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09.11.20 Taeyang on Music Bank (Comeback)

Yes, formal wear baby~
I am so glad he got rid of the rubber boots from the last performance. I think he did a great job here, the vocals were pretty good, I was a bit annoyed at no fan chants but I guess he must of asked, or they remember..whatever…..I was happy =)

And a little clip of Taeyang practicing “Wedding Dress”~ ever wonder what he has as his cell phone background pic? Well find out…

So apparently, YB didn’t close for Music Bank. I find it kinda annoying how Music Bank chose someone else to close when usually the one who closes is the biggest, anticipated star, and also having a comeback? What’s going on. I won’t go further but I’ll speak about a response I posted on soompi: YB’s stages are lacking. Especially, if we compare Look Only at Me with Wedding Dress, maybe its because we’ve seen that type of stage before with Big Bang. With Look Only at Me, the whole look (including wardrobe) was unique, I don’t feel the “wow” factor or extra “oomph” that the stage is suppose to give when an artist of this caliber is performing. Without the added fan chants, I almost feel bad for him. I’ve quit looking at the charts but frankly, they’re depressing and I don’t want to be reminded of the lack of fan support he’s been receiving for a song this good and I absolutely cannot believe that horrendous song “Please don’t go” is beating him on the charts (my nephew bangs pots and pans together more harmoniously) . I have nothing else to say except that the majority of Koreans have the worse taste in music I’ve seen (okay, I take it back :P)….I had to let that out.