Birthday Taeyang!

Simpsons Bday Ramones

Happy Birthday Taeyang!

Every year goes by faster and faster but also filled with great memories and learnings. As always, we wish you the very best this year – full of great music and performances, good people to meet, fun places to go and meaningful experiences that take you closer and closer to the artist and man you want to be.  May you shine brighter all the time, sending your light farther into the world!

Throughout all the craziness in this life, always remember that you have the love and support of your fans who believe in you always as you go closer to your “big dreams.” Looking forward to many more years of great music and performances from you! Let’s go forward together!


BIGBANG debuts Let’s Not Fall In Love on SBS Inkigayo (150809)

It’s the most stripped back SBS stage I’ve ever seen for Bigbang especially considering it’s the first broadcast performance of a promoted single. (What – no rain machine? Taeyang doesn’t spin? No flirting with random dancers?) But… I loved it just the same.  The song is just so pretty and the plain stage puts the spotlight right on the vocals and the song. Continue reading BIGBANG debuts Let’s Not Fall In Love on SBS Inkigayo (150809)

BIGBANG says Let’s Not Fall In Love [Made Series E MV]

Bigbang comes back with their most romantic MV ever. It’s a veritable playbook of romance clichés – running in the rain, swings, bikes, playful eating … and trashing a grocery store (well, it’s Bigbang after all.) The actresses are meant to be stand-ins for fangirls everywhere, and who can resist when the boys are so heart-clutchingly adorable and HANDSOME. Lawds, Taeyang… there are no words…

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Bigbang rocks out with new songs “If You” and “Sober”

What a terrifically well done video! I love the surreal Beatle-esque spirit of the whole thing. SO much going on and all of it so interesting. It’s too bad that “If You” didn’t get a video as well. I wouldn’t even have minded footage of the recording process, just as long as we had some sort of visual.

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Bigbang on KBS YHY Sketchbook (150605)

YB Sketchbook 150605 - 2

Full Show – Official with English subtitles  (Bigbang starts at 25:10 and again at 1:06:15)

Bigbang performed on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook for the first time as a group (so surprising) and it was marked by both old and new performances: BaeBae, Bang Bang Bang, Fantastic Baby and Lies.

Performance Cuts and  Fancams below the cut

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