Taeyang’s response to 2PM’s “Buy me a drink”

On a recent radio show, 2pm members Junsu, Junho and Wooyoung were asked to send out a text saying “I’m having a hard time, buy me a drink” . As some of you may know, Junsu is close friends with GDYB (see video posted below) and decided to text Se7en, GD and Taeyang for his task.

Heres what he got back:
Se7en: “I wrote, “Call me you’re free and I’ll buy you a drink” but then I heard you on the radio. How did you hurt your leg?”
GD: “Why are you having a hard time. A man shouldn’t whine so much”
and lastly….
Taeyang: “I don’t drink…sorry” (can this man be anymore adorkably innocent, he’s like a kitten in a tiger costume)

Check out this video filled with JunsuGDYB lovin’

On a side note, Kay is looking for some Korean translators – in particular I need someone who can read Korean and translate to English. Please email me!! (sweetsorrow18@hotmail.com)


42 thoughts on “Taeyang’s response to 2PM’s “Buy me a drink””

  1. i remember this video.. it makes me laugh soo much cuz it’s a bowing frenzy! (=. I loved the YB Wooyoung moment. I never knew Junsu was a YG trainee!! GDYB <333. Didn't G-Dragon go bowling with Junsu?? I remember reading that somewhere. Idol love<3 !! (=

  2. And this is why I love TaeYang so much. Goes to Church every Sunday, doesn’t drink, smoke. Indeed a rare find.

  3. Kinda not related to the post, but i was watching GD concert DVD and i still don’t get….how come YG invested so much into GD’s concert, the stage was pratically like a Big Bang concert stage. Yet Taeyangs concert stage was so small, and not large scale by any means. =/
    With the YB 2nd album delays and all, i cant help but feel like YG isn’t that bothered and is thinking more about the finances

    1. This is something that’s been discussed a lot here, my personal feelings are like yours, I’ve always felt that Taeyang’s been short handed when it comes to stages and promotions, however I know others have made valid points that rebuttle this, so it’s a matter of time…I am sure, there is huge expectations from YG (not YB) for Taeyang’s 2nd album….let’s see if Mr. President can live up to the expectations from Taeyang fans and he actually comes through this time..

    2. if you look at it GD’s solo had a lot of people’s attention…I wasn’t into BigBang yet when Taeyang came out with his solo so I don’t how the people reacted to it but you can’t deny that A LOT of people were anticipating GD’s solo debut..and I think GD made a tad bit more with his album than Taeyang with his…but again I’m not sure about this so take this with a grain of salt…and by this time YGE had more money? lol…

    3. i was thinking abt tht tooo, GD had such good promotions which is why his songs were hit but
      i didnt even knw tht YB realaesed a MV it makes me sad, i think he is too nice to complain 😦 i really wish YG impoves, I want YB to reach the top :]

    4. I ❤ YB but here's my two cents:
      His first "album" was a mini-album so I'm sure it wouldn't be prudent to spend a whole album's price on a "mini". It's also that back when YB did his mini-album the R&B scene in Korea was small, at least because he broke through, there are a lot more people interested. Just wait until the Japanese fans get a hold of it, YG will be getting a whole lot more cash…

    5. I think GD has so much more fans and YG knows that. GD himself can fill up an entire stadium, just look at his enormous fanbase; which is the opposite for taeyang. Plus, YG knows that more fans bring in more money, more money will result in better concert stage.. you get my drift. At least this is what i think. So it’s basically like, YG only bothers about GD because he knows that GD=money. No disrespect to GD though, HE’s my second fave in BB and i really do thing he’s cool in some ways Taeyang is not. and i know he’s talented. SO to GD’ fans out there who’s reading this, please don’t take this personally.

    6. IMO TY’s concert was a more intimate one rather than having a super scale concert. Sure the venue may be smaller but I think TY wanted it that way since that way the audience wouldn’t be distracted by the grand view but jus him ya know? Also in musical terms TY’s album was kind of a gamble so maybe that could have been a factor. Plus for me it worked in TY’s favor because there wasn’t any fluff surrounding the performances. Who knows there so much happening behind the scenes that it’s really hard to tell and TY was treading into untouched waters at the time with his music so there may have been precautions as to how grand the concert was going to be nonetheless it was it was awesome and fans were given what they wanted his b…

    7. imo, if YB asked for grand stages and flashy stuff like GD has, im sure YG would give it to him and provide the resources for that. yb is just not the type gd is.

  4. @ justchaa

    Big Bang’s Comeback performance on Music Bank back in 2008.

    I know how the Korean media love to pit YB against GD in terms of popularity and this topic has come up more than once on this site. In the past I would have agreed with what is being said but now I think differently. GD and YB are different artists and they approach their music in different ways. I think it’s easy for us as fans to blame YG for these differences in stages (can’t really comment on promotions since I’m a new fan) YB has stated in previous articles the types of stages and concerts he wants to give. He enjoys a more intimate setting with a live band, where he can dance and play his piano for people that want to hear his music. It doesn’t have to be fancy just as long as his music can be heard. Whereas GD likes the flashiness of a huge stage and all that comes with that. In that case they both got what they wanted. I think we’re all looking forward to see what YB has in store for us. Hopefully YG will take all our concerns into consideration. But at the end of the day it’s up to YB to decide the way in which his music is going to be presented.

    1. But I can’t forget that interview where YB said himself he was disappointed in the way he was being promoted (during Where u At and Wedding Dress)….ofcourse YB’s stages compliment his style, so I guess it’s wrong to say his stages aren’t as “powerful” than GD’s however, the fact is promotion wise, YG is just a typical disappointment…

      So I guess the key is seeing how YG handles YB’s promotions rather than his stages….

