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[Interview : GQ Korea December 2017] Living Like The Sun

Source : GQ Korea

It is not living in pajamas in a big, neat house with a garden like in “I Live Alone” but living in the midst of music with the recklessness of the word “Passion.”

Pastel orange jacket Martin Rose by 10 Corsco Como. Tshirts, Nike. The necklace is of a stylist.

GQ : I’ve read all of TAEYANG’s [past] interviews with GQ. I noticed that you spoke about your future plans in most them. You said you would fall in love, would do a world tour, and would release a song with just vocals. You accomplished all of them.
T : Right? haha. I was a bit surprised when you mentioned that. I said those things at that time…

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[Interview: GQ Korea July 2014] Taeyang: “To Me”

“To Me”
Editor Jang Woo Cheol

Taeyang has released his new album <Rise>. The title song ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ has not only maintained the top spot on domestic music charts for a long time. It is also doing well on international iTunes charts. In Japan, he will soon be conducting a multi-city concert tour. As a solo artist, he is experiencing what can be described as success, more so than ever. And yet, Taeyang said, “I don’t have much to say. If possible, I didn’t even want to do interviews this time.”


Do you remember the texts we exchanged the morning of the album’s online release?
Yes. “This is the way you did it? Congratulations.”

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[Translation] Jang Woo Cheol’s “Here and There” : Dong Young Bae’s Spring


“Here and There” is author Jang Woo Cheol’s  first book; a collection of his thoughts, anecdotes, poems and images that he recorded over the seasons. He also included some select interviews including artists Lee SoRa, Kwon Bu Min and Taeyang among other personalities who have made an impression on him. This is the 5th time Jang Woo Cheol has interviewed Taeyang at length, the previous 4 times were for GQ Korea (of which JWC is an editor). The previous interviews are an insightful journal of Taeyang’s growth over the past 4 years and their obvious rapport and chemistry makes for great reading each time.  This latest interview is no exception.

Dong Young Bae’s Spring
Born in 1988. Also known as Taeyang

You’re wearing a cap. I figured you’d be wearing a cap.
Yes, I finished late last night, but instead of going to sleep, I went dancing and just woke up before coming here.

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[Interview] GQ April 2011 (Big Bang) – Taeyang

When I read about Taeyang, the words that come up the most are ‘sincerity’ and ‘honesty.’
It’s something I talked about a lot.

Does that govern everything in your life?
No, that’s not really the case. It’s just one of those things that you’re born with, that can’t be easily changed, you know? It’s not so much that I’m trying hard to be that way. It’s just me, I think.

Have there been times when you wanted to change your personality? Some people just act on their impulses while you worry or overthink. And a lot of times, those results are better.
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