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Big Bang release T.V version of “Tonight” and SBS Comeback Special

Big Bang is BACK!!!
Post is loaded with goodies to commemorate Big Bang’s “epic” comeback. First off, the music video for “Tonight” – television version – below. Sources say this is just the television version, as the real version will be released later today. Personally, I’m just as pleased with this version! The L.A locals are captured beautifully with the refreshing pace of the song, and of course Big Bang looks amazing. Particularly our man, Taeyang =)

Links to the entire SBS Comeback Special is below the cut~
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Taeyang or TOP or both?

I wish that airplanes in the night sky were shooting stars so I could ask YG to release a statement for godsake!

I know a lot of you are probably frustrated (like me) and wondering what is going on with the sudden release of TOP’s single “Turn it UP” tomorrow. A picture ofย  TOP’s pending single, which is to be dropped tomorrow June 21st, was released today. Now I don’t know whether Taeyang’s comeback is pushed OR they’ll be promoting at the same time. No one knows what goes on in the head of YG except him, but here you…vent all you want!

Taeyang hangs out with Queen Yuna

King of R&B & Queen of Figure Skating

I was absolutely fanatical seeing Taeyang and Yuna chilling out together because – as we all know – Taeyang is my love and Yuna is seriously the queen of my guilty pleasure (figure skating) lol…anyway, check out Taeyang & Daesung eagerly waiting for Yuna and some pictures from their practice for Hyundai’s “The Shouts of Red”….

[Photos] YB & Big Bang Cyon Crystal

Oh, I just love photoshoots!!~
Cyon just released some more sexy picture of YB and Big Bang.
~ you can find all these in their full size in the GALLERY
Also, an update about “Strong Heart” – it will not be aired Dec 22nd anymore, instead it will be a New Year Special aired in January 2010 (filming is taking place Dec 13)

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D-3: Picture Spam!!

Day 3
Time goes by…so slowly….how you guys holding up? I’m in a full midterm (exam) season, so it’s keep me busy, although the wait for this weekend is killing me…and I’m excited about more than one thing, which you guys will find out about soon enough …ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

So I’m here with some YUMMY new photos from Big Bang’s recent Lotte Duty Free photo shoot. Man, I got a bit teary looking at these pictures….THE BOYS HAVE GROWN UP! ~ They all look so good and so mature…ah~

My fav:

^ He’s got that look on his face like ” You can run, but you can’t hide from my sexiness”

More under the cut….

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SBS Chuseok Idol Big Show

It was a great day for kVIPs today, who had the opportunity to see Big Bang perform together on stage after 10 months of prolonged non-stage activities. You bet I was really excited ~lol.

Here’s a clip of the How Gee+ “dance battle” – I was hoping it would be more of a face off, rather they just gathered in a circle and danced, but still…Taeyang got air time~~ also got to see Minzy showing her moves (my fav from 2NE1 and unarguably the best dancer out of the quad)….did u catch those awesome ad-libs during the How Gee chorus by Tae!? LOVE EM.

I’m so sad…no Daesung!

Does anyone know if they performed Last Farewell as well?

2NE1 and BB performing Last Farewell

^ I think I actually got a bit teary seeing them together on stage (I’m still sad there’s no Daesung). As much as I don’t love their new music much or their style lately….they’ll still always be my loves. The first group that ever got me into Kpop, group who showed me Taeyang and really…a good group of guys who – and I still want to believe this – love music.