Happy New Year from ATY!

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It’s already 2010 for half of the globe and the other half will start counting down in a couple of hours.   Wherever you are, ATY wishes the best of luck and much love and warmth for 2010.  Thank you for all your love and support the past year.   We started out small with little but loyal readership and now we’ve bloomed to something greater and bigger all thanks to you!  Like how Tae Yang always says, we’ll keep working harder and pushing the limits to make this blog a friendly community for those who support Tae Yang and his work.   A thousand times over, thank you!

For old-time-sake, lets look back on Tae Yang in this previous year:

  • He participated in the Star Dance Battle in late January and all that can be said is it was of epic measures.  [ video ]
  • In March, he was awarded the Korean Music Awards for R&B/Soul Song for “Look Only At Me” and R&B/Soul Album for “HOT” [ video | article ]
  • Celebrated his 21st/22nd birthday on May 18th. [ article ]
  • Celebrated the 1st anniversary of his solo debut on May 22nd. [ article ]
  •  Released “Friends” with TOP for the drama “Friend, Our Legend” OST in June [ article ]
  • Came back with “Where U At “on October 15th and a performance two weeks later – with it he made his official composing/producing debut. [ article ]
  • Continued phase one of world domination with the release of “Wedding Dress” on November 13th – followed with performances on SBS Inkigayo and Music Bank.   [ articlearticle | video |  video | video | video |  
  • Gets one step closer by getting on the Netherland’s FUNX music charts. [ article ]
  • Somewhere along the way Tae Yang finds that IU is madly in love with him. [ article ]
  • Takes the stage with his best bud, G-Dragon at the MAMAs [ article ]
  • Performs at G-Dragon’s “Shine A Light” concert in December  [ article ]
  • Ends the year with SBS Gayo Daejun [ article ]

In many ways it has been an uneventful year for Tae Yang, but with 2010 in the horizon, we’re expecting and hoping for great things for Tae Yang.  We’re looking forward to his collaboration with Japan’s Thelma Aoyama “Fall In Love” on January 27th and of course, the 2nd Sunrise with the release of his first full studio album “REAL.”  Since Big Bang is slated to have a concert in January, we’re guessing his album and solo activities will begin in early Feburary.  (We all know how YGE is with dates!) 

So…in 2010 Tae Yang takes over! 

What are you excited for in 2010?

29 thoughts on “Happy New Year from ATY!”

  1. Wow~~! It has been a very eventful year for our lovely Taeyang! ^^
    I’m excited for Taeyang to release his album, & Daesung’s and TOP’s and SeungRi’s solo (mini?) albums as well!
    Of course…. BIGBANG’s comeback too! 😉
    And I’m patiently waiting for the BIGSHOW 2010 & SHINE A LIGHT DVD to be released. >_<
    2010 is going to be amazing! ^_^

  2. Happy New Year ATY :]

    Tae Yang has done so much in 2009, he never stops working hard. 2010’s gonna be another eventful and shinging year for Tae Yang as well, I just hope his album comes out earlier haha.

  3. Ah, congratulations to Bae for a very productive year. :] I’m so proud of him. He has grown so much throughout the year, specially when he performs solo on stage. His voice is much stronger and a lot more stable.


    I applaud him for all his efforts! 😀 The day will come when he will indeed take over the world. I wouldn’t mind being one of his minions. Lol.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to his first full album. :] & his collab with Thelma Aoyama, of course. The sun will shine for REAL this year.

    Tae Yang fighting! ❤


  4. YoungBae! *how i miss him*
    BB! *i miss my boys*
    YG Fam! *2ne1, teddy, goo hye sun, gummy!)
    I see an earthquake coming. THEY WILL ROCK 2010! (2009 = tremors only since they were making waves somewhere else)



    I hope 2010 will be a year full of blessings, great things to come, and a very happy and exciting year for everyone, especially our boy Taeyang.

    2010 will be his time finally and I seriously can’t wait!!!!


  6. It’s been an amazing year knowing
    YB.if I wasn’t for him idk where I
    would be.

    Great year YB.
    Takin ovr in2010.

  7. Happy New Year Kay!!!!
    Thanks a lot for updating news..I like to read all the comments and stuffs from ATY.
    Sincerely most of the comments are so deep that make me think sometimes…
    Of course I am excited for BB comeback and all the solo activities from BB members.
    But sadly G-dragon will be appear less since BB album only come out in summer 😦
    Once again thanks for your effort and bless year for all.

