Taeyang debuts “Darling” and “Wake Me Up” on SBS Inkigayo 170820

Nine years after his first solo activities in 2008, we are back at Inkigayo for the debut performance of Darling and Wake Me Up.

In all these years, Taeyang has grown in maturity, confidence and skill and it’s a pleasure to see him stand out among the many energetic dance group performances with a simple and straightforward vocal performance.  My impression though is that both tracks were really chosen for how well they would do on tour with the live band and in the context of a concert venue.  Pretty lights and video wall aside, its not really meant for music show TV.  (Which is a blessing, since we will be spared the consistently awful Inkigayo camera work. I confess I won’t miss these weekly music shows at all.)  Taeyang’s growing preference for loose, stripped down performances really work well in situations like 2014’s Wonder Live so I hope he can do more of those as opposed to these less interactive broadcasts.



3 thoughts on “Taeyang debuts “Darling” and “Wake Me Up” on SBS Inkigayo 170820”

  1. I definitely appreciate Darling more through the live performances. It’s a wonderful opportunity for Taeyang to show off his singing chops, while it’s just sublime to be able to simply hear his voice. He’s come quite the distance as a singer.

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