Sundae w/ a cherry on TOP filming pics for “Shouts of Red”

Plaid shirt+Taeyang = deadly combination 😀
Anyway, seems like the three of them are filming for “The Shouts of Red” campaign in a park in Seoul. This is the same campaign sponsored by Hyundai with Kim Yuna.


64 thoughts on “Sundae w/ a cherry on TOP filming pics for “Shouts of Red””

  1. damn he is hot!!! just look at him!!! (major drool) gotta breathe!!! gosh they all look so fine! but man here…right here…Tae just look ubber hot! can’t wait for their comeback!!!

  2. OMO! i love Bebe whit that shirt!,specially those back shots..*drools*..i’ve never wanted to be a park bench this badly! :D..these kinda things just make me wish i was in there to giving him a biiig hug 😦 I MISS THEM!

    Thanks Kay

  3. I love the title of this article! Just brought a smile to my face 🙂 Loving YB dressed like this…like the sexy guy next door. Can’t wait to see the campaign video for this!


  5. Taeyang is one of those guys where being sexy just comes natually. Doen’t matter which angle or shot the camera gets of him;hes just too hot. Even the 1st pic of the back shot is a killer; damn. Just makes you want to hold unto him. Thanks for the pics! 🙂

  6. That definetly is a VERY deadly combo XD
    How can he make something as simple as a plaid shirt so effin smexy?
    The only thing that would be better is if he ripped it off and…*stop, dirty thoughts stop!*

  7. He looks good in anything that damn boy, I swear…

    And these are my three fav. members! (I love them BB all, but I heart these three men the most…”XD Sorry to GD and Seungri fans out there…)

    The title of the post is just love too!! ❤

    I've said it many times before and I'll say it again, COMEBACK, NOW!

  8. What an awesome sight to wake up to, thanks Kay. YB looks amazing as usual. I love everything about these pics. The title is perfect. He looks so good in his plaid and Timberlands. YB is perfection.

  9. Oh gosh, never seen a boy look that sexy in plaid and those Timberlands too. *yum yum* *currently wiping drool off of keyboard* By the way, I love TOP”s red sock. lol

  10. This has gotta be my favorite outfit on him lol and whenever he wears red. i wasn’t really feeling the whole plaid trend that guys have been picking up but now i think i’ve changed my mind lol

    1. I agree….when Seungri did the whole plaid thing, I wasn’t feeling it, maybe cause he looked like a cute little cowboy in my eyes…but when Tae wears it, he just brings up the sexy factor a couple notches and I see plaid in a whole new way ~Lol

  11. Sexy, sexy, sexy.

    btw, i just realized that Taeyang has a long upper body but a short lower body. You SHOWTY!!! XD (HAWT + SHORT)

      1. okay, something was wrong with the page so didnt see you already posted the video! haha sorry sorry! 😛 THANKS!

  12. The best thing about this clip (besides the cuteness that is YB) is getting to see inside of YG Entertainment. Pictures don’t do it justice. It’s absolutely stunning!

  13. =O TOPDaeSun looking hot and how good does YB look in that shirt!?…oh my his sexy back! 😉 lol

  14. 1) that last picture makes them look like they’re just hangin’ out after a long week at work, kind of like what I do (after a rough week) and go to Central Park to clear my mind.
    2) PLAID! 😀
    3) I quote Justin Timberlake “I’m bringin’ sexy back” 😛
    4) I liked the clip, somehow I knew YB would be the one to be clicking pens. I honestly think this guy can’t sit still even if you tie him up. XD (no inappropriate thoughts, guys! lol strictly G-rated.)
    5) back to my comment 1, I wish they have more time for themselves, I’m sure they’d come out with greater music.

