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Daesung Discovery: SOL (Josei Jishin) – Updated

Fellow Big Bang member Daesung has been busy promoting his debut album “D’scover” in Japan.  As part of his promotions, he has been introducing the Big Bang members in a series of articles in Josei Jishin. He shares this about Taeyang:

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Big Bang release T.V version of “Tonight” and SBS Comeback Special

Big Bang is BACK!!!
Post is loaded with goodies to commemorate Big Bang’s “epic” comeback. First off, the music video for “Tonight” – television version – below. Sources say this is just the television version, as the real version will be released later today. Personally, I’m just as pleased with this version! The L.A locals are captured beautifully with the refreshing pace of the song, and of course Big Bang looks amazing. Particularly our man, Taeyang =)

Links to the entire SBS Comeback Special is below the cut~
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Taeyang cut from HaHa Mong Song w/ Eng subs

I posted the music video of Seungri & Daesung rapping about their hyungs a couple days ago, well here is a clip from the show where a little discussion on Taeyang’s dating status is going on. It’s really funny lol, gotta hand it to Daesung for turning the situation around and making it funny for Taeyang rather than another embarrassing and overly discussed moment.
Starts at 1:03

Taeyang hangs out with Queen Yuna

King of R&B & Queen of Figure Skating

I was absolutely fanatical seeing Taeyang and Yuna chilling out together because – as we all know – Taeyang is my love and Yuna is seriously the queen of my guilty pleasure (figure skating) lol…anyway, check out Taeyang & Daesung eagerly waiting for Yuna and some pictures from their practice for Hyundai’s “The Shouts of Red”….

Taeyang reveals the mysterious ghost + more subs!

We’ve finally finished up subbing the Strong Heart clips for you guys!~
Thanks to Patra and Georgie for their hard work!

We will not be uploading the Episode 1 Taeyang/DS cuts on youtube, however we have subbed it will up for download soon. Below are cuts from the 2nd episode! Enjoy!

Taeyang speaks about the ghost haunting BB members *creepy*

Incase the video gets deleted, you can Watch or Download it HERE

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