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[Interview: Esquire Korea February 2020] When The Sun Comes Up

When The Sun Comes Up    Original article on Esquire Korea.

Taeyang who graced the cover of Esquire February issue in Fendi

Answers by Taeyang

Q1. Hwadap: Donation Flea Market and Auction by Taeyang and Friends is currently in the midst of preparation. This is your first event after your discharge from the military.

A1. When I was in the army I kept thinking about how I should meet my fans for the first time after being discharged. We mostly meet our fans on the stage, but there may not be such an opportunity immediately.  I had many thoughts and concerns and actually came to a realisation in the army.  I think I have too many clothes which are really not necessary.  In the military, you only wear one uniform and battle outfit.  This is already sufficient, and I still felt ‘isn’t that too much?’ Is there a good way to deal with the things I own?  So I thought it would be good to set up a flea market in my name, share good things, and donate the proceeds to a good cause.  At first, I was troubled by how I should meet my fans and this event seemed to match well with the various ideas I had, hence I proceeded to do it.

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[Interview] Taeyang; GQ Man of the Year


Relaxing after the photo shoot.  Having removed the luxurious fur coat, Taeyang saunters over to us.  The editor and the photographer are in the midst of talking about a delivery crisis that occurred due to traffic backed up by a state function on November 11th.  The bonsai pine tree that was to be used for the shoot almost didn’t make it in time.  After listening quietly, Taeyang murmurs, “Why do they make such a fuss…” Having never been one for acting up or posturing – in a Korean mainstream music scene where, nowadays, it’s hard to even distinguish Idol from Ah-ee-deul [children] – Taeyang is stubbornly walking a different path.  Rather than insisting on a certain concept, he has the belief that he’s doing what he wants.  Rather than mindlessly complaining about the state of the music scene, he shows the determination to triumph over its weaknesses.  Rather than flaunting insistently, he has the maturity as a singer to sometimes just keep quiet.

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[Interview] SOL:Big Bang’s Electric Love Tour Photobook

Interviewer: I watched you on appear on TV this morning.
SOL : (Shy smile.) I just woke up at that time so I was absentminded… like I was still dreaming.

No, No. You supported your member well who was having trouble with talking about other topics aside from music.
But originally I am so shy…I am the quietest in Big Bang.

You don’t seem like it at all. Aside from being shy, what kind of person do you think you are?
To tell you the truth, I don’t understand myself well too. (He answered in Japanese.)

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F.OUND Magazine – Full Interview with Taeyang

The last bits of the summer since two typhoons have swept, I met Taeyang. On the day of this interview, it was at 4 am that he just finished his practice with the band set to perform with him at his concert, at the end of September. He said he feels giddy because yesterday has carried on through the night to this morning, but he still had that same smile on his face. Because of the greedy curiosity about “his” story, I didn’t have a chance to ask Taeyang, who has been continuing group activities and solo activities for the past 4 years -, I just asked him the first question I thought of as soon as he sat down – what the biggest change after his solo debut in 2008 was?

Rest of the interview and more scans under the cut!
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Taeyang’s Interview with 10Asia – Part 2 & 3

A song is the language through which a singer expresses his emotions. Or at least 20 years ago, this was such a natural thing that it was embarrassing to say so. But these days, this is embarrassing in a different sense. Nobody is sincere when it comes to singing these days. When a certain tone of vocals becomes popular, that immediately becomes the trend, and numerous business-related issues will be linked to a single song. Even when the press spoke of ‘four-second singer’ or ‘removing the MR,’ the focus of the debate was on how well the singer sings, not what those songs are trying to deliver.
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[Eng Subs] Interview – Taeyang’s Guerrilla Date!

*Update = Eng Subbed Video
I swear, I have never seen Taeyang talk so much and with such energy and enthusiasm.

The best part of this clip was seeing the foreign fan!  Its totally awesome that she knows ALL of his music.  And ahhhhh! We get to hear him speak English.  From the little bits, it looks like he is quite good.  He was able to respond to the fan’s question.  I’m impressed though it doesn’t surprise me.  We international fans freak out whenever we him speak English…even if it’s just for a bit. 😀  Youngbae, get your butt over here now!

I’m disappointed I didn’t get to see the fanboy hug. 😛

[Eng subs] Mnet Comeback Special interview with Taeyang

{Download}Mnet Comeback Special with Taeyang

*Sorry, our video was removed on Youtube

Oh Taeyang~ you’re so good to your noona and you have a gorgeous body!
You could tell he’s gotten much better at interviews, no more is the man who was shy or nervous, now he’s laughing and joking around. Loving it~ Thank you to our new translator – Slyvia – who has joined us on ATY as a translator for helping with this video 🙂