“Where U At” demo was originally in English?

And this is why you should visit ATY more often if you’re not a frequent blogger (lol) because only here you’ll get such juicy information as this~

Back in March, one of the ATY visitors attended the Korean Night event hosted by Shaun and Lyle where they taught both “Where U At” and “Wedding Dress”. Anyway, here is the interesting part, according the Shaun and Lyle, the track that had been sent to them for choreography was a demo version where Taeyang was singing in English. A specific example our blogger remembers Shaun and Lyle speaking of, is the part where Taeyang says “day and night, high and low”, in the English version he says “pick up the fight” – hence the sort of “punch” like steps in the choreography.

Thanks to Teresa for emailing in this interesting bit of information!

It’s exciting to know that there is possibly an English version sitting there recorded by Taeyang originally… Where did it go? Why’d they record it? Maybe it was for fun? Or maybe YG has more grander plans in store (as Tofu would say “World Domination”)?


29 thoughts on ““Where U At” demo was originally in English?”

  1. Now my interest is peaked. I love YB’s Korean version of the song, but now I wanna hear the demo. I bet he sounds great!

  2. Wow thats amazing! Now i’m dying to hear the demo! Fingers crossed that the demo will magically be uploaded wherever its hiding XD

  3. damn, now i wanna hear it 😛 GAADD! Why’d you tell us! HAHAH JKJK <33
    I hope they release it!

    I remember Shaun put up a video of Gara gara go and it was the english track that wasn't finished. hmm..maybe shaun might post up the before choreo he and Lyle did 😛

    1. same reaction. hahaha

      yeah, YG why didn’t you released it? maybe there will be part deux for Where U At? XD

  4. Is it too early for me to say “I told you so?”
    I swear YG is reading this blog and my tweets. He’s doing almost exactly what I’m telling him to do. Except for that release-YB’s-album-now-or-else-thing. LOL.
    Thanks for this Kay.

    Yeah…ya’ll should check this blog often! hahah

    1. I think he makes most of his artists sing their songs in English as well as Korean. Maybe he makes most of the English songs as demos because i remember reading CL saying she admired one of their songs from their mini album which was in English, so yeah maybe it’s a common practice to make an English song as a demo to see if it can match with the beats or somethin. Interesting indeed

  5. wooo wooo really really?
    Tae yag singing the whole song in English?? i really really hope YG releases it someday soon. may be in their future japanese album????

    thx for the interesting info

  6. What? That song was in english??? Whooaaa…YG has to release that…Maybe we can hear it in his album?

    Damn I hope it is in his album. C’mon YG, you know we international fans love Mr. Dong Youngbae so much we think he can make it big in the international market.

    And ATY, if there’s a leak of that track, please post it! =)

  7. oh wow! that sounds great to me! it’ll be awesome if YG decided to release this supossed english version of Where you At,not to mention i’d LOVE to listen to it,altough im very used to the one we know and love,in korean of course..♥ anything Bebe does it for me!

    thanks kay!


    I’m actually surprised no one else sent the info before,
    I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one there that reads this blog

    when we all heard Shaun and Lyle saying that the demo was in English, I remember looking at my friend and we both had a look in our eyes of OMFG!!! MOST HEAR!!!! XD

    we had a blast, and everyone was really nice, specially Aimee

    I think the only way we’re EVER gonna hear the Eng version is by torturing Shaun and/or Lyle, hahahah XP
    It’d be great/wonderful if they put the demo version as an extra in the album

    Thanks for posting the information Kay ^-^
    I never thought I’s be contributing any sort of information to this site ^////////^U

  9. Hmmmm I do recall Shaun telling me it was in English and when they went to Korea to do the choreo and heard it in Korean, they were like what???

    But to clear some confusion I remember him saying that it wasn’t youngbae’s voice when they heard the demo reel in English so I don’t know..

    So most likely it won’t be on the album lol…

    I never asked Shaun to let me hear it…Maybe I should ahahaha

  10. I’m surprised this version didn’t leak out..if it was really YB’s voice. This is a pretty cool fact.

  11. OMFG really!?

    The song. Now. Release it.

    And as Tofumon would say, WORLD DOMINATION!!!!


    Tae Yang singing in English is epic. ❤

    But from Qui.. the song's not sang by YB? You will, no MUST check!! XD

    Ahh!!! So exciting, but like someone pointed out… It may be YG's way of releasing songs… A demo version of it in English first to see if it works.. because they are quite westernised in the style of music (and fashion!) compared to other K-pop artists…

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