09.11.20 Taeyang on Music Bank (Comeback)

Yes, formal wear baby~
I am so glad he got rid of the rubber boots from the last performance. I think he did a great job here, the vocals were pretty good, I was a bit annoyed at no fan chants but I guess he must of asked, or they remember..whatever…..I was happy =)

And a little clip of Taeyang practicing “Wedding Dress”~ ever wonder what he has as his cell phone background pic? Well find out…

So apparently, YB didn’t close for Music Bank. I find it kinda annoying how Music Bank chose someone else to close when usually the one who closes is the biggest, anticipated star, and also having a comeback? What’s going on. I won’t go further but ๏ปฟ๏ปฟI’ll speak about a response I posted on soompi: YB’s stages are lacking. Especially, if we compare Look Only at Me with Wedding Dress, maybe its because we’ve seen that type of stage before with Big Bang. With Look Only at Me, the whole look (including wardrobe) was unique, I don’t feel the “wow” factor or extra “oomph” that the stage is suppose to give when an artist of this caliber is performing. Without the added fan chants, I almost feel bad for him. I’ve quit looking at the charts but frankly, they’re depressing and I don’t want to be reminded of the lack of fan support he’s been receiving for a song this good and I absolutely cannot believe that horrendous song “Please don’t go” is beating him on the charts (my nephew bangs pots and pans together more harmoniously) . I have nothing else to say except that the majority of Koreans have the worse taste in music I’ve seen (okay, I take it back :P)….I had to let that out.

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  1. The stage looks so much better and YB looks sharp, handsome and H-O-T in his suit. So glad he isn’t wearing a hat this time round so that I can see his beautiful eyes. Luv the lil ‘bow’ dance he does during the chorus….just wanna dance and๏ปฟ rock with him. Lovely performance….YB is only going to get better from this point on and shine like the star he is. Luv you YB xxxxxxx

  2. HOTTIE! i love the suit as well. goodness i cant wait til MAMA!!!! exciteddd! btw kay, before he performed, there was a small prelude, w/ him in the practice room, talking about wedding dress and MJ. r u gonna put it up?

  3. now this is much much better! i can see his face now..:D and the suit! i really love this.. it emphasizes how muscular his body is..xP

    and the CHEST PUMP!! swoon… how will i ever get over this!

    i hope next time he’ll work on his facial expressions! his “wedding dress” performances are getting better and better!

    the dance steps were so cool that i wanna dance it with him.:D

  4. one more thing! every time i go to this website, i always end up smiling, if not, swooning! i just love this webpage.. i can’t thank you moderators enough!:D


  5. oops nvm..saw it on the yt channel
    and i agree w. jiyan. i love that we can see his precious face this time ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. i agree that it’s sortta unfair dat yb is not rocking da charts compared to Please Don’t Go, which was just realeased today!? WTH! I lyk 2ne1 and all but i think Wedding Dress is a better song!

  7. Heya! It’s my first time to comment here. ๐Ÿ˜€

    First off I’d like to say THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH for releasing all the videos and translating whatever articles of YB that you can find! They really make my day. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Like you, I don’t really like looking at whatever charts there are because they really only measure popularity of a song, and not really how great a song it is. But I also think (and please don’t get mad at me T_T) that it’s not right to say that majority of Koreans have a really bad taste at music just because they like songs that we don’t think are as good as Wedding Dress or any other song of YB. I don’t know if it’s the 2ne1 fangirl in me that’s talking like this, but we also have to respect the opinions of others if we want to be respected. Just my 2 cents on that so please don’t get mad. T_T

    But back on the subject of YB and his performances, I love how he pours his heart in his work and always tries his best. Though admittedly, his performance at Inkigayo last Sunday was better than this one. I do hope he’s not overworking himself. But I’ll always look forward to his perfs no matter what. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Sorry if this is getting really long. Again, kudos to the ATY team! Keep up the good work! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. @ kay : I do share your frustrations. Deep down I still wld want his song to go further up the charts cos I think it’s a recognition of some sort for his hard work and talent. But after looking at the performance of the winning group at Music Bank today, I literally shake my head and sigh. Very obviously, talent isn’t what the korean fans looking for.

