The biggest Aw~ inducing post ever!


Taeyang, why why why DO YOU DO THIS TO ME. I am never going to get married because I keep seeing pictures of you being the most perfect, adorable man EVER. Omg~

C: 구름둥둥 @ BB FLOW

I’m not exactly sure what this is for, but I think it’s a photoshoot campaign they have where Kpop stars take pictures with babies up for adoption that have been orphaned. Here are some more kpop stars like the Wonder Girls, Yoon Eun Hye,  with babies:


56 thoughts on “The biggest Aw~ inducing post ever!”

  1. OMG OMG OMG this HAS GOT TO BE THE CUTEST PICTURE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My heart has offically MELTED……BLESS HIM




    (crazy fangirl fantasy)
    **thats our child and TY the father holding him up!

    haishhhHH! SERIOUSLY THIS PICTURE IS THE CUTEST EVERRR! totally made my day!

  3. GDYB are going to be the most chilled yet strict parents i bet. gosh, whoever is going to be taeyang’s baby momma will be the luckiest female…EVER! hahaha.

  4. Hes gonna be one awesome father <33 Please marry me now and we can start working on that baby ;] HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAH.

    Its too cute <3. YB BBY' <333333

  5. OMG!!! Seriously, now I’m going to have fangirl fantasies for the rest of the day. Was having a crappy day but seeing this picture puts a smile on my face.This is too adorable. TaeYang, you are going to be one hot and good dad. He gives of a “first time father” vibe in the pic,with that big smile. Gotta love TaeYang.

  6. =)

    The way YB carries the baby looks like how he would carry Boss. awww!! He has sufficient training with Boss already…

    YB its time for you spawn!

    You seriously need to share with the world you kind heart by passing it on to your kids! The world would be so much better with little YB’s running around esp with YB Daddy’s Mohawk! =P

  7. OMG! My heart melted as well along with the rest of you. lol. WG look like they will all be beautiful mothers. Yoon Eun Hye looks beautiful! Those are some gorgeous babies! Tae Yang’s arms looks so muscular and full of warmth while holding that baby! Tae Yang, you need to hurry up and have some beautiful babies of your own! (:

  8. I showed this picture to my friend….heres what happened.

    Kay to friend: Look at this pic, isn’t he so adorable?

    Friend: …………………………..

    Kay: Hello?

    Friend: ..Oh.Em.GEE. I think my ovaries just exploded.


  9. Omgosh kay! Your comment made me laugh so hard!!! ^_^

    Taeyang is going to be a great dad! He looks so adorable carrying the baby.

    Okay this might be random but when I first took a glimpse at the pic taeyang finger looked like the baby weewee…

  10. ^^ oh no, now u made me notice that too. Haha funnny!!
    Ahhh been in total fan-girl la-la land with this picture the whole day! It makes me break out in this most ridiculous smile ever, YB is going to be one helluva of a handsome and amazing dad. Bless he looks soo adorable whilst holding the baby, that smile just melts ur heart away!
    YB, when you smile for me..the world seems allright! ❤

  11. ahh tae yang with our future child
    as i kept staring at the pic i started to focus
    more on his arms…those muscles are bulging
    i feel bad cause i don’t notice the baby anymore…
    juss his arms…

  12. aigoooooooooo YOUNGBAEE!!!!
    ..i dont even know what to say. i cant stop
    he looks sooooo good!! so father material..
    i dunno what y;all are talking about….he’s MINE!!

  13. What Hot dads! They both look so hot and great! =)
    But I can so feel the dad vibe from Baebae.

    The pictures can produce so much imagination, from the cutest to the sweetest to the, errrr, well, you know. hahahah!

    Gaaaaaaaaaah I love it!

  14. I know, I know…I saw this last night and I died! Makes me want to adopt both the baby and him ^ ^

    The pic of him looking tenderly at the baby is just sooo swooooon~~~ what a gentle soul!

    Even GD looks good here…he’s showing some muscles!

  15. @kay: plz girl…k…how bout this…i’ll let you have your fantasy if you can answer this one question: “how did your baby turn out to be so asian-looking?”….:P

  16. I can’t stop smiling when I see the picture. IF MY FATHER IS THAT HOT..I don’t think I will let him to come close to my school.

    You never know girl this days.WTH you can’t even trust your teacher…

    @menayaa: I totally agree with you..I don;t notice the baby anymore!!

  17. @dilani & Kay
    Ladies..there’s no need to fight because Youngbae and I are getting married soon!

    LOL. Youngbae, make sure you pass on your perfect genes.

  18. @dilani – haha that’s just how it worked out… =P

    @tofu – Dilani and I are crashing your wedding~ Only I can be in that wedding dress beside him!!!

  19. @dilani, kay & tofu : LOL at u girls! Everybody wants to make babies with TY! Let’s kidnap him and ship him off to some place where polygamy is legal. WE ALL get take turns to make babies with the sexy beast! LOL~~

    Manz….seeing these pics sure put some notti thoughts in me….**daydream..daydream**

  20. the want to meet someone like TY (but that would be impossible because there is only one TY, T_T) has now become a need. LOL. wait. its been a need for a loooooooongggg time now.

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  21. Totally! All I can say is “Aw”~~ and then just smile like an idiot!!! Just so adorable!

    GDYB are gonna be such cool and lovely parents to their kids! Their wives are the luckiest women on Earth! Especially YB’s~~~~ Those pictures are just… simply sweet and “aww” say no more!!! LOL

    And Kay, your friend’s comment made me laugh so hard! XDDD

  22. awww.. now i wonder what Young Bae’s child will look like..

    so adorable!!and that baby is so lucky to have YB carrying him/her!!! hahah..:D

  23. i lol at the comments.bae shouldn’t be shared.

    i say,someone should clone this man,so that everyone can have a piece of that perfection.

  24. Aaaaaaaaa…*screaming* xD
    Our YB looks so adorable,doesnt he? *blushing*
    They always make me happy when doing so much volunteer work 🙂
    And I think that little boy has a same smile & the same half-moon shape eyes as our YB,right? xD

  25. i noticed how the baby of yb was like smiling and the baby of gd was pretty shock!..hehehe
    probably becuase the baby saw GD’s photos on

    awwwwwwwwwwwww….adorable Daddy! Yb really looks like a proud father..So cuuute^^~

    @zeti: lol..that’s sooo true!..teachers might drool more than the students…lol

  26. i wanna die right now..with Taeyang’s smile..I’m in heaven..i can’t find a man as perfect as you Youngbae..i wanna marry you someday’s impossible..can I be your mistress for life instead? love you so much DONG YOUNGBAE!!

    is mszeti here?? jamie?? sorry I can’t help it.



    ps sorry for the caps! too xcited!

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