Taeyang on MBC “I Live Alone” Part 1 170818 Episode 218

Taeyang was the special guest on the hit “reality” show I Live Alone which featured a day in his life at home and at work.   Here are some highlights from the show:

Full episode with english subs on VIU.COM or through Kshow123 if not available in your area.

While longtime fans have always joked about his being an old soul and he’s made no secret of the things he likes (peaches, rice cakes, flowers, and food shows on TV among others)  it’s still such a treat seeing our cute grandpa puttering around at home.   I think the nicest thing for me is seeing the things that make him comfortable and knowing that he’s put a lot of careful thought into what he really needs in his home.   Yes, he’s a bit quirky (not surprising) but its good that he has made a place that makes him happy and feel at peace.  Isn’t that the best thing about home after all?

Part 2 next week — a pajama party with Daesung, Seungri and Choreographer Jae!

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