    I just hope TY is honestly happy doing what he likes and not bothered by the lukewarm response he’s getting.

    Lastly, I enjoyed his performance today and love love his suit. I actually kind of suspected that he’ll wear that. Thank goodness I wasn’t in the shower or sthg as I didn’t expect him to perform till the end. Btw did he cut his hair again? His sides look so bald!! LOL~ Overall, that was a very very nice birthday present from TY. I’d like to think he’s performing that just for me. ^ ^

  9. Hm.. get to watch that live on telly today. Here’s my opinion. I thought this performance was way better than the one at Inkigayo. More singing, good vocals, his moves are sharp as always and he actually look at the camera more this time. The only thing that bug me was that why in the world is it soo quiet when he was performing?? Ish. I mean, ok, YB might have requested them to keep it low or something but the lack of fan cheer kinda pulls the mood down.. or at least mine. It’s like people don’t appreciate or enjoy his performance??? Sigh, I did suspect he won’t perform the last.. MuBank does things like this sometimes.. I like what he wore though.. Oh yeah, the KVIPs are doing a really bad job at supporting this BB member… he’s going down most charts when it’s only been a week or so since the release of WD. Hope his next single does better. (sorry if i babble too much)

  10. I can’t see the video right now since I am at work but can wait to see it! I am one of those fan who are not concern with charts number so I am not even worry about it at first but I keep hearing people talk about it make me a little :-/ we all know that song is awesome so I hope it get more love in Korea soon!

  11. @Adette – thank you for posting here =) glad to see some silent readers voicing their views~ I admit, I was a little frustrated and that’s why I made that comments…I’d like to rephrase that “the majority of Korean fangirls” because ultimately, those are the ones that actually go on the music websites and post. I am also a 2NE1 fan, and a pretty big on t that, but in all honesty, you gotta admit “Please Don’t Go” isnt’ the best thing YG has put out, actually I’d group it under “One of the worst songs YG has released” – why? – because it seems the entire song was put together last minute….overall, I think YG is too caught up in releasing continuously this entire year, and he’s overworking Teddy. With music, you need to let the creativity flow in order to produce greatness….I just see quality going down with everything YG is doing of late…except for Wedding Dress, because YB took almost a year to make it…

    And I never get mad when people voice their opinions, as long as they can do it respectfully and you did just that, so no worries!

    @huez – glad we share the same views, yes charts don’t mean anything to hardcore fans like us BUT you have to admit is it a sign of recognition if not anything more. Wedding Dress has dropped off the top 20 charts and it’s been a week into the release. I can’t comprehend how this happened and why and it really frustrates me that VIPs have become so passive about the entire thing. A lot of people have been saying Big Bang’s fan club numbers have been steadily dropping this entire year and a lot of hardcore fans have switched over to newer bands or become causal fans. Still, the fan club hasn’t dropped its ranking from #2 – so where are all these VIPs?

  12. I didn’t get to read the comments above but.. idk, what was wrong
    with his voice? Or .. the sound system? SOmething was off.
    i didn’t like it. but the dancing was good as always :]

  13. GD may have been a hit in SKorea, but I know Baebae can take the world by storm. Don’t care if it drops out of their charts, I still love my Wedding Dress. =) *but I love them both and Big Bang, just thought that GD’s weird style may be a lil off, unless he follows on Lady Gaga”.