      1. I think that had to do with YG’s tactic of releasing 2 tracks that weren’t even the main title one. And having him constantly traveling from Korea to Japan.

        People complained about the Where U At video being simple and his concert not being lavish but…to me, that’s TY’s style. For him it’s about the music not the flashiness.

        1. I’m sort of with you on this but I’m going to have to wait to see how they really promote his album (They weren’t really promoting in 09 cuz of time limitations). I’m a new fan so I’m not sure how they promoted YB with his last album but it definitely wasn’t as lavish as GD’s. Part of it was style and expectations (GD had to make a statement) while YB was more a an experiment as he was the 1st to do a solo project, plus YB is much more low key than GD. Another part is that YB did a mini-album verse GD’s full album. That meant more songs and more stage production. For me it is all about see how much production/promotion they will do for YB when he comes out with his first full album.

      2. I remember reading that interview as well and I felt really disappointed for YB. It’s great that despite all the issues he’s still giving his best effort. He’s a pro. Let’s hope that YG has something bigger in store for YB to make up for it 🙂

      3. when was that?? wow. i remember there was a time when BB was personally upset at YG. is this one of the reasons?

  5. I remember reading an article a long time ago where either YG himself ( or Jinu or Sean) stated that YB was the favorite among the seniors in YG Family. I don’t think YG would purposely under promote YB.

  6. i rlly agree wit all the comments aww taeyang is so cute and adorkable like kay said always love her post taeyang such a good person so true he is a good guy wich they aren’t many guys left like tht. thats why who ever is his girlfriend/wife would be the luckyst gurl 2 have some1 like tht hope he finds tht one i seen him sad and lonely ^^
    cheer up BAE tht girl will come soon;)

  7. Awwwwwwww!!!!! even though he’s got this sexy image to him he’s still like SO innocent and honest on the inside♥♥ that’s why i wub u so much Bebe oppa!! ^^

    thanks ATY staff!

  8. aaawwww <333

    dammit, how is it that i keep on fallin in luv with this guy more more each time?

    gaah he's soo f*ckin adorkable

  9. this man is amazing XD ;
    I love YB! So genuine, amazing guy.
    <33. I love that clip btw;
    saw it awhile back, really cute 🙂 GDYBSU love ❤

  10. not only is he hot, you can take him home to mom too lol

    I don’t really think YG purposely under-promotes YB more that YB is different from most Kpop artists out there so he gets a little confused when it comes to marketing him. The stage issue always bugs me. I think he does get less attention in that sector but YB’s taste also has a major factor in it. We all know he likes to focus on the music and not much else 🙂

    1. yeah!!! agree!!! when u bring bae to your mom.. mom will probably tell u 2 marry d rare find like him… he’s juz so adorable…
      and in his promotions… i’m kinda disappointed too with how YG promoted where u at and wedding dress… and all the flashiness in GD’s promotions.. I’m disappointed coz YB himself got disappointed in one of his interviews…
      i really hope he gets FULL ATTENTION when his album come out… such a beautiful voice with smooth dancing skills… you’ll never know when you’ll find one like him again…

  11. Uri Bae Bae, noona ga doesnt smoke, doesnt drink, heck! doesnt even go klubbing! Match made in heaven hey ; )
    And i will ‘third'(since someone already seconded it) seungri’s comment… He is a rare find indeed!!

        1. Hahah! That Sang Sang Plus show was too cute!

          Intoxicated, heck private YB is the most dorkiest guy on Earth!

          YB doesn’t drink~~~ Man, who can we find randomly, on the street, and reply with “no I don’t drink”???? Aigoo~~~

          And regarding the topic about YG’s way of promoting YB…. I still agree with those about the insufficient promotions for WUA and WD, it just wasn’t enough, and sort of disappointed…

          However, I’m also starting to understand that GD and YB are different artists, and they’re going their own ways music and concert wise.

          And the fact that R&B isn’t that big in Korea, so his solo project might have been experimenting with YB’s music and how best to promote it… plus that it’s a mini too…

          Hopefully with YB’s FIRST FULL ALBUM, we’ll get some goodies out of it 😀 Maybe a YB TV just like GD? But YB’s camera shy isn’t he? Adorkable…XD

          Right now.. I can see both sides of the argument, but I’m not sure where I stand (this always happens, that’s why I’m no good with debates!!! GAh!).

        2. LOL i saw this about a week ago,but i didn’t take Seungri’s story as Bebe being drunk,i just thought “uhmm that’s unusual..he must’ve been so hyper O_o” hahaha,i don’t think he was drunk,ppl have these moments when you do stuff you don’t normally do,specially at 3am haha xD,gosh i LOLrd at TOp’s story,he got scared because he saw Bebe was happy? hahaha,yes it’ll freak me out seing a smiling hot guy as Bebe in a dark bathroom xDD

  12. *sigh* the perfect man right there! Never have to worry about him going out and getting drunk and doing crazy stuff! Just put me out of my misery YB and marry me now 🙂

    1. he is!!! (=

      but i always wondered why they promote GD – but you guys all make sense. GD’s style of music is more the general public at Korea wants, right?? YB prefers more intimacy.. ahh. he’s perfect! LOL.

      @ILOVEMYBAE, thank you mam! (=

      @jessica .. when i first read this post, i was wondering about that cuz i remember that someone said YB was buzzed or something. lol.

      thanks kay!!

    1. I think it’s about his eyes/eye smile
      it’s a guess, but all the pics are of him smiling with his eyes!
      too cute!

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