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Big Bang & Queen Yuna ‘Shouting Korea’ Filming~

I thought this interview was really cute, although I didn’t understand everything, I’m sure you guys will all laugh at the 1:11 mark – seriously Taeyang, you define adorkable! – anyone else a Taeyuna shipper?

Also check out this video to see Taeyang showing us the steps to the Shouting Korea dance.

Taeyang hangs out with Queen Yuna

King of R&B & Queen of Figure Skating

I was absolutely fanatical seeing Taeyang and Yuna chilling out together because – as we all know – Taeyang is my love and Yuna is seriously the queen of my guilty pleasure (figure skating) lol…anyway, check out Taeyang & Daesung eagerly waiting for Yuna and some pictures from their practice for Hyundai’s “The Shouts of Red”….