    I hope he gets the VIPs support more. c’mon now, he may not have the explosive stage or whatever, but his raw voice and dance always have been the best. Remove the autotune from all the songs this year, and Baebae will sound the best. And that’s why I love him. He can sing. =)

    BTW I love the suit on a man, and he looks so damn hot. =)

  14. Yes, I understand your frustrations. The fact he isn’t rising in the charts to me isn’t a surprise because he isn’t really the person to market himself all out to sell his songs he wants an engagement with the audience with his performance. I also read that he didn’t mind his place in the ranking as long as he is able to convey his emotions however if he climbs higher in the charts I think it will give him a boost. I believe he didn’t go full out on this performance because he might have been thinking about somethin else maybe like MAMA. 2NE1’s new song I loved it if it was rapped all the way, and Teddy sure is being overworked with 2NE1 and the songs his producing are not as good as it could be. As long as he is able to make good music thats good enough even if it isnt topping the charts as long as their is substance to it hell be fine. We shouldn’t be too overworked at his stance at the moment because as he is just starting jus give it some time and take a deep breath lol.

  15. Haha it’s as if he listened to our comments about losing the hat and boots. Looks much better in a suit although i’m still waiting for the vest jeans and jacket, trademark YB look.

    @ Kay: I don’t know if its because i read your comment before watching his performance which may have made me paranoid but i completely agree with you! Something really is missing. I think the song is better than Only Look At Me and I like it way more..but when he performs it..it still seems average. Like Kay said theres no ‘Umph’. For a comeback i find his stages are very mediocre (YG..) Also his singing there are bits where he’s out of breath, i know there’s a lot of choreography but still i remember other performances where he dances a lot but his vocals are perfect. Its almost as if he’s tired…overworked? Man this makes me sound like an anti, but i’m just being honest. I still love the song and the choreography though.

    Also the chart stuff is just silly now. I agree these fan girls, its more like a ‘who’s the most good looking/popular’ idol contest now. What chart are these exactly cos i know there are soo many korean music charts. Finally yeah i think Teddy is getting overworked too. Creativity should be free to flow. It’s as if YG are just churning it out of him now. Give him a break

  16. yeah what the heck. this song is hella lot better than heartbreaker imo. I can’t even fathom how people could choose heartbreaker over wedding dress.

    and… YB def doesn’t lose on the most good looking factor….

  17. * hopes that I’ll be able to post before it shuts down*

    Maybe I’m biased b/c of the interview that was released on Nov.18th… But he does look like he’s under a lot of stress and he’s not enjoying himself. What’s missing to me is a piano and a girl. Considering the song, I totally understand that male backup dancers suit more to the song…
    But maybe perfoming the first verse with a piano and then he goes up and goes dance with his backup dancers would help to bring more… emotions? He looks like he’s thinking a lot to what he’s doing. The whole I fall on my knees at the end and everything… It’s so LOAM; :-/ :-/ :-/

    I do think he lacks some emotion here which is understandable cos he’s dancing by himself…that’s why having a female partner could help. *shrug* i don’t know… I can only hope that his album will be well-received. His popularity was not based that much on the popular shows he attended last year cos fangirls weren’t the only ones who bought his album. He attracted a more mature audience that don’t go nor watch this kind of show.

  18. I agree!~
    MAJOR lack of fan support. -.-
    If I were able to attend his concerts, I’d go to all of them and cheer him on. Every single appearance, I’d be there screaming until my throat and lungs ache, to the point where I’m gasping for air and losing my voice.
    BLAH, I, too, am quite annoyed. Jeeeez, all his songs are absolutely amazing. I used to LOVE ‘Please Don’t Go’ but it got annoying after awhile. ><"
    I feel bad for saying that since I used to be a HUUUGE SHINee fan. :s

    Recently, I've been listening to some K-pop, and damnnn, wtfreak is happening to it!!?!?!
    The new songs are so freakin' annoying. T_T

    Oh well, Taeyang is my reason for music. ^^
    Everything on my iPod is literally Big Bang, and Taeyang XD
    Including music videos. Hahaha, obsession โค
    Hopefully, I'll be able to see them in concert. ๐Ÿ™‚

    AAAH, I love ATY ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. I wish YB were doing better on the charts, especially considering how much I love Wedding Dress.

    “the majority of Koreans have the worse taste in music Iโ€™ve seen”
    that’s such an over generalization. @__@

    It’s pretty frustrating as a YB fan right now, I get you there. But there’s no need to be bringing other artists down and/or bashing an entire country’s music taste lmao.

