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[Interview: Esquire Korea February 2020] When The Sun Comes Up

When The Sun Comes Up    Original article on Esquire Korea.

Taeyang who graced the cover of Esquire February issue in Fendi

Answers by Taeyang

Q1. Hwadap: Donation Flea Market and Auction by Taeyang and Friends is currently in the midst of preparation. This is your first event after your discharge from the military.

A1. When I was in the army I kept thinking about how I should meet my fans for the first time after being discharged. We mostly meet our fans on the stage, but there may not be such an opportunity immediately.  I had many thoughts and concerns and actually came to a realisation in the army.  I think I have too many clothes which are really not necessary.  In the military, you only wear one uniform and battle outfit.  This is already sufficient, and I still felt ‘isn’t that too much?’ Is there a good way to deal with the things I own?  So I thought it would be good to set up a flea market in my name, share good things, and donate the proceeds to a good cause.  At first, I was troubled by how I should meet my fans and this event seemed to match well with the various ideas I had, hence I proceeded to do it.

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White Night Korean Promo Blitz: A Recap

As Taeyang mentioned, it was a short but intense promo cycle for White Night in Seoul since he had to immediately leave for his White Night North American Tour .  But what a bounty of activities! Did YB even sleep for 3 weeks? His hard work is all for our benefit though since we got a lot of goodies to tide us over for the (extended) future.

August 16   V Live:  White Night Album Release  (Replay with Eng Subs)

August 18   MBC I Live Alone Ep 218 , Taeyang Part 1       ODK    Viu   KshowOnline

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KNS : A Reading of Taeyang’s Future Fortune


Online news site KNS recently posted a horoscope/fortune reading for Taeyang in its culture & arts section.  Rather cryptic and open to various interpretations, it’s interesting to compare how it matches up with our previous post on Taeyang’s palm reading  awhile back. Regardless of how one might feel about horoscopes in general, I thought it was still an interesting read.

일엽락(一葉落) 천하지추(天下知秋)라.
When a leaf falls, everyone knows fall is coming.

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Happy Birthday Taeyang!


What a pleasure this past year has been. Thank you so much for RISE – for sharing with us your musical journey of 4 years and making us realize that you have so much more to show us. To hear you sing your heart out was such a joy and the RISE Tour was a dream come true for so many fans. We’re so proud of you and how you continue to grow as an artist. We got to know you a lot better – the funny, kind, talented, passionate and generous person that you are. Nowadays with your BIGBANG brothers, it’s great to see you equally happy on stage doing what you love best.

As your fans, we always wish you the best in everything: For your life to be an adventure, that you find interesting challenges and can seize opportunities that take you closer to your dreams as you build your legacy as an artist. For you to constantly discover new things and meet new people to inspire you. That you are healthy and happy, surrounded by people you love and who love you back. That you find success on your own terms, remaining true to yourself and what is most important, and never losing your way despite many distractions. And through this all, that you can share the fruits of this journey with us with good music and performances. We can’t wait for what’s next!


Taeyang, A New Born Rock Star : RISE in Seoul (F.ound 141106)

As the Asian leg of Taeyang’s RISE Tour draws to a close, here is a short review of the last day of the Seoul concert. 

From F.ound Online by Seo Ok-Seon (who had also previously interviewed Taeyang in July 2014 and 2010.)


I am one of those people who think that you absolutely have to go watch your favorite artist’s concert when the artist has recently released a new album, and a new set has subsequently been announced.

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(Complex) Interview: Taeyang Talks Rise, Individuality in K-Pop and Life After YG


By now you’ve most likely heard of G-Dragon, the Korean pop juggernaut whose exploits in music and style we covered extensively last year. But if you’re not a K-pop enthusiast, you are probably unaware of Taeyang—G-Dragon’s best friend since childhood, YG Entertainmentlabelmate, and fellow member in the mega-group Big Bang. Though he isn’t quite as flashy as GD, Taeyang is undoubtedly a star in his own right, with a well-earned reputation in K-pop circles as the genre’s best R&B singer and dancer. (He’s also a global face for Calvin Klein’s new CK One campaign.) Taeyang’s second solo album, RISE, has topped the iTunes album charts in 10 countries since its release in June,

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[Interview: GQ Korea July 2014] Taeyang: “To Me”

“To Me”
Editor Jang Woo Cheol

Taeyang has released his new album <Rise>. The title song ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ has not only maintained the top spot on domestic music charts for a long time. It is also doing well on international iTunes charts. In Japan, he will soon be conducting a multi-city concert tour. As a solo artist, he is experiencing what can be described as success, more so than ever. And yet, Taeyang said, “I don’t have much to say. If possible, I didn’t even want to do interviews this time.”


Do you remember the texts we exchanged the morning of the album’s online release?
Yes. “This is the way you did it? Congratulations.”

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ATY in San Francisco: Taeyang in Music Experiment 2.0 (131126)

Unlike previous Music Experiment events with only a brief 2 week promotion period, Taeyang fans had 2 months of anticipation leading to the Nov 26 concert in San Francisco.  Weeks of planning travel arrangements, meet-ups, outfits and the announcement of a new song all added to the excitement of seeing Taeyang up close in his first international solo performance outside of Asia.

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