Taeyang announces RISE Tour in Asia!

It’s kicking off at Hong Kong on Jan. 10 with other concert dates in Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan to be announced.  Keep checking the tour facebook page for more information!

YG’s calling it a world tour (and I’m holding Taeyang to his promise of a US concert in the “near future”) so let’s keep our fingers crossed that he brings the tour to other parts of the globe.

I’m so, so excited that he’s finally doing this  and making another one of his dreams a reality.  The concert series has been awesome so far – anyone who can go should definitely try to catch it. (And he’s probably going to be doing the concert Q&A in English…. yay!)


4 thoughts on “Taeyang announces RISE Tour in Asia!”

  1. Other posted dates on twitter so far:

    Jan 10 in Hong Kong
    Jan 24 in Shanghai
    Jan 28 in Shenzhen
    Jan 31 in Beijing
    Feb 8 in Singapore

    It’s not on the official schedule YET, but chances are really good these are the actual dates.

  2. My dream has come true!~
    I’ve bought my ticket to the Rise Concert in Malaysia and I’m so excited!!! My friend and I are flying from our hometown for this concert so we’re both really anticipating it. I’ve never been to any of TY’s solo gigs/concerts before so this is a really precious chance :’) If i were to meet any solmates from ATY in the Malaysia concert lemme know 😀

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