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Taeyang, A New Born Rock Star : RISE in Seoul (F.ound 141106)

As the Asian leg of Taeyang’s RISE Tour draws to a close, here is a short review of the last day of the Seoul concert. 

From F.ound Online by Seo Ok-Seon (who had also previously interviewed Taeyang in July 2014 and 2010.)


I am one of those people who think that you absolutely have to go watch your favorite artist’s concert when the artist has recently released a new album, and a new set has subsequently been announced.

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Taeyang announces RISE Tour in Asia!

It’s kicking off at Hong Kong on Jan. 10 with other concert dates in Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan to be announced.  Keep checking the tour facebook page for more information!

YG’s calling it a world tour (and I’m holding Taeyang to his promise of a US concert in the “near future”) so let’s keep our fingers crossed that he brings the tour to other parts of the globe.

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Rise Tour in Fukuoka (140823-24)

Thanks so much to @MShinju for the fanaccounts!

Day 1

YB was really energetic today in Fukuoka. He danced very passionately, using the elevations on stage (where the band members are standing)

In the Q&A corner, he answered the typical “if I don’t ask this I’ll die on my way home”-questions.

First was a girl in 3rd row left side.

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