    I hope the fans get to chant in his next performance! The chanting really helps you get hyped up during the performance. I never realized how important those could be.

  20. I liked this performance better then last time,his vocals,clothes,and intro are awesome.

    also I know we think WD is good but saying other songs are horrible and comparing is not gonna get us anywhere.

  21. @emi – i rephrased that “majority of korean fangirls have the worse taste in music” because those are the only ones that vote on the charts…lol and yes I’m biased and harsh

    @lol – I compared because we’re on the topic of charts and rankings…which ultimately is a comparison of songs ~lol.

  22. i seriously think it’s the requesting of no fan chants is doing more bad than good. don’t get me wrong, i respect the fact that yb wants to put everything in his performance with no distractions, but i found with his first comeback performance of WUA on inki, the fans cheered so loud he brought that extra oomph with him. but ever since he requested the fans to be quite, it’s just not the same. i honestly believe he needs those chants so that he can feed off audience energy and deliver a better performance.

    as for ‘majority of korean fangirls have the worst taste in music’, i’ll have to agree with that point. not to sound rude to any of the other idol groups lately, but i’ve got to be honest, i don’t see all the hype in any of their songs. sometimes i wonder whether these ‘fangirls’ are voting and listening to their idol music for the quality of music, or either just an outlet for being able to listen to their beloved idols voices. i think i worded that wrong, so i’ll word it again, in my opinion, some korean fan girls aren’t really interested in the music their idol releases but rather just interested in supporting the idol themselves. worded it wrongly again, but whatevs, u get wat i mean.

  23. @jessica – YES, thats what i was trying to get at…the fan chants are needed to feed off the energy!~~ exactly, thanks.

    I totally respect YB’s request, really I do, but after seeing a stage without fan chants, you realize just HOW important they are to the overall performance.

  24. I couldn’t agree more with your last paragraph. That’s what I thought, too. I even went home early from work just to watch it live. I thought I’ll see him close the show, but I was shocked to see he’s right in the middle… Although the performance was much better than the last one, there’s still something missing.

    Also, his expression— I don’t get it. I know the song is about a heartbreak, but his face always looks angry/depressed. Maybe there’s something going on… I also don’t get why YG is experimenting on YB’s promotion. I mean, new things are good, but… *sigh* I don’t know. On the other hand, maybe YB is just good at acting. lol. (I’ve noticed there are a lot of points in the YG edit WD MV where YB seems like he’s gonna cry. Aww~)

    I just hope to see YB’s smile again. GAH.

  25. I know a lot of people have commented on your “majority of Koreans have the [worst] taste in music Iโ€™ve seen,” but I just have to say something.
    Really? I know you didn’t really “mean” it, but please refrain from making such partial comments. This IS an international fan site, and yes, Koreans DO visit it. You are entitled to your own opinion, but you don’t have to overgeneralize and insult or hurt others (or insult an entire country) with careless and silly comments.
    And that’s that…

    now for some fangirling..
    I LOVE YB. so much. words cannot describe. I’m not crazy, i swear!
    Anyway, I’m basically INFATUATED with this song, and yes, I’ve been listening to it on repeat. Yes, it’s already on my ‘most listened to’ playlist. Oh gosh, How much I would LOVE for this song to be on top forever, I totally understand your frustration.. ='(
    @mheann.- I MISS HIS SMILE TOO… so much ='(, the best smile in the world.

    anyway, as for ‘Please donโ€™t go,’ I generally like the song. I’m pretty much a Blackjack on the side (of course VIP and extreme YB lover FIRST at all times!), I love 2ne1! I think the beat is really unique, nothing else like that in kpop right now. Sure, I don’t love it NEARLY as much as Wedding Dress (now THAT would be ridiculous) but still, I appreciate the song and listen to it. Come now, it’s not that ‘horrendous’…

    ahh. More than anything, I hope YB is happy and well.
    That’s all that matters. โค

