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Wedding Dress and A New Focus

Through Big Bang’s BIG SHOW 3D Premier on Feb 28th. YG reveled Taeyang’s performance of Wedding Dress, which wasn’t included in the originally DVD.

Cr:DYBLGE on youtube

One thing I noticed was this features Taeyang  focusing less on the choreography during performances and more on the vocals, which is something he has been focusing on all last year. Dancing is known as Taeyang’s forte, and what distinguish him from a lot of other artists, however he seems to be focusing on singing more and trying different singing techniques, which he showed on SOLAR.

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[Feature] SUPERMAN – Taeyang’s Solar Concert (Review)

In celebration (or is it anticipation?) of the release of the Solar Concert DVD, we are posting this excellent review of the Solar Concert that was published some months back.  Not being one of those lucky enough to watch it in the live, I can’t wait to see if the DVD bears out the reviewer’s take on the whole event. Enjoy!


By Kang Myoung-Seok
Pop Culture Writer and Critic. You might remember him from this 10Asia interview with Taeyang (here and here)

One of the interesting points during my recent interview with Taeyang was when he had said that he planned to fill his concert with the sound of a live band. Of course, the majority of singers use bands in their concerts. But Taeyang’s case is different. As confirmed in “Look Only At Me,” his songs feature layers and layers of sounds created by the producers. This makes them much harder to recreate accurately in live performances.

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One of the first artists to ever do Taeyang remakes, our friends over at Kanauru, came out with their much awaited masterpiece in time for the anniversary. Thanks Richard and Qui!

Time flies doesn’t it? It has been exactly one year since Taeyang’s sad song of missed chances first made fangirls cry (and dare I say it, maybe even a fanboy or two?) While the initial reception in Korea was not as warm as hoped, the little song that could has been making its way around the globe winning Taeyang new admirers in some far off places. The song, dance and video have inspired the more dedicated fans from all over to do their own renditions – some heartfelt, some funny, some just plain awesome.

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Feature: Fernando Cardo on “Wedding Dress” Spanish version!

It’s always great to hear about how Taeyang influences people from different cultures and backgrounds and I had the pleasure of listening to a great Spanish version of “Wedding Dress” written by Fernando Cardo. I think its awesome and really captures the original mood of the song.

Here’s what Fernando had to say about this cover, Taeyang and kpop:
My name is Fernando Cardo, I’m an R&B singer from Argentina and my next project will be to go to Europe to record my first solo album in 2011.  Is my goal to represent R&B in Latin america so I’m always looking for info about other artists doing R&B around the world. Thanks to the recommendation of a friend I found about Taeyang through Youtube and when I wanted to know more about his bio and music I found “Always TaeYang”. I was really impressed by the quality of his work, just  flawless in terms of production. I’ve had the opportunity to work on my career  in USA and the truth is that Kpop is at the same level of the USA standard, and that’s a high quality standard. I really like Taeyang’s music and I can identify with his style: classy, sophisticated and current at the same time. So I decided to write spanish lyrics and make a cover of “Wedding Dress”. He’s the living proof that a great career is possible coming from any place in the world if you have the courage to follow your dreams and to work hard to make it happen. He has really inspired me for that. I want to thank you all for all the great support and for the awesome work your are doing at “Always Tae Yang. 

Question: Which song would you like me to cover next?
My very best!
Fernando ★ “

Thanks Fernando! If you’re a cover artist and interested in being featured on ATY, email me =)

More fan covers and parodies!

I gotta hand it to the Taeyang fandom – especially the fanboys – you all are so dang creative…and just plain awesome?  Check out these recent parodies of “Wedding Dress.”  I guess all the boys are done with being heartbroken and rolling in the laughs.  Enjoy and two thumbs up to all the fans out there!

I’m astounded by the quality and the HD-ness of these videos!

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D8: 4 Tracks Unveiled!

Four more tracks are out today, all four we know of and love:

Where U At, Wedding Dress, Pray ft Teddy and Look Only at Me~!

Some of you have been asking about ordering the album and I just to give a heads up – We WILL post more information about how you can order his album. It has not become available for pre-order yet so just sit tight and keep checking ATY for more news about it~

We recently posted up our “ATY Album Giveaway” contest; It begins June 25th, don’t forget! And to make sure you are on top of your ATY news, be sure to subscribe to our blog!

SOLAR title track music video filming starts soon!

Inside news and a juicy tidbit related to SOLAR just for ATY bloggers!
We posted some time ago that Taeyang’s music video “Wedding Dress” was going to be featured at the ‘Short Shorts Film Festival & ASIA 2010‘ in Japan (see here) – well it was featured! At the special event, Director of ‘Wedding Dress’ – Jang Jae Hyeok – spoke about filming the music video, saying that he was the one who wanted the infamous “kissing scene” in the video because he thought fans would enjoy it~ Anyway, he also told fans that he will be directing SOLAR title track, and that filming will begin June 21st, 2010.  I really enjoyed how Wedding Dress was made; the video made the song even better and I’m excited to see how this new music video will be. And again, super excited to share some news – even if its small – related to Taeyang’s comeback 🙂

Keep visiting ATY for more updates and inside news related to his comeback. Thanks to my dear friend from Japanese Yb fanbase – Yuko!