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[Interview] One, Two TAEYANG (F.ound Magazine July 2014)

One, Two

Editor: Seo Ok-Seon

Taeyang has released his second solo album . His first full album came out in 2010. The year has changed four times, and love has passed by once.

Found Online1

How have you been?

Well, since last time? (Laughs)
Ah… I basically just worked on my album for the past four years.

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[Interview: GQ Korea July 2014] Taeyang: “To Me”

“To Me”
Editor Jang Woo Cheol

Taeyang has released his new album <Rise>. The title song ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ has not only maintained the top spot on domestic music charts for a long time. It is also doing well on international iTunes charts. In Japan, he will soon be conducting a multi-city concert tour. As a solo artist, he is experiencing what can be described as success, more so than ever. And yet, Taeyang said, “I don’t have much to say. If possible, I didn’t even want to do interviews this time.”


Do you remember the texts we exchanged the morning of the album’s online release?
Yes. “This is the way you did it? Congratulations.”

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