    1. LMAO at #4 – oh’s hard to keep thoughts G-rated with a man that sexy…

      gosh, ATY is having major fangirlling going on today~~

      1. Dually noted. -_-
        on a whole other note, I personally sent YB a letter (and Daesung) a month or so back, does anyone know if they’ve ever responded to individual fan mail? I sent them nice photographs I took too… :sigh:

        1. U.U before i knew about the bday project i was goin’ to do the exact same thing,i was goin’ to send Bebe a letter/gift and another for the rest of the bangs,i wasn’t sure,though,if he would write back or somethin’ T_T

          good luck 😉

    1. OMO! i thought i was the only kinky one on here who saw it xDD…damn i remember when i saw a vid of Bebe picking underwear,that alone made me go like *drool* but not only that his pants were a bit down and you can see his lil’ derriere (spelt right?) lmao,sorry im tryin’ to keep it as G-rated as possible but whit Bebe it’s kind of IMpossible lmao♥

  15. i never realized how taeyang deprived i’ve been!! AHHH. he’s sooo hot and adorable!!!.. and is it me.. or did daesung look rather buffer than usual?? ahhh. so glad it’s out already – they’ve been gone too long!!

    i don’t speak korean, but just watching them talk and then, out of no where, TY did a dance move – soo sexxyyy!! (=

    @irma && Iamawesome – i saw it tooo!! (= haha. what are you talking about a vid with bebe picking underwear?!?! =X

    thanks for the pics and thanks for the vid ILOVEMYBAE! (= i loved TY’s up close rawr!!

    1. me either lol but there is a sub vidio on iibigbangsubs’s to all of us none korean speakers hope you can see at an all of yous its pretty awesome^^ love it

  16. I love how they actually look like normal people just sitting on a bench minding their own businessXD

  17. tthnks 4 the post kay.^^ i rlly love all the pic’s wow looking mighty HHHHOOOTTT!! IN ALL OF THEM I DO WISH I WAS IN KOREA and this made me want to go more i like going 2 the park some times and now this makes me want to go more if i would be able to see him^^ he does make everything sexy/ hot lol me2 i liked plaid but now i love it haha his bin wearing plaid lately in the Brian Mcnight concert je wore it 2 ;D ahhh *drools*luv his style sure wish i was walking nxt 2 some one like tht evry day,<3

  18. Also check out iibigbangsubs’s for the vidio ILOVEMYBAE posted in an English version witch im sure Kay will post soon for all of us^^

    1. lol por Deasung awww its ok !!
      I love TaeYang’s random dance!
      I cant wait until June when the world cup starts whot! (sorry im an avid soccer fan)

    2. Oh man… the new YG building is just awesome… Totally…

      Love the clip!

      Aww, Dae Sung don’t be muffed…=( Heheh, and he’s actually the one with the loudest voice isn’t he? XD


      Seungri’s too cute with the “AHH!! I DON’T REMEMBER!!! UGH!!!” XDDD

      They have to comeback soon~~~ These CFs and clips aren’t enough!!!

  19. @jusschaa and Fulc : hahaha xD im not the only one checking on Bebe’s undies then lol,here’s the vid. it was for Elle Magazine,gosh it starts around 0:14 i guess it’s not much but you can really see some good stuff haha,plus he looks like so freakin’ hot/handsome throughtout the whole video!♥

    1. OMO OMO! That photoshoot was freakin’ awesome… *drool*

      And now this behind the scene…..Q%$^RW!#$RWR (Totally YB spazz I swear…XD)

      Thanks so much for the video! ❤

      1. yeah i think i went into a vegetative state the first time i saw it…….OMO!♥♥♥ welcome again xD

    2. OMG look at him! just look at him! I’ll never get tire of looking at him…I want to touch him…(PG)…lmao!

  20. I just wanna tell all of you that, today is my birthday!!!!!!!!!!! Shame on me.. Hahahahaha I don’t care ehehehe
    I love all Taeyang fans!!! and next week, it’s his birthday!! we’re just 5 years and 6 days apart… XD

    @ Kay: If you think this is inappropriate, go ahead and delete it. My brain’s fried after Chemistry exam. XD

  21. Happy Bday ILOVEMYBAE!!!!!! hahaha we love you too! yay he’s only 2 months older than me 😛 ♥ oh and @Chanting and all who enjoyed the vid,you’re welcome 😉

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