  26. IF TaeYang wanted to be #1 on those charts, he would’ve came out w/ a dance/party single, with a simple repetitive dance moves that everyone could follow. Some ppl love that, remember the “macarena dance” and the “Cha Cha Slide dance?” Or he could go on variety shows where he could get into a juicy but fake love triangle, show off his abs, do girl group dances, dress up as a girl, serenade to a crazy fangirl, hug a fan girl, make cute n adorable faces, go on challenges, and etc.
    But he doesn’t and that’s okay ๐Ÿ™‚ although more adorable face would kill me lol…I digress but you see some fans thrive on that alone and less on the person’s or group’s actual talent. I could type out a list of all the ‘singers’ who don’t have any actual talent beyond making adorable faces…
    —->His performance was good, but like most I do agree something is missing. I feel like the expressions he had for LOAM were spot on! I could feel more from those than w/ this performance. He’s an R&B singer and R&B requires a lot of facial expression and some cockiness lol more than any other genre. Also, some fan screams might not be so bad, the silence was a little ehh lol. Whatever! He should just continue doing what he wants, and eff all the charts lol…

  27. @Hanie – Thanks for the comments, about the international fansite comment though, I’m aware it’s an international fan site, of course I would know that because this is my blog, that being said, please look at the post again, I have taken it back~ we all have our days, it’s a comment i made passing judgment….

    But I do maintain, “Please Don’t Go” is a horrendous song, and I keep that statement because it’s my personal opinion on that song……and I’m a big 2NE1 fan, but the song is background music to a video game I used to play. It could have been much much better with Teddy producing it, but its just plain awful. You’re entitled to your opinion about it and I won’t call you on it, but please respect mine and don’t call me out on it either. Let’s hope the performance changes my opinion.


    Does anyone reckon, the facial expression is because he’s stressed out, because he knows the song isn’t doing well on the charts, which may be a slight indication that fans are not responding to it well, which may be causing him sleepless nights, which may be causing him to practice even harder and look almost sickly, which brings me back to the lack of “Oomph” in his performances?

    ^ I’m not crazy….but that’s a small part of my theory.

    As GD once said (and I am referencing back to a BB documentary episode which I can’t find right now): When someone tells Young Bae something is wrong, he’ll keep thinking about it, talking about it and asking me over and over again what he did wrong, he goes crazy over it…..

    Something along those lines, but it always stuck with me cause I’m like that too and it really drives you nuts….

  28. @Kay – yea no problem, I can totally understand why you wrote that- but, since I’m a Korean fangirl (LOL…) I’m sure u can understand why I felt compelled to write something .
    And yeah, I do feel like a lot of the votes are… well, biased. But, just like we love our YB.. they love their men.. (PSHHHHH BUT WHY? NO COMPARISON LOL) ( I DONT CARE IF IM BIASED HERE! CUZ IM NOT! YB> ALL) ^^;;;

  29. the more i think abt it,the more i feel so sad for taeyang ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    i re-watched the perf like a few million times,and the last expression,to me,looked like a i-give-up kinda look…cud have been cuz of lack of fan support OR the song’s lyrics juz got to him. i oso dun get why 2PM’s song can hit number one so fast -.- Wedding Dress is a million times beta than that heartbeat song [honestly speaking,the choreo sucks too….*sry*] haizz…i can only support my baby halfway across the world T-T

  30. man, you guys are so depressing, lol.

    first off, i’m not sure why YB’s song isn’t doing well on the charts but you guys can’t say that koreans don’t really like rnb songs because bom’s song is doing really well. hmm

    second, i thought he did better this time around and i’ve watched a few musicbank clips from other sites and you can hear fans screaming in the beginning and a little bit during the song as well as the end..

    third, YB has always been pretty serious when singing his songs and hardly smiles. plus this song isn’t very ‘happy’.
    i also think he’s pretty tired/stressed since he has the radio show, this show, and the mama show (wua, wd, korean dream) to perform this week

    hopefully he’ll be able to rest a little after this weekend
    and come back strong and relaxed next week!

