White Night Korean Promo Blitz: A Recap

As Taeyang mentioned, it was a short but intense promo cycle for White Night in Seoul since he had to immediately leave for his White Night North American Tour .  But what a bounty of activities! Did YB even sleep for 3 weeks? His hard work is all for our benefit though since we got a lot of goodies to tide us over for the (extended) future.

August 16   V Live:  White Night Album Release  (Replay with Eng Subs)

August 18   MBC I Live Alone Ep 218 , Taeyang Part 1       ODK    Viu   KshowOnline

August 20   SBS Inkigayo: Wake Me Up, Darling     (YT: WMU, DLN)  Official Photos

August 25   MBC  I Live Alone Ep 219 :  Taeyang Part 2       ODK     Viu    KshowOnline

August 26   Knowing Brothers Ep 90 : Taeyang & Mino   ODK  KshowOnline

August 26   White Night in Seoul  Day 1

August 27  SBS Inkigayo: Darling  (YT)  Official Photos

August 27   White Night in Seoul Day 2 – DVD coming

August 28   SBS Oppa Thinking  ODK    Viu   Kshowonline

September 2  MBC Infinite Challenge Ep 545 : Short Party  ODK  Viu  KshowOnline

September 3  Fantastic Duo 2 Ep 23: Taeyang & Baek Ji Young Part 1  ODK    Viu    KshowOnline

September 10  Fantastic Duo 2 Ep 24 : Taeyang & Baek Ji Young Part 2  ODK   Viu    KshowOnline

*Other alternative sites for viewing the variety shows: kshow123.net and ikshow.net

Meanwhile the White Night Tour is now in various cities in North America and Asia.  Check the YG page for details  on the promoter for the venue nearest you.  (The tour is AWESOME! After Japan and Seoul, I wish I could go to every single city.)

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