  8. lol YG GET A CALENDAR!!
    I recommend the 2010 BIG BANG CALENDAR!
    Happy New Year everyone!!! Thanks for all the Tae Yang scoop bloggers of ATY! 😀

  9. HAPPY NEW YR’S EVERYBODY! I LOVE U GUYS AT ATY!!!!!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS BLOG. U GUYS ARE THE BEST! BTW, DID ANYONE GOT BIG BANGS CONCERT TICKETS. Whoever did is the luckiest. I sooooooo envy u guys. I wish to see TY Soooooooooooo Bad. I miss him again =(

  10. Happy New Yr’s everybody! I love ATY. U guys are the Best.!!!!!
    Btw, Did anyone get tickets to Big Bang’s concert? Well, whoever did I so envy u. I can’t go cause I’m all the way in USA. Cost too much money to go. Makes me kinda sad. I wish to see Ty so bad. He’s such a honey. I already missed him, even though I don’t know him. I hope 2010 will bring him lots of luck and what he wants. XOXO

  11. Happy New Year ATY!

    I can’t wait for all the epic performances and projects of Young Bae for 2010. I can feel that 2010 will be another great year for Young Bae and Big Bang.

    All the best for Young Bae and Big Bang! 🙂

    Much love to all Young Bae fans and VIPs!!! 🙂

  12. Btw, Did anyone get tickets to BIG BANG concert? I so envy u if u did. It’s sad I’m all the way from USA. I can’t even get tickets if I wanted to. I heard it’s sold in like 5 minutes. I wish to see TY so bad. He’s such a honey. I missed him. So sad that I’ll never get the chance to meet him cause he’s so far away and cost too much to go to Korea. =(

  13. Happy New Year to the wonderful crew at ATY and its readers!

    And an extra BIG Thank You to ATY for always being on their toes in looking out and translating every news and articles about our Dong YoungBae! What are we going to do without you gals and guy?

  14. Happy New Year everyone!

    2010 is going to be an awesome year! I hope TY’s new single will be out this month so that he can perform it at the Big Bang concerts later this year.

    Much love to the ATY staff for all the videos and translated articles as well as the website. What will we do without you?

  15. Happy New Year to everyone here

    I’m excited for the new album obviously, but also 2NE1 and Big Bang Comebacks. After almost a year out its gonna be live seeing Big Bang and Taeyang rocking the stage again

    Also a bit unrelated but I’m anticipating and hoping for Jaebum’s comeback and return to Korea

  16. Happy New Year to ATY staff and everyone else. Its been a great year sharing with you guys all that Taeyang has done and given us.

    2010 is Taeyang world domination 🙂

  17. Happy New Year everyone!

    It has been an awesome year. Not only for YB but for us as fans. The two things I’ll be most looking forward to is YB’s solo album and a tour. Please come to Canada. I have to see this man up close.

  18. First off, I’d like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone and especially Tae Yang, of course.
    I’m hoping that in 2010 Tae Yang will continue to shine brighter and brighter each and every, also may his music continue to touch our hearts and souls all over the world.
    Hopefully 2010 will be his year and everyday will be a step closer to Tae Yang taking over the world. lol
    We love you Tae and we’ll always be there right behind you no matter what the year is :]

    Tae Yang is love <333

  19. Happy New Year everyone! To YB, ATY staff, and everyone else here~~~ May 2010 be brighter and better than the last! ^^

    I’m sure 2010 will be a more eventful year than 2009 for YB, there’s his Strong Heart appearance and his FULL album released~~~ Yay!

    (T.O.P. and Dae Sung will release their solo albums this year too… Going to be a busy year for YG Family again… What with 2NE1’s album and BB’s January concert as well…. but I’ll think of the positives more since it’s New Year! XD)

    No matter what happens, I hope that YB’s album does well! Even if it doesn’t it’s OK! We love YB and he has our full on support!!! Go YB!!!

    FIGHTING~~~ Yeah~ ^^

  20. happy new year to the readers of ATY and the wonderful staff of ATY. you guys amaze me with each and every new post ~ keep up the good work and stay strong!!

    I’m looking forward to his solo and the world domination thereafter 😀

    Happy New Year!!

  21. Happy New Year All ATYer!!

    to Staff of ATY, Really Thank you for all your work during 2009. Really Thank you for keep updating our YB’s news ,you guys~!!

    Hope I can help you someday LOL~

    in 2010 I’m looking forward to our Youngbae’s Solo album and all his great work!! I’m really excite to wait for our Youngbae to show more of his awesome abilities, his dance move, his great voice, and all!!

    Happy New Year guys!!!!

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