  31. i listened to Please Don’t Go before watching YB’s performance yesterday, and i think it’s not as good as 2NE1’s or YG’s music.. i dunno, i just feel some lacking energy with Please Don’t Go..

    also, i’ll admit i’m also frustrated and now sad with the charts.. i know this charts are made for popularity of songs and it seems kind of biased, but it’s not the only criteria for judging how good a song is..

    and i’m glad YB is not that concerned about rankings. that made me less sad.. just think if he’s also unhappy about not making it to top10 or something like that.. that would make me lonely..

    if YG can read this message; I hope you’re not overworking your talents! they’re all good i know, but they’re also human.. and same goes to Teddy.. take care of yourself!

    also, i think performances without the chanting really makes it a rank lower than it should have been.. i hope next time they’ll let them chant!! it adds energy to the song..

    i’ll forget those music charts!! don’t worry YB, I’ll LOOK ONLY AT YOU.. just continue on making passionate music..:P

  32. can i post something less related to this?:D
    it seems everyone is having their sad moments, so I think I want to post something that will make you a bit happy (i hope)

    here’s something i got from youtube, and i’m watching this on repeat because of YB’s laugh..

  33. Kay and all,
    I disagree and agree so much. But first off, I’m so glad this kind of discussion can still occur here. I thought we had lost this kind of objectivity and respect for each other, but all these comments reassured me.

    Now onward to the discussion at hand:

    I disagree that there is a lack of fan support. Again and again, it surprises me how much love Tae Yang is actually getting this time around. I’ve always thought that Tae Yang fans were a small select group of listeners, but with his comeback, the size and strength of his fanbase was surprising. I think he even gained a bunch of fans and followers with his comeback. I don’t think his fans aren’t very vocal in the sense that they are gonna sit and bring up the charts for just the sake of being on the charts. I believe we after all support the music the most. I believe his 2nd album sales will skyrocket.

    And charts don’t really matter to me at all. I would be thrilled for him top the charts and win awards on all the major shows because it would give him some encouragement, but in the end they don’t really say much about the music or artist. Drunken Tiger and Epik High (them among many other artists out there) hardly topped the the charts like Youngbae, but their albums were according to me, had more worth and merit than any of the other albums out this year. Charts to me and I bet to Youngbae, is just whipping cream and cherries on top. That’s all.

    On that note, yes CL and Minzy’s song “Please Don’t Go” is pretty terrible. I don’t like to say that about music, but the song is disorganized and unstructured. I say this over and over again, you can’t break the rules unless you actually know them. YG should forget this song ever happened. lol. Harsh, but that’s what I think. Hate me.

    I for one appreciate how there are no fan chants. It shows how serious Youngbae takes his performances. I find the chants annoying as hell because they’re always so much louder than the actual performance.

    The lack of “oomph” in his performance is probably due to his physical fatigue ( the boy has lost a lot of weight) and the fact that he hasn’t really let the song sink in. It was the case with LOAM too…by the end of his promos the song was his. He OWNED it. By no means am I making excuses for Tae Yang. I do feel he’s missing something….Hope he finds it soon.

    So I have to agree with Intrepid on this one. I’m pretty satisfied with how things are for him. I don’t like him whoring himself out to every tv station out there. I think Youngbae is taking himself more seriously. I think Tae Yang already came out winning with his two new songs: he won over so many fans, korean or international, males or females – and most of them respect him as an artist…not idol. I keep seeing comments like that everywhere. Dunno if it’s by the same people, but it still warms my heart!

    So yeah…I’m always the one to be critical with everything, but this time around I’m satisfied. Just happy to hear and see Youngbae again. Sorry for the effing long essay.

  34. I hope you guys post your thoughts on YB’s thread in soompi too. His thread needs some lovin too. Aigoo it’s depressing when I visit there only 10 or so people are there.

    @Kay. I completely agree with everything you said. It’s getting frustrating as days go by.

    If only international fans like us are the same with KVIPs. If only YG is reading all the comments here. sigh.

    PS I think Teddy is overworked. They should hire other producers/composers too. His songs, with the exception of YB singles are seriously going down. I wanna feel the magic of “Naman Barabwa” again.

