Let’s get in the MAMA mood, shall we?

Alot of people are debating whether to watch the MAMA’s (formerly known as MKMF) live or not. I’m one of them. As much as I love my kpop goodness, is it really worth my sleep. LOL I know I complain now but I’m probably going to be up 5 AM watching with you all.

As usual, feel free to use the chatbox to party it up~ Tofu or I will randomly make appearances….possibly…maybe…

Lets get some questions out of the way~

Can we watch live – YES (to determine your time, look on the right side under “Upcoming Events”)
You can watch on TVants, look for the “KOREA>Mnet” channel it will be airing on that. Other possibly ways to watch have been giving by some generous people in the chatbox…so here they are:

If you know of any other ones, please post it in your comment to help people out.

The Nominee’s are posted below the cut along with my votes and predictions πŸ™‚

Also, the tenative performance list I have found for GDYB goes like this:

Yb will perform Wedding Dress then go to Where U At
GD will perform Breathe, Butterfly and then A Boy
GD with Heartbreaker and then YB comes in to perform Korean Dream

^ My speculation is that they will be last, but i can’t be sure…Korean Dream is a good closing song~

If you’ve just recently gotten into Big Bang or Taeyang, here’s how the MKMF (now MAMA) went down last year:

List of Nominees~~~

* Best Male Newcomer Award
—-Supreme Team
—-MBLAQ – my vote & who will probably win, because Thunder is too adorable for his own good.

* Best Female Newcomer Award
—-2NE1 – my vote & who will probably win, because….well c’mon, its 2NE1!
—-After School

* Best Male Singer Award
—-Drunken Tiger – my vote, because he’s just so awesome
—-Lee Seung Chul
—-G-Dragon – who will probably win
—-MC Mong

* Best Female Singer Award
—-Baek Ji Young – my vote & who will probably win, because i love that ear candy song….
—-Son DamBi

* Best Male Group Award
—-Big Bang – my vote because DUH!
—-Super Junior – will probably win (because Sorry Sorry had alot of wins and high albums sales)
—-SG Wannabe

* Best Female Group Award
—-Brown Eyed Girls – my vote, because i like that hip dance (esp when Jo kwon does it)
—-SNSD (Girls’ Generation) – will probably win, GEE i wonder why?

* Best Mixed Group Award
—-Clazziquai – my vote,Β  because Alex’s voice is like honey

* Best Rock Music Award
—-BuHwal (μƒκ°μ΄λ‚˜)
—-Seo Taiji (Juliet)
—-Jang GiHa and the Faces (Living with no special things)
—-Cherry Filter (Pianissimo)
—-FT Island (I Hope) – my vote, because this song is actually really good

* Best Hip Hop Group Award
—-Dynamic Duo (Dead Guy)
—-Drunken Tiger (Monster)
—-LeeSsang (헀어지지 λͺ»ν•˜λŠ” μ—¬μž, λ– λ‚˜κ°€μ§€ λͺ»ν•˜λŠ” λ‚¨μž)
—-Outsider (Alone)
—-Epik High (Wannabe) – my vote & will probably win, because its Tablo.

* Best Ballad/R&B Music Award
—-Kim Jong Kook (Today More Than Yesterday)
—-Kim TaeWoo (Love Rain)- my vote & will probably win, because it has won many times on chart shows
—-Bobby Kim (Love, the guy)
—-Park Hyo Shin (After Love)
—-Baek Ji Young (Like being Hit)

* Best Dance Music Award
—-2NE1 (I Dont Care)
—-2PM (Again & Again)
—-SNSD (Gee)- my vote & will probably win because that GEE dance has been done SO many times by EVERYONE
—-Super Junior (Sorry Sorry)
—-Kara (Honey)

*Best House/Electronic music Award
—-Brown Eyed Girls (Abracadabra) – my vote
—-Son DamBi (Saturday Night)
—-Clazziquai (Love Again)
—-4Minute (Muzik)
—-G-Dragon (Heartbreaker) – will probably win

* Best Trot Music Award
—-Gyeon Miri (Happy Woman)
—-Park Hyun Bin (Brilliant Life)
—-Seong JinYoo (딱이야)
—-Joo HyunMi and SeoHyun (JjaRaJaJjan)
—-Hong JinYeong (Loves Battery)

* Best O.S.T Song Award
—-Baek Ji Young (Dont Forget IRIS)
—-Lee Seung Chul (No more love like this Blue Love Story)
—-T-Max (Paradize Boys Over Flowers)
—-Tiffany (Im Along JaMyungGo)
—-SS501 (Because Im Stupid Boys Over Flowers)Β  – my vote & will probably win, ridiculously overplayed through the whole drama!

* Best MV Award
—-2NE1 (Fire) – my vote & will probably win, because I really like it and haven’t watched the others
—-LeeSsang (헀어지지 λͺ»ν•˜λŠ” μ—¬μž
—-λ– λ‚˜κ°€μ§€ λͺ»ν•˜λŠ” λ‚¨μž)
—-Bada (Mad)
—-Seo Taiji (Juliet)
—-D.N.G (Step 2 Me)

* Best MV Director Award
—-Seo HyunSeung (Heartbreaker, Where u At, Strong Baby)
—-Jang JaeHyuk
—-Jo SooHyun
—-Joo HeeSeon
—-Hong WonKi

12 thoughts on “Let’s get in the MAMA mood, shall we?”

  1. if Mnet doesn’t work on tvants then you can watch it on channel v. tvants has channel v and the quality is pretty good too.

    I didn’t want to lose sleep over this but the collab is worth it to me.

  2. hi.. i tried the url on windows media player .. seems to me that the channel is MBC instead of Mnet .. is there something wrong ?? hmm..

  3. Thank u guys! I think i’m going to watch it live since it’s my 1st time watching the event especially since I don’t live Korea yet lol. I’m actually excited….i’ve got high hopes for MAMA and hopefully they won’t disapoint and the outcomes will be fair. Good luck to all acts especially the YG family….rooting all the way for them. Hopefully YB’s performance will be the highlight of the awards. Also looking forward to Korean Dream! Woooooooooo!

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