  35. i agree with tofu. although taeyang not being on the top of the charts is what people are getting frustrated about, but i dont think its really that important. i also think indefinitely that when his album does come out it will be even more fantastic.

    abou the performance, i do agree that something is lacking from his expressions, it feels like he doesnt feel his songs…but i believe that’ll itll get better. and also about the please dont go i dont get why yg would put that out when park bom and taeyang are doing promotions but i guess whatever.

    lastly i am amazed on how this boy dances. his opening spot is perfect. throughout the song he’s been so smooth. i just hope that his face expression will get better

  36. what did go wrong?
    i ask myself a thousand times.how this beautiful piece of art not topping the charts?
    i was so damn frustrated.
    in KPOP,although i love bigbang,its only YB that i love the most.and i want everything for him.

    i just concluded that the lack of promotion,him away from korea,song not catchy enough and last but not the least YB,it seems like he’s experiencing burnt out.

    his perf in inkigayo last sunday was good but not great.since i’ve watch evry show he’s on,i know how great he was on stage.but his comeback, something was missing. it’s not the same anymore.

    my Young Bae,i hope you find that drive again.
    it doesn’t matter that you’re not topping the charts,we will always be behind your back supporting you.fighting!!!!

  37. Though there are parts where I think YB’s lacking, the overall critique I have is on a happier note. (WordPress please don’t cut me on this one….)

    I loved the performance, it was a whole lot better than the first time. The dance was strong and on point, very powerful even though there isn’t the “umph” or the “wow” in the costumes…

    The vocals were also better as well, and I did hear fans cheer for YB at the beginning and the end, and I think that’s enough for me. Which comes to my next point.

    I’m happy with YB’s comeback, even if it’s not topping the charts. I’ve come to realise that not all fans that are supporting an idol/idol group/band/solo artist is for appreciating the music, talent, or skills of the artist, this is the case everywhere. Thus, I’ve come to think charts are not accurate at all and underrated for those that really have the skills and talents. (Since they’re usually the ones with less singles and albums because they actually take the time to make their music… Unlike those that are “wrapped up”)

    Of course, it saddens me that YB isn’t doing so great this time around, and that the stress and pressure as well as the losing fan support is the cause of his lack of sleep or going to add to his already really “hard working” work ethic…

    But if I were YB and came about this site, seeing all these international fans still rooting for me and worried about my health and amongst other things. I’d feel happy and still do my best no matter what.

    So whether or not YB (or YG) happens to come across this site, I feel happy to just see that there are still fans out there supporting and cheering YB on. It goes to show the people who support YB through and through are fans who are really serious and loyal, and liking him for his talents and music.

    (I’m not sure if I really put the warm message through… but even if YB isn’t doing so well, I still feel happy because even if it’s the “numbers and figures” he’s up against, he will know that there are fans out there that, rather than care for how popular he or his song is, cares for his health and wellbeing and truly loves his music, what he loves to do basically – as a fan, I think we should let our fav. idols/musicians/whatever person realise that….)

    (I think I just repeated what I already said in the bracket… But well.. Yeah.. sorry I couldn’t be really clear…Argh…@@)

  38. I agree that YB should be dominating the charts! Look At Only Me took the charts by storm but I also wanted to disagree with your comment about “Please Don’t Go” where u said “my nephew bangs pots and pans together more harmoniously”. Ummm, you are aware that is a 2NE1 song right? Whom is also YG family and the song was composed by Teddy himself who also composed almost the entirety of Tae Yang’s songs both old and new album. So takin a hit at Please Don’t Go is a hit at the genius Teddy and inderectly takes a stab at Tae Yang in which this very site is all about. Just my constructive criticism, no hate. Love YB!

  39. @ yijan
    HAHAHAHAH! Thanks a lot, I’m cracking up over here. Loooooove the clip, going to watch it over and over for days I think ^^

    @ Kay
    Is there possible to get sub or translation for the video when he is practicing? So frustrating to not understand Korean =(

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